When Does The Fortnite Christmas Update Come Out In 2023 | Fortnite Winterfest 2023

When Does The Fortnite Christmas Update Come Out In 2022

Wondering if Fortnite is doing anything for Christmas 2023? You’re at the right place. With more players dipping their toes into the game daily, fresh content is a must. The latest has to be the Christmas Update. So when does the Fortnite Christmas update come out in 2023?

Whether it’s playing Fortnite on a browser or through the app, it’s a thrilling experience. Major in-game events like the Winterfest keeps things fresh and adds excitement. 

After the recent Fortnite Halloween event, players are wondering if they can start prepping for the Fortnite Christmas update 2023. Read on to find out!

When Does Fortnite Christmas Update Come Out in 2023 | Winterfest Launch Date

When Does The Fortnite Christmas Update Come Out In 2022

Last year, the Fortnite Christmas update was released on 13th December 2022 and ran until 3rd January 2023. And, if we follow previous years’ trends, we can safely bet that the Fortnite Christmas update will be released around 15th December 2023. We can expect around the same time this year. 

YearUpdate Release Date
2023Expected 15 Dec 2023
202213th December 2022
202116th December 2021
202018th December 2020
201918th December 2019

Usually, seasonal and festive updates aren’t revealed until a few days before they go live, so expect more details in the coming weeks.

As per the reports- Epic has started to playtest v28.10, the first update of 2024 🎉
v28.01 will be released in Mid-December and has the Winterfest content 🎄
v28.10 will be released in January after Epic’s company-wide holiday break!

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) November 28, 2023

What’s New in The Fortnite Christmas Update 2023?

When Does The Fortnite Christmas Update Come Out In 2022

Now that your curiosity about when the Fortnite Christmas update will come out, it’s time to know what to expect from it. Here’s a list of all the changes we predict with the Fortnite Christmas 2023 update. 

1. Changes in the Map

Of course, the Fortnite island will be garnished and festooned for Christmas once more! It will also be wrapped in clear, white snow. And guess what you can do with all that snow? Snow fights! Launch snow and have the time of your life with the Fortnite Christmas update. 

Note that once Fortnite Winterfest ends, snow will likely disappear.

2. Christmas Presents 

Adding to the festive feel, everything will be decorated with fairy lights, and Christmas trees will be scattered around in the Fortnite Christmas update. But the best part is the Christmas Presents! They will offer you and your team invaluable loot.

3. Daily Rewards 

Similar to advent calendars, we expect daily rewards for Christmas this year. They will be under the Christmas tree and will give us free skins and cosmetics. For the last few years, we had to visit a shack in the lobby where we could open a nice gift every day. So it might be the same this year for the Fortnite Christmas update. 

4. New in-game Challenges 

Like any festive season, the Fortnite Christmas Update, Winterfest 2023, will come with a number of in-game challenges for you. As a bonus, there will also be winter prizes as well as some additional XP for the Battle Pass!

5. Free Skins

When Does The Fortnite Christmas Update Come Out In 2022

Who doesn’t want new skins? We do! And Fortnite Chapter 4 will bring new Christmas skins for us with its Fortnite Christmas update. You can get new skins in the item shop. 

Want to know which skins these are? Here are our predictions:

  1. Winterfest Jonesy
  2. Gingerbread 
  3. Assault Trooper
  4. Fishstick Nutcracker
  5. Winter Skye
  6. Christmas Tree Guff
  7. Mina Park
  8. Jun-Hwan
  9. Colby
  10. WM-Skins
  11. Saint Academy Quest Pack
  12. Ava
  13. Bonejamin
  14. Chrome Punk
  15. Jack O’ Sassin
  16. Remi
  17. Agency Renegades Pack
  18. Sinister Glare
  19. Undying Sorrow
  20. Anime Legends Pack
  21. Gehenna
  22. Brilliant Bomber
  23. Xander
  24. K-Pop
  25. Gemini

Wrapping Up

So, I hope you’re all excited and ready to sleigh Christmas this year. Stay tuned for more Fortnite Christmas Updates from Path of EX. Comment what you’re excited about most and what you think will be new this Christmas!

Hap-pea holidays!

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