Where smaller money still counts for a lot – local offices – Arkansas Times

A failure in state ethics law is the fact that campaign contributions at the local level — such as municipal and school board races — aren’t required until a week before the election.

And then candidates can take in money after that filing deadline in the final week that isn’t apparent until after the election. It’s always interesting to see which interests turn out for which candidates.

Tomorrow might be interesting, particularly for Little Rock City Board, North Little Rock mayor and Little Rock School Board races.

One candidate for Little Rock City Board, Sheridan Richards, filed early and between a decent showing on money and a developing coalition of backers who knows? Perhaps she’ll do well against the high name recognition (not always for positive reasons) of entrenched at-large Zone 10 incumbent Joan Adcock

. Greg Henderson is also mounting a spirited race for that seat.

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Richards reports having raised almost $29,000. Only one PAC contribution, $300 from Progressive Arkansas Women. Lots of $100 contributors. Only one $2,800 maximum contribution, from a seminary officer in California, where Richards once lived.

She claims endorsements from Arkansas Community Organizations, Clarke Tucker, former Judge Marion Humphrey, Corliss Williamson and several dozen faith leaders, including leaders of several of the largest African-American churches.


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