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The internet is buzzing with new, easy, unconventional, and healthy recipes. Among those, one such recipe is the Healthy Coke TikTok recipe video. The video has been viewed 500,000 times on TikTok since it was posted. The viewers have liked it and posted their comments. The buzzing recipe is taking TikTok on fire. You may even try the recipe at home and share it with your friends or on your social media.

The recipe has made its way to the US talk shows, and the hosts have also given their verdict on this healthy Coke recipe. The drink is widely shared and speaks volumes about how creative you can be about your favorite beverages. The video has been a major influence for other viewers.

Some people are also coming up with their version of Healthy Coke TikTok recipes by changing the ingredients as per their taste. So, check out our article and get the ingredients to make your version of Healthy Coke recipes.

What is Healthy Coke TikTok Trend

Amanda Jones who first created Healthy Coke on TikTok
Amanda Jones who first created Healthy Coke on TikTok.

Recently a recipe for Coke has gone viral where the person uses only two ingredients and prepares what she calls Healthy Coke. The name of the woman who shared the video is Amanda Jones. She shared a video of a healthy soda alternative. She combines balsamic vinegar guava-flavored La Croix seltzer and loads of ice.

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Ingredients For The Healthy Coke TikTok

Ingredients for healthy Coke: Balsamic Vinegar and Guava guava-flavored La Croix seltzer
Ingredients for Healthy Coke: Balsamic Vinegar and Guava guava-flavored La Croix seltzer

1. Loads of Ice

2. Balsamic Vinegar

3. Guava-flavored La Croix seltzer

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What’s the Recipe to Make Healthy Coke TikTok?

The Healhy Coke TikTok reciepe is very easy. Follow the steps below:

1. Start with a cup full of ice.

2. Add a large quantity of Balsamic Vinegar. 

3. Followed by it, add guava-flavored La Croix seltzer. 

Note: She even says that any other sparkling beverage would go with it. 

Then she comments on the video that it already looks like Coke! Before even stirring or tasting it. She even encourages her followers to try the same at their homes. She claimed it is a healthy version of the Coke they are consuming. 

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What Do Viewers Think About Healthy Coke on TikTok?

Reactions of viewers after having Healthy Coke
Reactions of viewers after having Healthy Coke.

Amanda is flooded with various comments on her TikTok account, where her viewers are divided. Some advised her to Diet Coke or Zero Coke. Some even wanted confirmation from other viewers before they tried it themselves. Anyhow Healthy Coke TikTok video went viral within no time on TikTok and was soon aired on TV.

A television presenter tried the recipe on air but commented that she did not like the final drink. They even commented that the glass could be anything but Coke for sure! Some people tried the drink and commented that they loved it and would recommend it to others. However, at the same time, some hated it and commented that it tasted like Balsamic vinegar.

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Reaction to Healthy Coke TikTok Recipe

Wrapping Up

The viewers who tried the recipe had mixed reactions as to their preferences. If you like the recipe, you may even move forward and give it a try! Do share your experience in the comments below. 

I hope the article helped you clear your dilemma about the recipe for the Healthy Coke. We will bring you more such news on social media, so do follow our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healthy Coke?

The healthy Coke is an amalgamation of a few ingredients to make a sparkling drink equivalent to Coke.

Where has the Healthy Coke recipe gone viral?

The recipe is the Healthy Coke TikTok recipe. 

Does Healthy Coke taste like Coke?

No, the Healthy Coke recipe does not taste like Coke. You can see it in the various reaction videos over the internet.


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