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Who doesn’t love a good laugh or a bit of fantasy to escape reality for a while? That’s why the combination of comedy and fantasy for streaming is a match made in heaven. Whether it’s wizards and witches cracking jokes or regular people finding themselves in bizarre situations, it’s a genre that brings a smile to our faces and takes us on an exciting adventure. Here is another comic fantasy, but Where to watch Slip 2023?

Slip 2023 is a new TV show that’s sure to tickle your funny bone and take you on a journey of self-discovery. Created by Zoe Lister-Jones, the show follows the story of a woman who travels through parallel universes in search of her partner and herself. With its clever writing, relatable characters, and imaginative premise, Slip 2023 is a show that will have you laughing and cheering. Whether you’re a fan of comedy or just looking for a fun escape, Slip 2023 is a show that’s definitely worth checking out.

Ready to find out where to watch Slip 2023? You can catch all the adventure and hilarity by streaming it online. Whether you prefer to watch on your TV, laptop, or mobile device, there is a variety of streaming platforms that offer the show for your convenience. So, gather your friends and family, grab some snacks, and settle in for a fun-filled journey with Slip 2023.

Where to Watch Slip 2023?

Slip actress; Where to watch slip

Slip can be watched on Roku and Amazon Prime Video. The famous comic fantasy series takes you through a roller coaster ride of emotions. It can be streamed on Roku Channel.

1. Slip 2023 is on Roku

Roku is a well-known streaming service that helps users to watch shows through many platforms, likewise Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Roku is a company that was manufactured by an American company and was first introduced in 2008. There is no particular subscription for Roku. You only need to pay for the channel or service you want to use. Roku devices are easy to use and set up so user can easily watch their favorite content from various online services.  

Devices To Operate Roku

Mobile –  Android and iOS apps
Gaming Consoles – Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5
Smart TV – Samsung smart TVs, Apple TVs, Amazon Fire TV, on any smart TV.

Click here to watch Slip (2023) on Roku

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2. Slip 2023 is on Amazon Prime Video

A scene from Slip; Where to watch slip

Amazon Prime Videos is a popular streaming service, and apart from movies and shows, it gives your the benefits of shipping and music listening. Amazon Prime Videos is basically a subscription-based streaming service. You can enjoy a vast library of original content on Amazon Prime. It offers kids’ security also as it has a perfect kid zone. From old movies to unique shows, everything on one platform forces us to use the platform to the fullest.

Subscription details

Basic Subscription details – $12.99 per month

Premium subscription details – $119.99 per year

Devices to Operate Amazon Prime Videos

Mobile-  Android, iPhone, tablets
Gaming Consoles– PS3, PS4, PS5
Smart TV – Samsung smart TVs, Vizio SmartCast TVs, Sony, Apple TV, LG smart TV.

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3. Slip 2023 is Available in Australia on Binge

A kissing scene from the tv series slip; Where to watch slip

If you are in Australia and want to stream this mind-blowing tale, then you can do it easily through Binge. The series will be available to binge-watch in Australia on May 4, 2023.  Foxtel and Foxtel now will also release the series in Australia, but the dates have not been announced yet.

In Which Countries Slip is Available?

The fantasy comic  TV series The Slip is available in a variety of countries, including the UK, the US, the Philippines, Australia, Germany, Spain, and some parts of the Indian Subcontinent.

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Wrapping Up

If comedy and fantasy as a genre are something that stirs your excitement, then Slip should be on your watchlist. You do not have to wonder anymore about where to watch Slip, as we have already answered this question for you.

So, grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into this fantasy tale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the Slip TV Series be released?

The Slip TV Series will be released on April 21, 2023.

2. How many seasons will the Slip TV Series is going to have?

As of now, no information about the number of seasons this TV series will have has not been confirmed.

3. What Channel will the Slip Tv Series be available on?

Slip TV Series will be officially to be available on The Roku Channel.


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