What is TikTok Shadowban | All You Need to Know in 2023

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You were doing fine with your TikTok, and suddenly your reach and likes seemed to decline one morning. You don’t have to sweat on guessing, you might be shadow-banned. You must be wondering what shadow ban is and how you ended up in this situation. Then this article is all you need to know about what TikTok Shadowban is.

If you are a TikToker, you must be familiar with the term ‘Shadow ban.’ It is the reduced engagement in your TikTok account due to TikTok guideline violence normally. If you are a content creator, you must ‘Create’ the content. Copyright issues are one of the frequent reasons to get shdow-banned.

Knowing why you got shadow-banned is more important than knowing what TikTok shadowban is. This article can be your user manual for periodic checking.. Scroll down to know more on ‘What is TikTok Shadowban.’

What Is TikTok Shadowban?

TikTok shadowban happens when TikTok unofficially limits your exposure of the content on the platform. TikTok hasn’t issued any rules and regulations to avoid shadow ban as this practice was never publicly approved by the app. You might be experiencing low reach and engagement in your TikTok. But you should make sure if it is really shadow-banned. Sometimes you might be  losing your organic audience too. In that case understanding TikTok algorithms and creating engaging content can be helpful to get back on track.

We call it ‘Shadow’ ban since we are not aware of this process like a normal ban.

  1. Reduced reach of your content.
  2. Your contents are not showing up in FYP.
  3. Sudden decrease of likes and reach.

What Are The Reasons For Shadowban On TikTok?

As we mentioned earlier, since the shadow ban is not an approved practice by TikTok, we don’t have specific proven reasons to justify it. But from research, we have come to some conclusions.

  1. The main reason for shadowban is violating TikTok guidelines. TikTok does recommend strict policies on posting content. TikTok will highly restrict content with nudity, copyright issues, promoting illegal activities, and hate speech.
  1. Sometimes your content may fall into a gray zone. In the gray zone, the contents are in indecision. They are not appropriate for the platform but not enough reason to reject them. In that case, TikTok will shadow that particular article.
  1. Shadowban is only an unexplained practice of TikTok to maintain their sanity. Normally creators may face other issues like the restriction of accounts, penalties, temporary ban, and finally, permanent ban.

In every approved action of TikTok, the creator gets a notification of the process and the proof. What should you do in the case of TikTok shadowban?

TikTok Shadowban | What To Do?

There are a few techniques you can experiment with to remove your shadowban. Either one of these practices will save your account most of the time.

1. Update the app- Delete and reinstall your app. Sometimes you might not get enough attention due to outdated app choices.

2. Switch to ‘Pro Account’- This will help you to analyze your activity. You might be losing your natural audience.

TikTok pro page'what is TikTok shadowban

3. Create quality content according to the audience- Sometimes, your audience and content may not be on the same page. So know your audience better and create for them.

4. Check your account and find out the origin- You can find out the origin of reduced exposure by analyzing your posts. Delete that post or every recent post that might be the reason for TikTok shadowban. You may repost it later.

5. Repost content after verification- Make sure your content is authentic and not provoking. 

How Long Will A TikTok Shadowban Last?

It was only 24 hours long in the beginning. But since the application is growing, its algorithm is working with more caution. You may experience a shadowban for 2 weeks or 3 weeks. 

Wrapping Up

TikTok is one of the largest video sharing platforms. They consistently make their platform better by providing the most appropriate content.

TikTok algorithms that limit or restrict accounts on posts without giving any warning can be called ‘Shadowban’.

This article is everything you need to know on ‘What is TikTok Shadowban’.Hope you enjoyed the article, and let me know what you think in the comments. Do not forget to share your queries – we can provide more updates on that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to know if I am shadow-banned?

Check your statistics and search your post on FYP.  If you can’t find your posts on FYP or under your usual hashtags, you might be shadow-banned from TikTok.

2. How Long A TikTok Shadowban Last?

Since the TikTok algorithm is frequently updated, you may experience a shadowban from 24 hours to 3 weeks.

3. Can You Permanently Shadow-banned From TikTok?

No. The TikTok shadowban only lasts for a limited time. If you are a repeated account violating TikTok guidelines, you may be rewarded with a permanent ban soon. Consider shadowban as a warning.

4. What Is TikTok Shadowban?

TikTok is unofficially limiting your account visibility to the audience. You may have violated any of the TikTok guidelines, or sometimes your app just needs an update. You have to ensure that you are not mistaken for losing a natural audience as shadowban.

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