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How To Achieve The Longest Wordle Streak | Useful Tips Of Wordle

Over the past few months, Wordle has taken over our game lives and conversations. It’s fun to challenge our vocabulary every day and solve the newest five-letter puzzle with just six tries. I’m sure you’re curious to know who has held the record of the longest wordle streak. So let’s find out the person who has the highest wordle streak and their highest records!

Games like Wordle can be pretty hard. Not to mention I can get impatient and lose my temper if there’s just one try left, and I have no clue what the word is. Who can be that intelligent, patient, and lucky to get wordle answers correct daily? I sure want to know the record for the longest wordle streak and the secret to winning like the record holder.

In Wordle, there is only one solution daily, and everyone worldwide tries to guess that word. Obviously, not everyone has the same old good luck every day, right? So let’s find out the highest wordle streak record and the person lucky enough to hold it!

Who Has The Longest Wordle Streak: Updated 28 November

How To Achieve The Longest Wordle Streak | Useful Tips Of Wordle

Spencer Evans is the one with the longest wordle streak record. I was particularly amazed by Spencer Evans’ feat, who has 83 consecutive victories. 

Evans, a wordsmith by trade, came upon Wordle for the first time earlier this month. He started playing through all of the puzzles again and quickly accumulated win after win after win, cataloging each one on Twitter. He has now caught up to the rest of us everyday gamers, and his streak is still going stronger than you and me.

Spencer Evans Wordle Streak Record

Spencer Evans’s current streak, which is considered the longest wordle streak, as of Wordle 221, is 83 consecutive wins, and his previous wordle streaks were 60 and 67.

Spencer Evans didn’t play the Wordle Game for 83 days in a row. He started playing with Wordle 202 by using a tool that lets players play old wordle puzzles, so he played all 221 riddles so far with 83 consecutive right answers and gained the record of the longest wordle streak. 

New Longest Wordle Streak Record | Updated 28 November 2023

It has been so long- since the Wordle was launched, and it has become a fun little part of so many mornings. But what about the Wordle Streak? Who now holds the record for the Longest Wordle Streak? Let’s take a look-

New Longest Wordle Streak Record

By today, we have seen 876 Wordle Puzzles. And the title for longest Wordle Streak holders goes to Steven Boss, with 658 Consecutive Wordle Wins till 28 November 2023!

Initially, A.R. Paine was number 1 on our list, but it seems like they have got competition. Well, Kudos to you, Chris Fryatt. Following Chris Fryatt, there’s a tough competition between Steven Boss & Roccos.

Steven Boss’s Longest Wordle Streak Record –

  • Current Streak: 666
  • Max Streak: 666
  • Games Played: 666
  • Total Wordle Streak Score: 666/666
  • Games won: 100%
  • Total Wordle Games (Till Date): 876

Top 5 Wordle Steaks-

Here are the top 5 Wordle Streak Holders and their scores-

NameGames PlayedHighest Wordle Streak
Chris Fryatt666666
Pete Bissell592645
Steven Boss658658
A.R. Paine582582

Keep us updated with your current score to get in the club of the highest World streak holders! I will update the article regularly, so keep checking to look for your name!

New Wordle Streak Record | Get Yourself Featured!!!

The information stated in the article is based on the last recorded survey. But we are always looking for the latest current Wordle Streak Record holder. If you are a Wordle player who believes they have outplayed others and currently has the highest Wordle Streak, send us your information with verified proof!

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Wrapping Up

So, that was the longest Wordle streak and the top scores so far. I’m pretty impatient with Wordle, so I’ve got huge respect for Spencer Evans and our streak holders. Till the next time, take care of yourself, and I’ll make sure to come up with yet another interesting trending article for you. Check Path of EX out once for more updates.

Happy Gaming!


1. Who Has The Longest Wordle Streak?

A.R. Paine with 455 Wordle Wins.

2. What’s The Record Of Spencer Evans Wordle Streak?

Spencer Evans as of Wordle 221, has 83 consecutive wins and his previous wordle streaks were 60 and 67.

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    1. Thank you for your Response. This information is based on facts that people have made public. Please send us proper proof and screenshots to verify your suggestion.

    2. I think you may have the record!
      My best streak is 158.
      This must be old news or something. Wordle is in the #400’s now.

    1. Thank you for your response. Do reply with your email and the streak record. We will contact you for further details.

  1. I have a paltry 93 game streak compared to those comments above me, and I do it old school, playing a single game a day. I can screenshot the stats screen if anyone cares. I’ve played for 271 days with a 97% win rate.

  2. I hit 301 today. and this doesnt count the first couple of weeks where i only did it on my desktop not my phone. played 301. won 301.

