Where To Buy Prime Hydration In UK | Finally! Prime Hydration Released With a New Flavor In UK

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Prime Hydration !! Just the name everyone is going crazy about. Seriously, no drink has ever gained such immediate fame and popularity as Prime Hydration has. Whether it’s the unique combo of flavors and nutrition or an even more unique combo of Logan Paul and KSI, but the drink has created its own fanbase. And guess what? Now the fanbase is going to get double because Prime Hydration is releasing in the UK.

Those rival turned business partners knew exactly what they were doing when they joined hands for this business venture. Their initial announcement of  THE FINAL CHAPTER teased the audience, creating the hype about What was going to happen? Then their collaborative release of the Prime Hydration on 4 January created a buzz among their fanbase. And now, again on 10 May, the official announcement of Prime Hydration release in the UK by KSI left all the UK fans jumping in excitement.

Yes..!! Finally! The wishes have been answered. Prime is finally launching in the UK which means fans from all over the United Kingdom can have an easy access to the drink. Exciting! Isn’t it? But when and where will be Prime Hydration launching? What UK stores will contain Prime Hydration stocks? And most importantly, How to Buy Prime Hydration in UK?

Release Of Prime Hydration On DrinkPrime

Though the announcement of Prime hydration’s release was made on 4 January 2022 through an Instagram live. The Prime Hydration drink was officially launched on its official website DrinkPrime on 4 January 2022 at 11 AM PST, and due to the countless orders, the stock was finished within 4 hours. Now, the website is displaying SOLD OUT. 

You have to wait for restocking for some time, to get your slots booked.

Release of Prime Hydration in USA

The ‘Prime Hydration’ energy drink was launched on 4 January 2022 by two of the most popular YouTube influencers. These rivals have decided to keep their rivalry aside and join hands for a business collab of energy sports drink Prime hydration. On 4 January, the Prime was officially released in the USA and was available for buying through an E-Commerce medium. Gradually, the drink became available in outlets and was sold in stores like Walmart, Target, Ralph, etc.

Initially, Prime Hydration was available only in USA making it impossible for fans from other countries like UK, Australia, and India to buy it. But finally, after 5 months of its release, KSI and Logan Paul has officially announced of Prime’s release in the UK.

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Release of Prime Hydration in UK | Prime Hydration UK Release Date

Hey, Englishmen, I have a piece of good news for you. Any guesses? Yes! Prime Hydration is officially set to launch in UK in May 2022.

KSI, earlier on his official Twitter handle, teased the fans with the announcement that Prime Hydration Drink will launch in February in the United Kingdom. Supporting the claim, an unofficial account @DrinkPrimeUK1 also exhibited February as the month when Prime hits the store shelves in the UK. Though no confirmed date was available, it was estimated that Prime Hydration would soon hit the UK market. However, everyone soon realized that this was a hoax rumor and that further updates could take a while. 

To stir the hype, KSI once again took to the Twitter in March. This time, KSI retweeted a post of Logan Paul w/ Prime Hydration, quoting, “Why isn’t it in the U.K. yet?!?!?”. Responding to this, Logan Paul replied with a subtle, indirect response-  it MAY come sooner than you think…”

Logan Paul very smartly capitalized MAY in his response. Co-incidence- definitely not! This was enough to create a buzz among Prime Hydration’s fans. All the predictions and interpretations flooded social media. 

All this chaos made one thing sure- The release date for Prime Hydration in the UK is expected to be May 2022. Whether the information is true or not still remanded a mystery, but it was enough to again start the conversations. In conclusion, UK’ians decided to wait till May and see whether the Prime Hydration will come to the UK in May 2022 or not?

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Prime Hydration UK Release Confirmed By KSI | 7 May 2022!?

While everyone was still wondering whether the Prime Hydration release date of UK was true or not, KSI finally decided to officially declare that Prime hydration is releasing in UK on 7 May 2022. 

In his most recent video uploaded on 10 May ‘I’m Boxing Again!’, KSI revealed (at 11:10 mins) that Prime Hydration is soon going to be released in the UK. Though his said date was a little out of estimation, due to his prior recording of the videos; it is confirmed that the drink Prime Hydration will soon be available in UK online stores and gradually in UK outlet stores.

