What You Can Do With Spider Eyes In Minecraft | Uses & Things To Craft

Spider Eyes In Minecraft

One of the most often utilized crafting materials in Minecraft is spider eyeballs. The spider was the earliest hostile mob to be introduced to Minecraft. Now let’s learn what you can do with spider eyes in Minecraft and enjoy using it in the game.

A frequent mob that can appear when the light level is below seven is the spider. In Minecraft, there are two varieties of spiders. By killing them, players can obtain threads and spider eyes. One of the few critters whose spawners in a Minecraft world are created naturally is the spider. These spider spawners can be found by players in mineshafts. 

In Minecraft, numerous kinds of potions can be made using spider eyes. And you can make many more things out of it. So let’s find out what more you can do with spider eyes in Minecraft through this article.

How Do You Obtain A Spider Eye In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, spider eyes are food. They are edible, but you should never consume them. If eaten, your health will start to decline. They are mainly used to make other things. Now let’s learn how to obtain this spider eye in the game.

You can obtain spider eyes in Minecraft in two ways:

  1. Killing spiders or spider caves.

When killed by a player or domesticated wolf, spiders and cave spiders have a 1/3 chance of dropping a spider eye.

  1. Killing witches

On dying, witches have a chance to drop 0–6 spider eyes. For a maximum of 0–15 spider eyes, this increases by 3 for each level of looting and you can easily get spider eyes in Minecraft.

What Can You Do With Spider Eyes In Minecraft?

A spider eye is a lethal ingredient in food and beverages in the Minecraft world. One of the few creatures whose spawners in a Minecraft world can be created spontaneously is the spider. Late in 2009, Spiders were added to the game Minecraft. It is one of the earliest hostile mobs to be introduced to Minecraft.

Spider Eyes In Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two different kinds of spiders: 

  • Normal Spider
  • Cave Spider

When a spider or cave spider is slain by the player, it occasionally drops one spider’s eye. A clumsy potion made using a spider’s eye yields a strong poison.

Uses Of Spider Eye In Minecraft

In Minecraft, spider eyes are used to produce several kinds of potions. Also, they serve to provide many alternate uses. Here are some of the most common uses for spider eye in Minecraft.

  • Make Useful Potions

In a crafting grid, you can ferment the spider eye with sugar and a brown mushroom. Although the produced fermented spider eye is toxic, it allows you to create more complex potions, such as those that cause weakness, injury, lack of energy, or blindness.

  • Act As A Food Source

You can eat spider eye in Minecraft, but it has adverse side effects. Two hunger points are restored by a spider eye. The only drawback of eating a spider eye is that it causes a four-second toxic effect. So they are only helpful when the player’s health is really low, and they require a little amount to begin restoring. Spider Eyes has a very high saturation rate, so like other meats, they can keep you satisfied for a very long period.

  • A Balanced Diet Food

The “A Balanced Diet” Advancement requires players to consume 40 different varieties of special food in Minecraft. One of them being the spider eye.

  • Helps In Completing Haunting

To finish this development, hunters will eventually need to consume a spider eye.

NOTE: Players can quickly consume a bottle of milk or honey to remove the poisonous effect.

Things To Craft From Spider Eyes In Minecraft

You can make three different things with Spider Eye. A recipe for each item that you may make in the game utilizing spider eye can be found below.

1. Fermented Spider Eye

To make fermented spider eye, you require 

  • Spider Eye
  • Brown Sugar
  • Brown Mushroom

2. Mundane Potion 

  •  Spider Eye
  • Water Bottle

3. Potion Of Poison

  • Spider Eye
  • Awkward Potion

Wrapping Up

This is everything about what you can do with spider eye in Minecraft. In this article, I have covered everything you need to know about spider eyes and how to obtain them. All the uses of spider eye are also listed above. Hope you found this article helpful.

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