What is the Heart Icon on Instagram | Know Your 3 Hearts Now!

What is the Heart Icon on Instagram | Know Your 3 Hearts Now!

Instagram is filled with heart icons on their platform. All the social media platforms have icons to depict the platforms’ gestures. Some have stickers; some have emojis and more. Instagram started using the heart icon on its platform for the first time. Then it shifted to the other platforms as well. Do you know what is the heart icon on Instagram right now?

The heart icon is very special to me because it is my one-stop feature on the platform to check all the daily notifications. I have also designed an entire article depicting the heart icon’s meanings on this platform. 

So, go ahead and keep reading and get to know more about this icon on your favorite Instagram. Do let me know how you liked the article through your comments. 

What is the Heart Icon on Instagram?

What is the Heart Icon on Instagram

Instagram is filled with heart icons. Unlike other platforms, you can use an emoji or a thumbs up to show your feelings. Instagram has heart icons to use for more than one different gesture. Instagram invented the symbol, and people loved it. So now, let’s check what the heart icons used on the platform are. 

1. Heart Icon For Commenting

heart icon for commenting on Instagram

When you comment on any photo or video on Instagram, you see a small heart icon to the right of the comment. Others can use the heat icon to like your comment. When you click, it pops up. 

2. Direct Message Heart Icon

DM heart icon on IG

One of Instagram’s most used heart icons is near the direct message. Earlier it appeared when you tapped on any direct message once. Then most of the users complained regarding this feature where they accidentally tapped on the direct message and could not rectify it. 

Hence, after getting many complaints, the platform recently changed this feature. Now you find a sticker icon in place of the heart icon. You can still send a heart on the direct message. But this time, you have to tap twice. 

3. Activity Heart Icon


You would find a heart icon on your Instagram feed. Whenever you launch Instagram, you find the heart icon. It is in the right-hand corner of the page. You will be directed to the activity page when you click on it. When you open the page, you get to see all the activities. 

The number of likes, comments, replies, tags, and followers. When your profile is private, you also see follow requests at the top of your page. So, you can view all the activities by tapping on the heart icon at the top of the home page. 

This is one of the most beloved heart icons on the entire page. The feature is straight forward, open and you get all your activities with just one icon. 

Wrapping Up

You now have clarity on what is the heart icon on Instagram platform and what they are used for. I have explained all the icons and their uses in detail to avoid confusion. I hope it helped. We have more articles on tips and hacks of Instagram on our website. So refer to them now and Keep reading!

Frequently Asked Questions     

What is the Heart Icon on Instagram?

The most important icon on Instagram and the most used one also. It depicts a lot of gestures on the platform and helps the user to show their reactions. 

Is the heart icon available near the direct message?

You will find a sticker near your direct message, but there is a heart icon you can use by tapping twice.

How can I unsend a heart message on Instagram?

There is an option on Instagram for users to unsend heart stickers. You need to long-press the sticker and click on Unsend. The heart icon will disappear from the recipient.

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