When Does The Pokemon Go Valentine Event 2023 Come Out | Leaks & Updates

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Feb 14 is not just about love, February is also the season of new Valentine game updates. Do you know when does the Pokemon Go valentine event come out? Let’s find out! From Bloxburg to GTA and Adopt Me most of the games receive fresh Valentine updates in February.

We should all hurry up and know when does the Pokemon Go valentine event come out and all the other Valentine’s updates quickly. Special valentine’s updates only last for a few days. Let’s dig up some information on the Pokemon valentine update 2023.

Pokemon games franchise through a bash on Valentine’s day with epic events and updates every year. Know when does the Pokemon Go valentine’s event come out this year and all the other crucial information from this blog. 

When Does The Pokemon Go Valentine Event Come Out In 2023 | Pokemon Valentine Updates

When Does The Pokemon Valentine Event Come Out | Pokemon Valentine Updates 2023

By keeping the last year’s Pokemon Go Valentine Event dates as a reference, the Pokemon valentine’s event 2023 will come out on Feb 10 and may last till Feb 15. This data is mere speculation of data miners. The official news on the release date of Pokemon Valentine’s updates is still not announced.

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I will be sure to update this article as soon as the official news on the Pokemon Valentine Update comes out. So, make sure to bookmark this page and visit back later for new updates.

Pokemon Go Valentine Leaks, New Challenges & Rewards 2023

When Does The Pokemon Go Valentine Event 2023

Pokemon Go is going to receive a mega update which is going to bring a lot of new features and items in this Valentine’s update. Let’s have a look at some of the new Valentine leaks, rewards, Raids, and items. 

  • female Frillish encounter reward
  • 2,000 XP reward
  • 2,000 Stardust reward
  • Luvdisc challenge
  • Furfrou challenge
  • Audino Raid
  • Furfrou Raid
  • Nidoqueen Raid

We cannot help but wait to know when does the Pokemon Go valentine event come out. Since you are already here why don’t you check out some of the Pokemon cheats? I am sure there are gonna be of great help in your gameplay. Click the below button and check out all the Pokemon Go Cheats.

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Wrapping Up

Yes, soo, we don’t officially know when does the Pokemon Go valentine event come out. Please be patient and wait for the same. Make sure to check back this article for fresh updates, ok? I am sure they are gonna make an announcement about the Pokemon valentine update 2023 soon.

Till then take care and enjoy this Valentine’s day with the best Valentine’s games with your loved one. Have a lovely Valentine’s day guys. That’s it, I’ll see you in the next blog soon!

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