Different WhatsApp Symbol Meanings Explained: Check Them Now

Different WhatsApp Symbol Meanings Explained!

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app and its user interface supports tons of icons and symbols. Thankfully, there is no symbol or icon on WhatsApp that is a potential risk, it’s better to be familiar with the meaning of WhatsApp symbols and icons. So, here I will tell you WhatsApp Symbol Meanings.

In today’s era, a user needs to know the meaning of each symbol and icon of the platform. In this article, I will tell you about, different WhatsApp symbol meanings explained!

Different WhatsApp Symbol Meanings Explained

1. WhatsApp Home Screen Symbols Meaning

WhatsApp Symbol Meanings

Pencil Icon: Pencil Icon is a chat bubble and if you tap on it, you will start a new thread of conversation, add new contacts, or create a new group.

Pin: If you see a Pin symbol next to any WhatsApp conversation, it means the conversation is pinned and will stay at the top.

Loudspeaker With Bar: Loudspeaker With Bar indicates that you won’t receive any notification from the said conversation. It means you have muted the conversation.

2. Chat Thread Icons Meaning 

In case you long-press a chat on the chat list in WhatsApp, you will see the following icons will appear at the top.

Pin: Pin will let you pin the conversation and put it at the top.

Trash: Trash symbol will let you delete the entire thread of conversation.

Speaker with bar: Speaker with bar will let you mute the conversation.

Box with Down Arrow: Box with Down Arrow symbol will let you archive a conversation, which means you can hide a conversation without deleting it.

3. WhatsApp Status Symbols

WhatsApp Symbol Meanings

On a WhatsApp Status page, you will encounter Pencil and Camera icons. The place of the symbols can be different for Android and iOS.

Pencil Icon: Pencil Icon is a symbol that lets you create a text-based status. In the text-based status, you can encounter:

Emoji: Emojis that you can put in your status.

T: T symbol indicates if you want to change the font style of your status.

Color palette: Color palette will help you choose the background of your status.

Paper Icon: Paper Icon is a send option for your status.

4. WhatsApp Camera Icons Meaning

Camera icon lets the user click a picture that they can later use as their status. The different camera icons meaning are as:

Crop: Crop means you can adjust the picture according to your desired size.

Emoji: Emoji means you can add emojis and stickers to your picture.

Text: You can add text to your picture by using the T icon.

Pencil: Pencil icon is to go into drawing mode. You can use your finger to draw the image.

Gallery: Gallery option lets you choose an image from your gallery that you can put as a status.

5. WhatsApp Call Tab Symbols

Phone Icon With Plus Sign: Phone icon With Plus Sign is to create a new audio or video call.

Video Camera: Video Camera means the call you attended was a video call.

Phone: Phone icon next to a chat name means that it is a regular phone call.

6. WhatsApp Video Call Screen Icons

Camera: Camera icon on the video screen call means, you can switch between the front and rear cameras.

Video Camera: If you tap on the video camera, you can either turn the video on or off.

Microphone: Tapping on the Microphone icon lets you turn the microphone on or off.

Red Phone: Red Phone means that you can disconnect or hang up the call.

Person With a Plus Sign: Person With a Plus Sign symbol means that you can add more people to the call.

7. WhatsApp Chat Symbols Meaning

Clock Symbol Next to Profile Picture: It means the user has activated disappearing messages that will vanish within a set time.

Audio and Video Call: Audio and Video Call next to the person’s name means you can initiate the audio or video call.

Phone Icon With Plus Sign: Phone Icon With the Plus Sign symbol occurs next to the name of an unsaved number. The icon lets you make an audio call.

Catalog: Catalog symbol next to a person’s name indicates you can view the products and the symbol is seen in business profiles.

Paper Clip Icon: Paper Clip Icon appears in Android and next to typing box. If you tap on the icon, it lets you attach a document, image, audio, location, or contact to the person in the chat.

Payment Icon: Payment Icon lets you send money through WhatsApp.

Camera: If you tap on Camera, you will be able to capture a new photo or video and send it.

Microphone: Microphone icon lets you send voice notes. You can the symbol and hold it to record, then unhold it and send it.

Right Arrow: Right Arrow means that you can forward the message to other users on WhatsApp.

Star Icon: Star Icon means that you have favorited the message. You can unstar the message by holding on to the starred message.

Double Arrow: If you receive a message with Double Arrow on top of it, it means the message has been forwarded many times.

8. WhatsApp Voice Note Icons

When you send a voice note on WhatsApp. The tiny dot on the slider will first be grey but after the user has listened to the voice note, the grey dot will turn blue.

If you are someone who has received the voice note, the green dot means, you have not played the voice note but when you play it, the dot will become blue.

1x Symbol: 1x Symbol next to the voice note means the speed with which you listen to the voice note. You can hear the voice note at 1.5x or 2x speed.

9. Delivery Symbols Meaning

WhatsApp Symbol Meanings

Single Grey Tick: Single Grey Tick means the message has been sent but it is not yet delivered to the recipient.

Two Grey Ticks: Two Grey Ticks mean the message has been sent and delivered but has not been seen by the recipient yet.

Two Blue Ticks: Two Blue Ticks mean that the message has been seen by the recipient.

Clock Symbol: Clock Symbol next to the message indicates that the message hasn’t left your device. The most possible reason for that is the network issue.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app and is known for its frequent updates. To know about, Different WhatsApp Symbol Meanings,  read the entire article and do share it with your friends! For more trending stuff, keep visiting, Path of EX.

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