What’s up with Weeknd’s Instagram? When is “The Dawn” Coming?

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Smriti Razdan
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Zero Posts on Weeknd’s Instagram! Is The Weeknd’s IG hacked? Or is it a marketing stunt? Whatever it is The Weeknd’s latest Music Album is going to blast the scene and everyone can be sure of it. Let’s uncover all that’s out there about ‘The Dawn is Coming’.

For the past few months, The Weeknd has been continuously keeping up with his tweets, engaging his fans with the curiosity of the New Album. Even when he was receiving his Billboards this year, he hinted towards ‘The Dawn Is Coming. So is the reason behind the sudden clearance of his Instagram?

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On 30th July, people noticed that all the posts on The Weeknd’s Instagram profile got wiped out. His actual fans know that this usually happens when The Weeknd is about to start a new phase in his life and his career. From what it looks like ‘The Dawn’ is going to start that new phase for The Weeknd.  

Let’s look into the story of The Weeknd and find out everything about his new album. Also, we’ll be decoding all the tweets of The Weeknd so stay tuned for more interesting stuff. 

Why is The Weeknd’s Instagram Wiped Out?

What’s up with Weeknd’s Instagram? When is “The Dawn” Coming?
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All of this started with a tweet when The Weeknd wrote “say your final goodbyes…”. This statement of The Weekend can mean different things. Firstly it suggests that the last album of The Weeknd “After Hours” met its end. Before it was expected that he would return with more songs in this album but this tweet made it quite clear that “After Hours” has come to an end.

Secondly, since the deletion of his Instagram posts is always related to his new phase, this tweet can also mean the fans should bid goodbyes to the old The Weeknd and be prepared for the new superstar. 

As published by GQ, Abel Tesfaye and The Weeknd are two different personalities of the same person. One is a normal guy who prefers comfort over fashion and the other rocks the Cuban heels better than anyone you’ve ever known. So there’s a clear picture that The Weeknd has embraced his pop side more. We are sure of it because he shared his article only a few hours before in this tweet.  

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He has also removed his profile picture and cover photo from all his social media handles so we know something is serious. The Weeknd has fully embraced not just his music side but also where he rocks his fashion statements with bold colors. 

If we were to talk practical, GQ Magazine’s announcement and The Weeknd’s new album release cannot be a coincidence. In fact, it is more like a collaboration between the two or maybe it’s not. But we are pretty sure The Weeknd’s new album is simply not just an album. Otherwise, why would he have deleted everything from all his platforms and shared these articles by GQ? 

The GQ described The Weeknd as “the most mysterious and compelling artist in global pop”. We can surely see some mysteriousness around the man. 

Rest you can be assured that no one has hacked The Weeknd’s Instagram and he has also uploaded the story of the same tweet i.e. “fuck it…IT STARTS TONIGHT”, which it definitely has. 

What’s up with Weeknd’s Instagram? When is “The Dawn” Coming?

After so much hype and mystery, The Weekend, the new Weeknd is finally revealing his new side and we are in love with it. Now more than ever!

It’s been only 12 hours since he has posted the Music Video teaser of his new album “The Dawn” and the most has got more than 20k comments. I’m telling you The Weeknd’s new album is going to make everyone crazier than ever.

His profile picture has also been updated and it looks like he is hovering a girl upon a wall but in a nice sexy way. 

Wrapping Up

The very artistic and one of the most talented musicians of this era, The Weeknd is back with a bang and all of us are waiting desperately to watch him even more. Hope you found the answer to ‘Why did The Weeknd delete all the Instagram Posts?’. 

It was merely to generate hype and this behavior of The Weeknd is often expected when he wants to start a new phase and move to a new path. Share this article with everyone who’s waiting for The Weeknd’s latest album release. We are positive it will be out in the first week of August 2021.

Have a nice day!

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