When Does The Clash Royale Christmas Update Come Out in 2023: ClashMas 2023!

Clash Royale Christmas Update

Christmas is almost here, and we’re excited about the presents and get-togethers, but what’s exciting about the Clash Royale Gaming World on Christmas? That’s right, seasonal updates! So when does the Clash Royale Christmas update come out in 20220232?

Like every year, the makers of Clash Royale will roll out brand-new Christmas updates with exciting features in its 2023 Clashmas. This will be season 42 of Clashmas! With fresh rewards and goodies, it’s hard not to be eager for Christmas. 

So let’s dive in and learn more about the Clash Royale Christmas update 2023. Comment to let us know your favorite players; mine are Elites and Skeleton King!

When Does Clash Royale Christmas Update 2023 Come Out? 

Clash Royale Christmas Update

If you’re wondering what the new Clash Royale update release date is, I’ve got you. 

The latest Clash Royale Christmas update is already underway and began on December 5th, 2023. 

Now that you have the release date, what do you get on Christmas in Clash Royale? Let’s find out!

Clash Royale Christmas Update 2023 | Patch Notes 

With the merry Clashmas comes big changes to know about. There have been significant balance changes and thrilling new rewards for you. So read on to know the patch notes in the 2023 Clash Royale Christmas update. Here’s what Clash Royale has to say about this:

Clash Royale Christmas Update 2023 Balance Changes 

Many cards have seen major changes in the last few years’ Clashmas, including a change in lifetime duration and spawn rate.

Since the official changes have not been made public yet, I’ve created a table for the 2021 Clash Royale Christmas update balance changes. This will give you an idea of what to expect this year. 

2021 Clash Royale Christmas Update Balance Changes

CARDNew LifetimeHit PointsNew Spawn RateDamageJump RangeHit Speed
Furnace33 seconds-17%6 seconds
Goblin Hut31 seconds-17%4 seconds
Barbarian Hut40 seconds-15%10 seconds
Tombstone30 seconds3.3 seconds
Fire Spirit2000
Goblin Cage-23%
Mother Witch-18%
Battle Ram+8%(connection)
Dart Goblin+9%

Rewards in Clash Royale Christmas Update 2023 

Clash Royale Christmas Update

Clash Royale is celebrating its 42nd season of Clashmas with new rewards for you. Wondering what they are? Here’s a list of the rewards in Clash Royale Christmas Update 2023:

  • 8 New Emotes
    • King: Pixelized Laugh
    • Valkyrie: Tree Cut
    • Fire Spirit: Coal Naughty
    • Fire Spirit: Coal Nice
    • Hog: Gingerbread
    • Hog: Reindeer Fly
    • Hog Rider: Santa Sack
    • Hog Rider: Santa Snowball
  • 4 New Tower Skins
    • Clashmas Sweater (Free)
    • Clashmas Cake (Pass Royale)
    • Nutcracker (Shop)
    • Clashmas Tree (Shop)
  • 28 New Banner Items
    • To be revealed soon…

Here’s a sneak peek into the new update from Clash Royale API:

Note: New Balance Changes will also be applied by supercell on 6th December 2023!

Wrapping Up

That was all the info we had on the 2023 Clash Royale Christmas update so far, but we’re revamping it as soon as we get our hands on new facts. So stay tuned and keep playing. Don’t forget to check out Path of EX for more hot gaming gossip!

Happy Gaming!

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