  3. Played 254 and I’m 100%. Had a streak of 142 but missed a day. I honestly don’t see how people don’t get over 99%. I’ve had 23 6’s but all but maybe 2 were narrowed down to the only possible option being the day’s word.

    The key is to eliminate as many letters with your first 3 guesses, not try to get the word as quickly as possible.

    1. I use the same 3 words to start every single day. The 3 words consist of 15 different letters. Doesn’t matter if my first word has 3 off the day’s letters, I still do the same next two words.

      I usually uncover at least 4, if not all 5, of the letters from those three words. After that I gauge how many possible words are left. If there are more than three I try to make my next guess contain multiple of the 11 (usually 10 because “q”) remaining letters so I can narrow the possible words to two or one. If I’m successful at that I know I’m going to win because I can just guess those two words with my next two guesses.

  4. Hit 300 streak for wordle today and 276 for nerdle.

    Highest streak I’ve seen on twitter was 302 so that’s what I’m aiming for!

  5. My streak hit 303 today with a Win % of 100%. I am also on a mini hot streak – for the last 18 Wordles, I am averaging 3 guesses (four 2s, four 4s and ten 3s).

  6. NYT only, streak at 270. Start with meditative focus & use first word without logic that comes to mind. So different first word each day. Experience as proofreader & editor. Early on balance of choices were figured out logically & weighted towards 4 (100+) or more. Now 3s have surpassed 5s as a more mindful approach is used.

    1. Hi there! I’m Clelia from Italy. Although my streak is not that exceptional I think the result is remarkable since I have not played daily and my native language is Italian. Here the statistics:
      Win %
      Current Streak
      Max Streak
      1- 2
      2- 4

    2. I use your approach Stephen with first word that comes to mind. My winning streak is currently 110 after a blip at 33 streak when I returned to zero. My average guess is between four and five. I think I’m doing well given that I am 82 years old and competing against myself! On the occasions when I get to the final guess I feel a mild panic and have to remind myself it’s only a game!
      Thanks for your entry.
      Regards -Shirley Fox

  7. Streak of 241. Become complacent afterwards and blew it a total of 3 times. Missed 2 days and lost short streaks that way. I usually start with the first word with 2 vowels or more that comes into my head. Will email a copy of the data.

  8. I have a steak of 300 and counting. I dont know how to send screen shot. I’m 75 y/o maybe I could qualify for the senior bracket.

  9. As of 21st December, I am at 327.
    I always start with the same 3 words that all have different letters and all the vowels.

  10. I’m currently on 366 days, 100%

    I have seen one person on twitter who claims they got to offer 380 days before they missed a day

  11. Timothy Birnschein

    I’ve played 388 games and have a 100 win%. Never used a hint; never cheated. I’ve never lost, though I have missed some days, so my longest unbroken win steak was 169 straight days.
    1/6 0
    2/6 13
    3/6 70
    4/6 172
    5/6 101
    6/6 32
    X/6 0

  12. Rocco Sgambetterra

    As at March 2, 2023 (Wordle no. 621), my stats are as follows:

    Games played :404
    Wins: 404
    Win %: 100%

  13. I hit 390 today
    But I’ve been watching a couple of people who post on Twitter who are both in excess of 400

  14. As of 18 March 23 I have 450 games played, 100% won
    1 – 3
    2 – 18
    3 – 113
    4 – 188
    5 – 91
    6 – 38

  15. I hit 400 today and then my streak somehow reset!! I took a screenshot and would love to have my name featured on this article. Now that I know I’m among the top players I’m so much more upset that a glitch lost my streak.

    1. Kent Schmidgall

      Sorry to hear that, but get used to it. My streak has been reset three times, and I’m at 456. Long ago I started tracking my statistics on a spreadsheet, as there is no rhyme or reason as to when a glitch will reset my streak.

  16. I’ve posted once before and will post again once my streak is broken. I really hope Andrea B can somehow get her streak reinstated. That sucks!

    As of Mar 23, 2023 my streak is 418. I will post a screen shot at the bottom.

    Now for some musing on my Wordle journey. When I first started playing I just looked up what the rules were. Simply, how do you play? I wanted no help on strategy or the optimal way to play, etc.. I’ve never had a hint. No cheating. No nothing. That would be pointless and ruin the game. I wanted to figure it out on my own. And I’m still unsure if I’m playing the best way. I’m a nite owl and almost always play as soon as it’s midnite. It’s interesting that the exact moment my TV DVR and my iPad turns to midnite the new game is ready. It’s all perfectly synchronized, to the second!

    Twice I’ve encountered words I’ve never heard of. APHID and GLYPH.

    Twice on my 6th word I was down to 3 words that would fit. And 5-6 more times I was down to 2 words that would fit. If you start doing the math on 33% chance and 33% and 5 or 6 50%’ers I’m fortunate to have my streak in tact.

