When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble: Beyond Free 25 Likes!

When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble

Are you wondering when you will magically get more chances to swipe right and find your match on Bumble social media? Stop the FOMO! In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about when do you get more likes on Bumble.

Bumble, just like other popular dating apps like Tinder, is a great way to meet new people, whether you are seeking love or friendship. But keeping your profile attractive and engaging is key! Remember to craft a captivating bio, choose your best photos, and ask interesting questions when you match.

But what happens when you hit the limit of your free 25 likes? Don’t worry. I have got you covered! Read on to discover when do you get more likes on Bumble and keep your love search going strong!

When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble?

When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble

You might ask, “When do you get more likes on Bumble” for two reasons. One is to know when you can like more people for free. The other is to learn how to make your profile more attractive. Let us answer the query “When do you get more likes on Bumble?” from two angles:

01. When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble: Refreshing Likes

When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble

If you are asking when your daily free likes refresh, worry no more! Bumble gives you 25 free likes every day. They are renewed every 24 hours, usually at the same time you used up your last like. For example, if you run out of likes at 9 PM, you will get 25 new likes at 9 PM the next day.

But in some places, you get new likes at 12:00 AM, no matter when you used up your previous likes. So, if you run out of likes at 11:50 PM, you will get new likes in just 10 minutes! The time of renewal depends on where you are using the app.

02. When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble: Getting More Right Swipes

When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble

But what if you want to increase the number of people swiping right on you altogether? Here are some ways to boost your Bumble profile’s appeal and attract more likes:

i. Optimize Your Profile

  • Compelling Bio: Write a bio that is witty, interesting, and reflects your personality. Use emojis and line breaks to make it visually appealing.
  • Eye-Catching Photos: Choose photos that are clear, recent, and showcase your best self. Include a variety of pictures, from solo shots to group activities.
  • Interesting Prompts: Select prompts that spark conversation and reveal your unique personality.

ii. Be Active and Engaging

  • Swipe Regularly: Do not just create a profile and forget it. Engage with the app daily and swipe on people you genuinely find interesting.
  • Send Engaging Messages: When you match with someone, send a thoughtful first message that shows you have read their profile. Ask a question, make a joke, or share a fun fact.
  • Respond Promptly: If someone messages you, respond within a reasonable timeframe to show you are interested.

Attracting more likes takes time and effort. By optimizing your profile, staying active, and engaging with others authentically, you will increase your chances of finding meaningful connections on Bumble!

Wrapping Up

That is your guide to when do you get more likes on Bumble (and how to get some right swipes on your profile, too!). Put these tips into action, keep your profile popping, and remember, it is all about being yourself and putting your best foot forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble?

There are two parts to this:
1. Refreshing free likes: Daily likes refresh every 24 hours, usually at the same time you first used the app that day.
2. Getting more right swipes: Optimize your profile with a catchy bio, great pics, and interesting prompts. Be active, and send engaging messages.

2. How Often Should I Swipe on Bumble?

There is no magic number, but swiping regularly shows you’re active and helps the algorithm suggest better matches. Don’t swipe right on everyone, only people you genuinely like!

3. What Makes a Good Bumble Bio?

Keep it short, sweet, and funny/witty. Mention your hobbies, interests, and what makes you unique. Emojis and line breaks are your friends!

4. What Kind of Photos Should I Use on Bumble?

Clear, recent pics that showcase your personality. Include solo shots, group activities, and something that reflects your interests. No blurry selfies or sunglasses!

5. What Are Good Bumble Prompts to Choose?

Pick prompts that spark conversation and reveal your personality. Be funny and thought-provoking, or use them to share a fun fact about yourself.

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