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Over the past few months, Wordle has taken over our timelines and family group conversations. It’s entertaining to challenge our vocabulary every day in an attempt to correctly predict the newest five-letter word with six trials. I am curious to know who has held the record of the longest wordle streak. So here I am writing this article. So let’s find out the person who has the highest wordle streak and his records.

I usually swear bad at wordle once I get the wrong answer. Who can be that intelligent, patient and lucky to get all the wordle answers correct daily? I wanna know the record of the longest wordle streak and the secret behind the success streak of that person. The daily wordle game has swept the internet. So much so that The New York Times (NYT) purchased the game from its inventor, Josh Wardle, at the beginning of February for an unknown seven-figure price.

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Josh Wardle, a Welsh software programmer developed the online word game Wordle, which The New York Times Company has now in 2022. In Wordle, there is only one daily solution, and everyone tries to guess the same word. Obviously, not everyone is as intelligent as me, right? Kidding! I suck at wordle and I check out the Wordle answers from Path of EX. Let’s find out the highest wordle streak record details below.

Who Has The Longest Wordle Streak?

How To Achieve The Longest Wordle Streak | Useful Tips Of Wordle

Spencer Evans is the one with the longest wordle streak record. I was particularly amazed by Spencer Evans’ feat, who has 83 consecutive victories. 

Evans, a wordsmith by trade, came upon Wordle for the first time earlier this month. He started playing through all of the puzzles again and quickly accumulated win after win after win, cataloging each one on Twitter. He has now caught up to the rest of us everyday gamers, and his streak is still going stronger than you and me.

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Spencer Evans Wordle Streak Record

How To Achieve The Longest Wordle Streak | Useful Tips Of Wordle

Spencer Evans’s current streak, which is considered as the longest wordle streak, as of Wordle 221, is 83 consecutive wins and his previous wordle streaks were 60 and 67.

Spencer Evans didn’t play the wordle game for 83 days in a row. He started playing with Wordle 202 by using a tool that lets players play old wordle puzzles, so he played all 221 riddles so far with 83 consecutive right answers and gained the record of the longest wordle streak. 

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For your help here’s the

How To Gain The Longest Wordle Streak Record | Evans Secret Tips

How To Achieve The Longest Wordle Streak | Useful Tips Of Wordle

The secret of Spencer Evans is just that he loved words from childhood. He finds the complexities of grammar to be fascinating, enjoys every step of the writing process, and my vocabulary has always come quite effortlessly to me.

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According to Spencer Evans, it’s best to add two vowels first in each of the first two rows, depending on how the guesses will lead and where the letters turn up, and see what works best for you. In the game, the letter “u” is the only one whose deletion rules out two possibilities, making it the most potent and unappreciated letter of Wordle. 

New Wordle Streak Record | Get Yourself Featured!!!

The information stated in the article is based on the last recorded survey. But we are once again looking for the current Wordle Streak Record holder. If you are a Wordle player who believes he/ she has outplayed others and currently has the highest Wordle Streak. Do send us your information with verified proof.

For getting your name featured in the article, do comment with your Email ID and your Wordle Streak. We will get in touch with you for further details.

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Wrapping Up

So, this is the longest wordle streak record of Spencer Evans. I am still in a wow mood. As I said, I am impatient with Wordle. I respect Spencer Evans. Let me know how you feel about Spencer Evans’s highest wordle streak. Till then, take care of yourself, and I’ll make sure to come up with yet another interesting trending article for you. Check Path of EX out once for more updates.

Happy Gaming!


1. Who Has The Longest Wordle Streak?

Spencer Evans

2. What’s The Record Of Spencer Evans Wordle Streak?

Spencer Evans as of Wordle 221, has 83 consecutive wins and his previous wordle streaks were 60 and 67.


  1. I have a paltry 93 game streak compared to those comments above me, and I do it old school, playing a single game a day. I can screenshot the stats screen if anyone cares. I’ve played for 271 days with a 97% win rate.

  2. I hit 301 today. and this doesnt count the first couple of weeks where i only did it on my desktop not my phone. played 301. won 301.

  3. Played 254 and I’m 100%. Had a streak of 142 but missed a day. I honestly don’t see how people don’t get over 99%. I’ve had 23 6’s but all but maybe 2 were narrowed down to the only possible option being the day’s word.

    The key is to eliminate as many letters with your first 3 guesses, not try to get the word as quickly as possible.

    • I use the same 3 words to start every single day. The 3 words consist of 15 different letters. Doesn’t matter if my first word has 3 off the day’s letters, I still do the same next two words.

      I usually uncover at least 4, if not all 5, of the letters from those three words. After that I gauge how many possible words are left. If there are more than three I try to make my next guess contain multiple of the 11 (usually 10 because “q”) remaining letters so I can narrow the possible words to two or one. If I’m successful at that I know I’m going to win because I can just guess those two words with my next two guesses.

  4. Hit 300 streak for wordle today and 276 for nerdle.

    Highest streak I’ve seen on twitter was 302 so that’s what I’m aiming for!

  5. My streak hit 303 today with a Win % of 100%. I am also on a mini hot streak – for the last 18 Wordles, I am averaging 3 guesses (four 2s, four 4s and ten 3s).


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