When is the YBA Halloween Update 2022 Coming | Release Date & New Skins

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Hello YBA devs. I have some new information on the YBA Halloween update 2022 which I will be sharing with you all through this article. So that you can stop switching tabs and searching all over the internet for YBA Halloween updates. Let’s see the release date, new items or new interfaces of the YBA Halloween event. 

Since we are already in the second week of October, numerous games and platforms, like Roblox, GTA, Warframe, PK XD, Adopt me, Minecraft, Bloxburg, and Phasmophobia have already published their Halloween updates for 2022. What’s the Halloween update for YBA Halloween? Let’s dig in deep and find out more about the YBA Halloween update 2022.

The YBA Halloween update 2022 event is where we can try out various new activities with a time constraint in which all players may participate. They include various benefits, cosmetics, unique Stands, Items, and Spec skins, among other things. Additionally, the map is typically updated to reflect the topic of the update be it; Christmas snow, Halloween pumpkins, etc. For now, let’s see the YBA Halloween 2022 updates.

When is the YBA Halloween Update 2022 Coming | YBA Halloween Event 2022

YBA Halloween Update 2022 | Release Date, New Halloween Skins & Items

Sadly, there are no updates on the release date of the YBA Halloween Event 2022. But you know we can speculate taking the reference from the last year’s Halloween update. The first Halloween event was added to Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) on October 16, 2021. The Halloween update lasted till November 8. So, we can expect this year’s YBA Halloween update anytime soon this week between October 14 and October 20. 

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New YBA Halloween Items Coming In 2022

Although we don’t know much about the release date of the YBA Halloween update 2022. We do encounter some of the new YBA Halloween Items 2022. And we can speculate New YBA Halloween Items by keeping last year’s Halloween Items too. 

Some New YBA Halloween Items of 2022 are –

1. Candy

YBA Halloween Update 2022 | Release Date, New Halloween Skins & Items

Candy was the new item in last year’s YBA Halloween which was well-liked by players. This is why Candy is highly likely to be added to this YBA Halloween update 2022 too. The Candy is used to spawn all over the area or be awarded to players who won the 1v1/2v2 or Steel Ball Run game modes.

2. Headless Horseman

YBA Halloween Update 2022 | Release Date, New Halloween Skins & Items

The NPC added a new YBA Halloween update 2022 known as The Headless Horseman. He has a business where customers may exchange candy for points that can be used to purchase Redeemed Items. Headless Horseman is the exclusive Halloween item every year.

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3. The Ghost World

YBA Halloween Update 2022 | Release Date, New Halloween Skins & Items

Time can be stopped by the Ghost World for a maximum of five seconds. The World is one of the rarest Stands in the game and can be obtained by an arrow with a 1.5% chance. The Ghost World is someone who has extreme strength which can be included in YBA Halloween update 2022

Wrapping Up

So, this was everything we know so far on the YBA Halloween update 2022. I know it’s a pretty short update. But it’s what it is since there is still no word from the YBA team on the Halloween event. So enjoy this Halloween with YBA; they will soon be releasing the Halloween update. Stay updated with Path of EX on Halloween Updates. I’ll see you next time with yet another intriguing Halloween article. 

Happy Halloween!


1. Release Date Of YBA Halloween Update 2022?

There is no update officially on the release date of Halloween update 2022. We can expect anytime soon this month of October.

2. What Are The New Halloween Items Of YBA 2022?

We can expect the same Candy, Headless Horseman, and The Ghost World as the last year’s.


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