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Want to watch the fun musical movie Sing? We have the list of where to watch sing. Sing was a gigantic success at the theatre. You can enjoy this feel-good movie with your sibling and your friends. You can check the specially curated list below.

Sing is an animated musical film. The movie has Mathew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon as the voice of the leading characters. Sing was a box office hit. It made a whopping $634 million. The movie was released on December 21, 2016, in the USA.

You can enjoy this movie with your family or all by yourself this summer! Sing has fun foot-tapping music that will get you grooving. Here is a list of where to watch Sing.

Where to Watch Sing?

You can watch Sing on Apple TV, Prime Video, and Netflix. You can also watch sing on VUDU and Spectrum TV. Here is where you can watch Sing online.

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1. Sing is on Apple TV

Where to Watch Sing

Apple TV is an OTT service. It helps you listen to music and stream videos. You can use other types of apps from the internet on your TV as well. The channels related to Apple TV are Bloomberg, Trailers, Flickr, PBS Kids, and more. You can watch Sing on Apple TV.

The subscription plan for Apple TV is at $4.99 a month. You can avail free subscriptions during the first three months of the service.

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2. Sing is on Prime Video

Where to Watch Sing

Prime Video is an online streaming platform. The OTT platform lets you watch movies and web series. Owned by Amazon, all series are thus produced by Amazon Studios or have been licensed to Amazon as Amazon Originals. You will be able to watch Sing on Prime Video.

The channels included in Prime Video are NBA League Pass, BBC Central, BET+, A&E Crime Central, PBS Kids, PBS Living, and more. You can choose a subscription to Prime Video from the following:

  • Prime subscriptions can vary from $13 per month to $15 /month.
  • Prime Premium subscriptions range from $119 per year to $139/year.
  • Prime subscriptions for students are priced at $7.50/ month.

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3. Sing is on Netflix

Where to Watch Sing

Netflix is a subscription-based media streaming site. It lets its users watch unlimited movies and web series once they get a subscription. You can connect Netflix to your devices. You can also download your favorite shows, and watch them offline. You can watch Sing on Netflix.

You can select a Netflix subscription that suits you. Here are the subscription plans available for Netflix:

  • Basic subscription is priced at $9.99/month.
  • Standard subscription is priced at $15.99/month.
  • Premium subscription is priced at $19.99/month.

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Devices to compatible with Netflix

All Smart TVs, Game consoles, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows, Macbooks, etc.

4. Sing is on VUDU

Where to Watch Sing

Vudu is an online streaming platform that offers free and paid content without a monthly fee. This is possible due to the amazing feature of Vudu of renting movies and TV shows for 24 hours. Vudu has over 8000 television channels and 24000 title catalogs like ACC Network, BBC America, AMC, BET, A&E, etc. You can easily watch Sing on VUDU.

Vudu was taken over by Walmart in 2010. Vudu has a range of decently priced subscription plans. You can select any plan that is suitable for you from the following:

  • Rental pricing starts from $.99 to $5.99.
  • Purchase pricing starts from $4.99 to $24.99. 

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Devices compatible with Vudu:

iPhones, iPads, Android, Game Consoles, Windows, Macbooks, Blu-ray players, etc. Vudu is freely available on almost all devices.

5. Sing is on Spectrum TV

Where to Watch Sing

Spectrum TV is an International Television service owned by Charter Communications. It is developed as an alternative to other competing OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Disney+, etc.

Spectrum TV has 200+ channels, including NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, FX, HGTV, and more. It can be operated on Google Chromecast, Smart TV, Roku, and Xbox One.

Subscriptions available for Spectrum TV:

  • Spectrum TV subscription with 125+ channels costs $4.16/month.
  • Spectrum TV subscription with 125+ channels costs $49.99/year.
  • Spectrum TV subscription with 175+ channels costs $6.66 per/month.
  • Spectrum TV subscription with 175+ channels costs $79.99 per/year.
  • Spectrum TV subscription with 200+ channels costs $8.33 per/month.
  • Spectrum TV subscription with 200+ channels costs $99.99 per/year.

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Plot of Sing

Sing is an animated movie that has different animals starring in it. Th story goes about how a theatre owner is organizing a singing competition to save his theatre from shutting down. The movie shows how the competition also brings out the best and worse of the contestants. Combined with catchy music, Sing is a heartwarming movie to watch.

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Is There a Sequel to Sing?

Where to Watch Sing

After the massive success of the Sing movie, a sequel was released. The sequel to Sing is titled Sing 2. The movie is available for viewers to watch online. You can watch Sing 2 on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Youtube for rent or purchase.

You can also enjoy Sing 2 on Prime Video. Sing 2 was recently added to the ever-increasing Netflix selection as well. Sing 2 was added to Netflix on June 22, 2022.

Wrapping Up

Now you have your list of where to watch Sing. You binge-watch Sing and Sing 2 from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Sing?

You can watch Sing on Netflix, Prime Video and Apple TV.

Can I watch Sing and Sing 2 on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Sing along with Sing 2 on Netflix.

Is Sing on Disney Plus?

Sadly, no. Sing is not available on Disney plus as of now.


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