What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend | Latest Trend Explained

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The trends on TikTok are ephemeral, they have a shelf life of their own depending upon the virality of the content. The trends on the short-form video platform range from simple dance videos to bizarre challenges to influencers’ doing absurd stuff to remain relevant on the platform. The latest trend that is doing rounds on TikTok is Sam Smith’s Unholy Trend. To know, What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend, keep scrolling!

The trends on TikTok quite often link the latest songs to them, we know about the Rings of Fire trend on TikTok or the latest Nicki Minaj’s FFR trend on the platform.

#TikTok Trend | Dj tiktok terbaru 2...
#TikTok Trend | Dj tiktok terbaru 2021

What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend?

What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend

The viral Unholy trend on TikTok is blowing up. It all started after singer Sam Smith and Kim Petras shared glimpses of the song on the platform.

Smith posted a video of him and Petras singing in the studio of the song which goes like, “How you don’t know how to keep your business clean. Mommy doesn’t know Daddy’s getting hot at the body shop doing something unholy.”

After the video was posted it went viral and amassed over 17 million views and many users recreated their rendition of the same audio. So far, there are more than 140,000 videos that have used identical sound.

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Viral Unholy TikTok Trend Explained

What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend

Since many TikTok users used the sound that was in the original audio shared by Sam Smith. The most common and viral version of the trend is the dance choreographed to the duo singer Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ upcoming song ‘Unholy.’

While dance to the song is the viral version of the song, many TikTokers have used acting to the same song and taken a different route for the trend.

TikTok users who have participated in the trend have used the hashtag Unholy in their videos and the hashtag has over 300 million views on the platform.

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Internet Reacts to Sam Smith’s New Song Unholy


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Wrapping Up

TikTok trends are known for their virality. The trends on TikTok soon find their way to other social media platforms as well. To know about the latest, What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend, read the entire article and do share it with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sam Smith’s Viral Unholy TikTok Trend?

After the video Sam Smith posted went viral, many users recreated their rendition of the same audio.

When will Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ Unholy song be released?

Sam Smith has confirmed that the new anticipated racy song will be released on September 15.

Is the Unholy trend a dancing or acting trend on TikTok?

Depending upon the choice, TikTok users have created dancing and acting videos of the same song. However, the dancing videos are much more viral than the acting ones.


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