When Does The Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update Come Out In 2023: Toy Story Update

When Does The Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update Come Out | Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update 2022

This Christmas, Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans have something really captivating coming their way. Get ready to enjoy every bit of the amazing new Disney Dreamlight Valley Christmas update coming this Christmas. It’s delightful, it’s exciting, and it’s better than ever!

Disney Games recently launched the Christmas 2023 Update of Dreamlight Valley in collaboration with Gameloft Montreal. This is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s eighth free update and comes with a brand-new paid expansion – Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time. Thrilled to know more?

This yearly update was long-awaited, and it is full of exciting features and spanking new content for our gaming guides. This blog will discuss the amazing new updates and additions to Disney’s Dreamlight Valley with Christmas 2023 Update.

When Does The Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update Come Out In 2023?

When Does The Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update Come Out | Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update 2022

Disney announced a brand new update for Dreamlight Valley on the 5th of December, 2023. This update has come up with many beloved characters, creatures, decorative items, and many more appealing features. The newly introduced expansion pass is the cherry on the cake!

Read on to learn more about the highlights in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update 2023

Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update 2023 | New Characters & Features

Disney has come up with so many new characters and features to tickle your fancy with this Christmas Update of Dreamlight Valley. Let’s talk about some of the astounding additions you are going to find in the Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update this year.

Dreamlight Valley Christmas

1. Say Hello to Jack Skellington

True that! Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, has made it to the Dreamlight Valley. However, Fans could glimpse their highly requested character in the recent Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase. A mysterious Tree Door has led The Master of Fright, Jack Skellington, to arrive in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

He is here to set up his house in the Valley and spread some holiday magic. Let me know if you also loved Jack in Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was released in October.

2. Hop Valleys With Your Friends

With the Christmas 2023 Update of Dreamlight Valley, you can now visit your Friends’ Valleys and invite them to visit yours. With the new multiplayer feature, you can now pick up items dropped in other players’ Valleys and change outfits or accessories while visiting them.

All you need to do is share a unique code with other players and once done, you can let up to 3 friends visit your Valley simultaneously. Don’t miss the chance to enter other players’ homes and Scrooge McDuck’s Store to help each other complete your collections.

3. Take a look at New Biomes And Critters

The three new Biomes on Eternity Isle are Ancient Landing, Glittering Dunes, and Wild Tangle. Each one has a distinct flora and fauna, making Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Christmas Update 2023 even more interesting.

You have new creatures to feed and make friends with. The super friendly Capybaras can be found in Ancient Landing, while the cobra snakes will be slithering in the Glittering Dunes, and you will see those naughty Monkeys hanging around in the Wild Tangle.

4. The New Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time Expansion

Do you want to be friends with a cute white Robot EVE? Would you like New Ancient Machines that help you cook in bulk and save your labor while gardening? With the new paid expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can have all this and more! This expansion has many exciting and fresh features, which you will enjoy thoroughly. 

Tell me in the comments section if you are also thrilled about The Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time Expansion.

 Wrapping Up

Are you looking for when the Dreamlight Valley Christmas update 2023 comes out? It was announced on the 5th of December 2023. With brand-new characters and features, this update is more appealing than ever. The enticing new expansion has only added to the excitement of Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans. Let me know what you think about this new Update in the comments.

Happy Gaming!

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