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Shrek 2 is an American computer-animated comedy movie. The movie is based on a picture book of 1990 named Shrek. It was released in 2004 as a sequel to Shrek. All those looking to watch the sequel must check the below online platforms list for where to watch Shrek 2.

The story of Shrek 2 is greatly displayed, how royal parents discover their kids being ogres. Also, how they accepted the weddings of their kids. Movie Shrek 2 was originally created in the United States and in English. Shrek 2 was created with a budget of $150 million and made a global profit of $928.7 million. It also earned the title of being the highest-grossing film of 2004 worldwide. Along with this movie received two awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. 

All those who have read the book Shrek will be a great pleasure to watch your book on screen. Whereas others who haven’t, but love to watch animation films. Shrek 2 is one of the best and is awarded for the same. The below-mentioned platforms will help you to discover where to watch Shrek 2.

Plot of Shrek 2 Until Now

Newlyweds Shrek and Fiona return from their honeymoon, they get invited by Fiona’s parents to the royal ball. Fiona’s parents King Harold and Queen Lillian were shocked to see that both their daughters and sons-in-law are ogres. Soon at the party, Harold got into a heated argument with Shrek. Also, Fiona was disturbed by the fear that Shrek would discontinue their marriage.

Later in the story, the donkey and Shrek found a potion of liquid, which was magical. It turned Shrek into a handsome man and the donkey into an elegant white stallion when they had it. But the next step is to make Fiona have that portion, which transfers Fiona into a human being. Shrek was late to give this potion to Harold. In the end, Harold was converted back to Frog Prince and gives blessings to Shrek and Fiona’s marriage.

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Where to Watch Shrek 2

For all those who love to watch animation movies, Shrek 2 is a must-watch. In case you are wondering about the platforms offering such a classic animation movie. Below the shared list of online platforms will guide you regarding where to watch Shrek 2.

1. Shrek 2 on Netflix

where to watch Shrek 2/ Is it streaming on netflix?

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that provides its members a platform to watch movies and web series. You can connect Netflix to your devices and download your favorite shows and watch them offline. Also, Netflix has Shrek 2 on its display.

The channels which are connected with it are Oscar Movies, India News National, and many more. In case you are looking for getting a subscription for the same.

  •  For Basic subscriptions, $9.99 per month.
  • For Standard subscriptions, $15.99 per month.
  • For Premium subscriptions, $19.99 per month

Devices where you can use Netflix

There are plenty of devices where you can watch Netflix. They include Smart TVs, Game consoles, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows, Macbooks, and many more.

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2. Shrek 2 on Peacock TV

where to watch Shrek 2/ is it streaming on Netflix?

Peacock is NBC’s Universal streaming service. It is a platform where you can stream a hundred iconic TV shows, hit movies, and current NBC hits. Among these Peacock TV has Shrek 2 on it.

The channels under Peacock Include NBC proper, NBC News, Syfy, Bravo, and many more. Subscription plans for Peacock are mentioned below.

  • Peacock TV with Ads: Peacock TV with Ads costs from $4.99 per month to $50 per annum.
  • Peacock TV without Ads: Peacock TV without Ads, costs from $49.99 per month to $100 per annum.

Devices where you can watch Peacock

You can access Peacock on devices like Apple TV, LG Smart TV,  PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox One, Android Phones, iPhones, and many more.

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3. Shrek 2 on Vudu

where to watch Shrek 2/ is it streaming on Netflix?

Vudu is a streaming platform that offers free and paid content without a monthly fee. This is due to the amazing feature of Vudu of renting movies and TV shows for 24 hours. Also, Vudu has Shrek 2 on it. Vudu has over 8000 television channels and 24000 title catalogs like A&E, ACC Network, AMC, BET, BBC America, and many more.

Vudu was acquired by Walmart in 2010. The offers of subscribing to Vudu are very simple and pocket-friendly. Let’s have a look.

  • Rental pricing ranges from $.99 to $5.99.
  • Purchase pricing ranges from $4.99 to $24.99. 

Devices where you can watch Vudu 

You will be very happy to read that Vudu is available on almost all devices, namely iPhones, iPads, Android phones, game consoles, Windows, Macbooks, Blu-ray players, and many more.

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4. Shrek 2 on Amazon Prime Video

where to watch Shrek 2/ is it streaming on Netflix?

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best OTT streaming platforms. This platform displays movies and web series produced by Amazon Studios or licensed as Amazon Originals. Among these, Amazon Prime Video has Shrek 2 on it.

The channels that are included in Amazon Prime are A&E Crime Central, BBC Central, BET+, NBA League Pass, PBS Kids, PBS Living, and many more. To get a subscription to Amazon Prime Video you can choose any of the offers.

  •  Prime subscriptions will vary from $13 per month to $15 per month.
  • Prime Premium subscriptions will vary from $119 per year to $139 per year.
  • Prime subscriptions for students are $7.50 per month.

Devices where you can access Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is your go-to platform for streaming, so you must be happy to know that you can access it on so many devices. The devices include Apple TV, Android phones, Nvidia Shield, BT TV set-top box, iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, and many more.

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5. Shrek 2 on Apple TV

where to watch Shrek 2/ is it streaming on Netflix?

Apple TV is a streaming media player, it helps you to listen to music, watch videos, and use other types of apps from the internet on your TV. Also, Apple TV has Shrek 2 on it. The channels which are related to Apple TV are PBS Kids, Bloomberg, Flickr, Trailers, and many more. 

The subscription plan of Apple TV for one month is $4.99 per month. Moreover, it gives free subscriptions for the initial three months.  

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Wrapping Up

You can watch a super exciting animation film of humans turning to orges. To know exactly where to watch Shrek 2, you can use the details shared above. Have a great time enjoying award-winning animation films with your loved ones. Also, share in comments which platform you chose to watch Shrek 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix have Shrek 2?

Yes, Netflix is streaming Shrek 2.

Is Shrek 2 on Apple TV?

Apple TV has Shrek on its display.


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