Where is Washoe County headed? Commission candidates give their perspectives (video)

Candidates for the Washoe County Board of Commissioners attended an online forum Wednesday moderated by This Is Reno to present their platforms for the commission. Joining us were incumbents Marsha Berkbigler and Vaughn Hartung and their challengers, Alexis Hill and Marie Baker, respectively.

Jeri Davis, Bob Conrad and Don Dike Anukam moderated the discussion, and the Washoe County Library System generously donated staff and technological support.

Each candidate’s responses are in the videos below, following the questions.

Please introduce yourself.

Why are you running for the county commission?

What are the biggest issues facing Washoe County and how will you address them?

If elected, what are your plans to address growth and development?

What in the local COVID-19 response would you have liked to have seen handled better?

Please speak about the Incline Village property tax settlement and how you would like to see this addressed moving forward?

Please discuss the state law that says commissioners shall check on the condition of inmates at the Washoe County Detention Facility.

What do you see as the plan to help the males who are part of the unsheltered population in the county?

Why should voters vote for you?

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