Where to Find Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location | Hunt Griffin Dozmare

Where to Find Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location?

In Final Fantasy 16, hunt targets are quite useful to be taken down. By doing so, some might pave the way for you towards a nice crafting component or will give you good enough experience. In the case of Griffin in Final Fantasy 16, this will allow you to push along the important side quest. So, let’s get hold of Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location. 

As a part of a quest, the Griffin becomes the hunt target. The entire saga will run into a quarter or so of the way into Final Fantasy XVI. Being a pro at the artisan, the next task you might heading for is hunting a Griffin. Now the question is where to find Griffin in Final Fantasy 16. Let us dive in to know the ff16 Griffin location. 

In order to know the location, that too the exact FF16 Griffin location. Let us dive in to know more about Where to find Final Fantasy 16 Griffin location. 

How to Find Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location? 

Hey! I have found the location of Griffin. Wait, You can take breaks from the main story in order to hunt down the beast like Griffin. Finding the Final Fantasy 16 Griffin location is not much complicated. 

All the hints you get from the Nektar signal that Griffin is located between the Lostwing and the Norvent Caer. But what is the exact location? Want to know in detail? You are at the right place; stick around to know. 

Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location: Explained 

Where to Find Final Fantasy 16 Griffin Location?

Before you set out for the hunt to get hold of Griffins, get some extra rewards to accomplish the Final Fantasy 16 Griffin hunt by talking to August in the Head besides mastering abilities. In order to find the Griffin, travel fast to the Lostwing Obelisk in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Now travel southeast through the Norvent Valley toward Caer Norvent River Gate. Instead, It is advisable to push forward past the enemies instead of slaying them to find the Griffin quickly. 

As you arrive at the Caer Norvent River Gate, The Griffin is on the Castle Wall. The fight is in the offing. But you don’t need to be alarmed since Dozmare the Griffin is a B-rank elite enemy. So you will not face much trouble in knocking him down. 

Wrapping Up

And then there is the location of Griffin in Final Fantasy 16 disclosed. The fight can be a bit tricky, however, it is suggested to dodge his attacks. Resorting to dashing and slashing can work wonders. Once you are done with slaying the Griffin, a huge list of rewards awaits you, which will help you to finish out the Blacksmith’s Blues I quest.

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