Where to Watch Bondi Rescue in US and UK (2022)

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Bondi Rescue is an Australian Factual Television program. The genre of Bondi Rescue is Factual. The whole television program is based on the lives of lifeguards. In fact, it was created by a lifeguard himself, named Ben Davies. To know more about where to watch Bondi Rescue, keep scrolling. 

Bondi Rescue originated in Australia. Along with that, the original language in which Bondi Rescue was created was English. It is a great television program with 16 seasons and these seasons have 190 episodes. These episodes have properly covered the training part and testing part of lifeguards. Understanding how lifeguards perform to stay in the competition is shown deeply with minute details shown in the episodes.

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To closely watch the events that lifeguards deal with regularly, trust my words, nothing can beat Bondi Rescue. To know more about the activities, keep reading till the end. 

Where to Watch Bondi Rescue 

To watch the close-up of a lifeguard’s life practically, you can watch Bondi Rescue. Also, how they are trained to become so fearful and how to get qualified to be a lifeguard. To understand all this closely, you must watch Bondi Rescue. 

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1. Bondi Rescue is on Network Ten

Where to Watch Bondi Rescue & Is it Streaming on Netflix or Prime Video

Network Ten is a streaming channel dedicated entirely to Australian audience. The platform is filled with numerous local and national series and is actually highly popular among Aussies. From Master Chefs to NBL, you can stream a lot of shows on Network Ten. And yes, Bondi Rescue is also on Network Ten.

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2. Bondi Rescue is on Ten Play

Where to Watch Bondi Rescue & Is it Streaming on Netflix or Prime Video

Ten Play is the official streaming platform of Network Ten. All the shows that are live on Network Ten can be streamed on Ten Play’s official website. Answering your question, yes you can watch Bondi Rescue on Ten Play.

The only issue in streaming Bondi Rescue outside Australia would be to access these networks. In such a case, you can use a VPN and change your IP address temporarily.

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3. Get Bondi Rescue DVDs from Amazon Prime Video

Where to Watch Bondi Rescue & Is it Streaming on Netflix or Prime Video

Unfortunately, Bondi Rescue is not available on these platforms. To solve your craving to watch the real facts of lifeguards, you can buy DVDs of Bondi Rescue, and they are easily available on Amazon.

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Plot of Bondi Rescue Until Now

where to watch Bondi rescue/ is it streaming on netflix or prime video: plot of Bondi Rescue until now

The best part of Bondi Rescue is that it was created and produced by a part-time lifeguard Ben Davies in collaboration with producer Michaell Cordell. This web series is actually based on real-life facts.

This has shown how Bondi lifeguards have performed more than five thousand rescues during the summertime. Lifeguards also deal with other incidents, including sexual deviants, lost children, injuries, bluebottle stings, and many more.

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The series shows how Bondi conducts its Annual Lifeguard Ironman Challenge; in this, it tests the skills of the lifeguard by testing their running skills swimming skills, and it includes testing of board paddling. To catch more fun facts about Bondi Rescue, you must watch the program.

Also, it has covered the training of lifeguards in some of the seasons. To know about the platforms where you can watch Bondi Rescue stay connected to the article.

Wrapping Up

Bondi Rescue is a simple fact-based television program. It is highly accurate in showing the life of a lifeguard most accurately and authentically. The creator himself, lifeguard’s skills being a lifeguard has tried to give a realistic depiction of the Lifeguard’s life on television. If you are attracted to watching the reality of lifeguards, do not think more about where to watch Bondi Rescue; the above information in the article will help you find the right place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bondi Rescue Fake?

No, Bondi Rescue is real.

Where can I watch Bondi Rescue?

To watch Bondi Rescue, you have to buy DVDs from Amazon.

Is Bondi Rescue on Netflix?

No, Bondi Rescue is not available on Netflix. But do not lose heart you can watch Dirty Money or The Haunt for a serial killer and many more on it.

Is Bondi Rescue on Hulu?

No, sadly, Bondi Rescue is not available on Hulu. in case your streaming favorite is Hulu, you can watch Genius, or Memories of Murder and many more on it.

Is Bondi Rescue on Amazon Prime Video?

No, Bondi Rescue is not available on Amazon Prime Video.


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