What we learned from the Titans’ 40-14 loss to the Packers

What we learned from the Titans’ 40-14 loss to the Packers

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The Packers are every bit of a Super Bowl-caliber team. They have arguably the greatest talent at quarterback the game has ever seen, along with a plethora of weapons around him.

With that said, the Packers don’t need anymore external help in order to win, yet, on Sunday night, the referees were practically handing them extra opportunities and/or free yards.

On a monster play down the sideline, Aaron Jones very clearly stepped out of bounds, which would have negated most of that play. Instead, the referee let Jones scamper to the 10-yard line despite being right in front of the play.

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No one is downplaying how difficult it must be to differentiate the snow from the sideline, but it is their job to know the difference and missing a call like that is absolutely absurd. Granted, Mike Vrabel should have thrown a challenge flag there, but that never should have been necessary.

The Titans also had a phantom offside call which negated a blocked field goal, and later on in the game, a punt seemingly hit a Packers player but got completely ignored.

Make no mistake about it, the Titans didn’t lose solely because of bad officiating; however, things were definitely made more difficult than they had to be.

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