When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking: Here’s What You Need to Know

No. Spotify Wrapped does not track your songs till the end of the year.

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Spotify wrapped is one of the most loved and awaited features of the app. Users wait for the app to finish counting the number of songs they have listened to this year. Each year they also bring out their favorite playlist, and users eagerly wait to know the results. Similarly, users are waiting for when does Spotify wrapped stop tracking.

All the other music apps also have their own form of wraps on their platform. But users are more glued to the feature on Spotify. Besides, Spotify has also introduced an incredible feature on its platform where you get to start your day with your favorite playlist.

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I have discussed everything in detail in the article and hope you would like it. So, get to know the new feature on Spotify and start your day grooving to the tunes of your favourite songs. Without further ado, let’s know when does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

When does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking?

Spotify Wrapped is one of the most liked features of the app. Users wait for its results at the end of each year. However, one major question that users have regarding this feature is when does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking.

If reports are to be believed, Spotify will stop tracking from October 31st, 2022. Each year the counting period for the wrapped is from January 1st to October 31st. But Spotify has never revealed how they count the data which is collected.

People have been happy with the results all these years. And now they are waiting for the wraps to be released.

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Get Ready With Music: A New Feature by Spotify

A New Feature by Spotify

As many users wait for their wraps to be announced, Spotify is rolling down a new feature known as ‘Get Ready With Music.’ It is a play on ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM). This feature has a playlist based on the sense of style and taste. The app would help you to pick up some of your favorite songs, which you can listen to while getting ready for the day!

The feature was introduced on September 22nd, and users are already gooving to the tunes.

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How to Use the ‘Get Ready With Me’ Feature on Spotify?

GRWM Feature on Spotify

Using the feature is quite easy. You only have to answer some simple questions on ‘Get Ready With Music’ quiz, and you are all set. The questions are also very simple as what are you wearing, and what kind of attire do you feel comfortable in. The major motto of the questions is to find out about your taste in fashion and create a playlist that matches your personality.

Spotify has made things much more interesting and they have provided the choice of posting your picture on the cover for the playlist. This will help you when you wish to go down memory lane and revisit some of the iconic looks you cherished.

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Wrapping Up

The feature of Spotify wrapped up is liked by the users and they wait for it to release the results. So, this time also users are eagerly waiting for the outcome. Apart from that the new feature introduced by Spotify also allow users to listen to their selected and favourite playlists at the beginning of the day. This feature is also loved by many as they rightly say morning shows the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking?

Spotify wrapped stop tracking on October 31st each year.

What is the new feature introduced by Spotify?

The new feature introduced by Spotify is Get Ready With Music. This deals with a playlist based on the taste and preference of the style of the user.

How can a user avail the new feature of Get Ready With Music on Spotify?

A user only have to answer a few questions on Spotify and talk about their sense of style there. Accordingly a playlist is created based on their preferences and favorite songs.


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