“I am actually sick of saying this; Prime’s coming Next week- it’s the 7 of May 2022. It’s coming in Uk..yaa E-Commerce. So, You can get in online in UK, and soon you’ll be able to get in in stores.” 

So, keep your fingers crossed, Prime Hydration will be available to buy in UK anytime any day along next week. Stay connected to this article, to receive the latest update. Path of EX will be there as soon as the information will be provided. 

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Launch of PRIME HYDRATION in UK | 11 May

Just as expected, Prime Hydration energy sports drink finally made it to UK. After months of waiting, Logan Paul and KSI’s drink Prime Hydration is finally available in the UK market for the UK people.

On May 11, 2022- Prime drink was officially launched by Logan paul on his Twitter handle with a tweet announcing the availability of Prime Hydration in the UK along with the new additional flavor.

Logan Paul tweeted- “PRIME AVAILABLE IN UK!”

Launch of a New Prime Hydration Flavor- ICE POP

As if one good news wasn’t enough, the internet sensation decided to throw in another treat. Yes! Logan Paul and KSI celebrated the launch of Prime Hydration in UK with the welcome of another amazing Prime drink flavor- ICE POP. This was enough to pop smile on UK fans.

He tweeted-

“INTRODUCING ICE POP! @PrimeHydrate Our new delicious flavor, just in time for the Summer. @KSI and I are proud & humbled to announce that Prime is officially the fastest-growing hydration drink in America, represented by the ICE POP colors — red, white, and blue,” He revealed. 

To which, KSI replied that the colors are symbolizing UK and not USA. He also tweeted-

“Erm no, the colours are representing the United Kingdom. In fact, because we took so long to get PRIME to the U.K., We should get the flavour first before the US.” 

Ofcourse, no launch would be complete without a little funny Twitter banter. But amid all the chaos, we know that the Ice Pop flavor launch was exactly the icing we needed this summer. So, get to the race and try out the newly launched Prime hydration drink flavor, Ice pop.

How To Buy Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration in UK?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about this. I want to know all about this Prime Hydration drink, its flavors, and most importantly, How can I buy Logan Paul and KSI’s drink Prime?. And if you are by any chance as curious as me ( which is very, very high), then this is where you can find answers to all your questions.

Finally! Prime Hydration Released In UK | Where to Buy Prime Hydration in Uk? All Updates

Prime Hydration will be soon available in the UK in just a few days. People can buy Prime Hydration in the UK majorly through 2 ways-

1. DrinkPrimeUK Online Website

Initially, the drink Prime Hydration will be available to buy through an online medium. Uk’ians can buy Prime by visiting the DrinkPrimeUK Online Website and adding as many Prime drinks as they want to the cart.

Sadly, the Prime drinks were sold out just within the 1st hour of their official launch. Logan claimed that 50,000 Prime bottles were sold out in just 5 mins. But don’t worry, they have promised that the restocking will soon cover up all the refills and everyone will be able to buy Prime Hydration in UK in a few days.

2. Shopping Stores

As per KSI’s information, Prime Hydration will soon hit UK stores in a few days or a month. If you want to buy Prime Hydration directly in hand, going to stores is the best option for you. But the only disappointing factor is that you have to wait for a few more days to have Prime on outlets stores. 

Where To Buy Prime Hydration In UK | Finally! Prime Hydration Released With a New Flavor In UK
Where to Buy Prime Hydration in Uk?

All UK stores that will sell Prime Hydration-

  • Tesco
  • ASDA
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • CVS
  • GNC
  • Ralph’s and
  • Vitamin Shoppe.

But before buying, do take a look at which Prime Hydration flavor is the best? Or you can try all of them and form your own personalized Ranking List. 

Finally! Prime Hydration Released In UK | Where to Buy Prime Hydration in Uk? All Updates
Finally! Prime Hydration Released In UK ! Best Flavor Updates

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How To Buy Prime Hydration In India And Other Countries?

Though no release date has been officially provided for the release of Prime Hydration in other countries, sources revealed that it would be at hand much soon.

We will update you with the dates as soon as they’ll be delivered.

Wrapping Up

It is all that is known till now, but soon more information will be provided about KSI and Logan Paul’s drink Prime Hydration and its launch in UK and other States. We will update you will all the interesting facts and updates about the Prime hydration drink as soon as they are launched. 

So, bookmark the site and keep frequently visiting to be the first to know all about Prime. For any further queries, comment and share your doubts.


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