    Do I think I can get to 500? Sure, I’ve made it this far. Do I think I can get to 1000? I do not. I just think too many things can go wrong. Can someone other than me get to 1000? I don’t know. Maybe.

    SPOILER ALERT: Like myself, if you don’t want any advice whatsoever on how to play, STOP READING. How I play I “think” makes the most sense, but I’m far from sure.

    MY BASIC STRATEGY: When I first started playing I always started with 2 vowels. I’m guessing I did this the first 20-30 times. Maybe even 50. I just don’t remember. But since that time I only use 1 vowel in the first word. And about 90% of the time I put that vowel in the middle. If I don’t get the vowel right in my first word, which is frequently, I always use 2 vowels in my second word. My starter word is whatever comes to mind. In my starter word I never use Q, Y, J, Z, X, or V. And rarely use K. I don’t have a good reason for not using K (that might be a mistake).

    One thing that I’m quite certain of, if I were playing to get the Wordle word correct with as few attempts as possible, I definitely would play a different strategy. But my goal is to keep the streak going.

    I also think it’s important to recognize, as quickly as possible, what I call a “death loop”. Stupid name, but that’s what I call it. It’s when you recognize that there are too darned many words that could possibly be the correct answer. Like 3 lines remaining and 5 possible answers. The sooner you recognize that happening, the better. At this point, SLOW DOWN. Sometimes you can knock out a couple possibilities with 1 guess. But figuring that out too late can be deadly.

    If you’re reading this you enjoy Wordle as much as I do. So keep having fun with it and good luck!

    UGH! Now that I’ve written a novel I can’t figure out how to include my screen shot. Maybe someone can offer advice how to do this. I’m using an iPad and have always just been able to copy and paste, but it won’t let me do that! In the meantime here are my stats……

    418 100%


    1. Do you play the easy or hard version of Worlde? Meaning….if you play the easy version, you can use two totally different words for your first two choices. In the hard version, your 2nd choice has to include a letter/letters that your 1st choice had. In other word, if you type in ‘ounce’…and an ‘n’ is highlighted…you cannot use the world ‘stair’ in your 2nd choice. It has to include the letter ‘n’ in your 2nd word. Makes it harder when you cant just use another word that has none of the letters that your 1st word had.

      Still, I’m up to 130 as of today (I use the hard version of Wordle).

    2. Kent Schmidgall

      Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I like “death loop,” I have always called it a “word trap.” I learned very early on to watch for these, after I narrowly escaped a 50/50 guess on a word ending in IGHT.

      I agree that front-loading vowels is overrated. I start with CRANE every single day. Your strategy of starting with only one vowel on the first guess is intriguing.

      1. Kent, I just think using as many consonants as you can, as early as you can, is important. When you mentioned getting down to a 50/50 situation……I think that 50/50 situation will never be a vowel. So the more consonants gone, the better. If I was racing someone to get a word with as few guesses as possible, I would play differently.

      2. Kent, that’s so funny – “ight” was the same one on which I nearly came a cropper, but learned how to do it properly. I had two goes left, and n, m, and l were all available. I realised this and was worried, but then I saw the solution. “Lemon”. That gave me “light” and I’ve avoided ever having two words available on guess 6 ever since! Funny that the same word helped both of us.

  17. I’ve always played hard mode Wordle. I think playing hard mode is more apt to help your streak than hurt it.

  18. Kent Schmidgall

    My streak is 462 today. But it’s pointless to send in my screenshot because NYT has reset my streak three times. Thankfully, they still show the 100% win rate.

  19. finally hit 100, last streak was 62 so I’m quite chuffed with myself. There’s been 2 punch the air phew moments along the way and 1 in 1, I was eating a sandwich and I thought I’ll start with bread, and one by one the letters went green! My stats look a bit more realistic by the way.

  20. Kent Schmidgall

    Big milestone for me today. Today I hit a streak of 500, 100% win rate since my first game in January 2022.

  21. I’ve never lost, and my streak is 520 wins as of 22 June 2023. I’ve actually won for about 534 games in a row, but NYT froze my stats for a fortnight when they bought the game. Luckily, they didn’t reset me to zero! I can email a screenshot if you’d like me to.

  22. I am on 553 wins and 100% , though the figures show the 392, because I was prompted to register, and the streak reset for some reason.
    NYT have not replied to my query.

  23. Glenn S.
    I am currently on 555 and 100%, though the system reset my figures and my streak is showing 394.

    I can send you a screen photo but not sure how it can be copied to this message. It doesn’t seem to let me paste.

    I can put a url in the website section, but as I have an account with the NYT, I wouldn’t have thought it would allow access
    I can email it to you if that’s easier.

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