What is Grimace’s Birthday Playlist on Spotify | Viral Playlist by McDonald’s!

What is Grimace's Birthday Playlist on Spotify

Spotify as an audio-streaming giant has seen immense success, especially in the past few years. Social media platforms recently hvae incorporated Spotify in their new updates like BeReal letting a user add music to their BeReal posts with Spotify. But now, fast food chain Mcdonald’s is stepping in and is celebrating the birthday of its popular character Grimace with the birthday playlist on Spotify. If you are someone who wants to know about Grimace’s Birthday Playlist on Spotify, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you, what is Grimace’s birthday playlist on Spotify and what songs are included in the playlist.

In the month of June, social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram were abuzz with memes and videos about Grimace. Grimace is a popular and beloved character of McDonald’s and celebrated his 52nd birthday this year. And to mark the occasion McDonald’s introduced a celebratory meal deal completed with a purple shake. And with Grimace’s Birthday Playlist on Spotify, netizens are quite amazed by it and are sharing their favorite songs from the list.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about, what is Grimace’s birthday playlist on Spotify.

What is Grimace’s Birthday Playlist on Spotify?

What is Grimace's Birthday Playlist on Spotify

In order to mark the 52nd birthday of McDonald’s beloved character, the fast-food chain introduced Grimace’s Birthday Meal which included the iconic purple shakes. But apart from the promo highlighting Grimace’s Birthday Meal, McDonald’s has also introduced a birthday party playlist on Spotify and users are quite excited about the same.

The description in the promo reads, in Grimace’s signature internet-influenced speak, “It’s my bday so pass the aux cord and dance w/ me pls.”

It is to be noted that the month of June is Grimace’s birthday month and the playlist was curated on May 18.

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Songs on Grimace’s Birthday Spotify Playlist

Grimace’s birthday playlist on Spotify has gone viral and with netizens enjoying it, it can be declared quite a hit. As of now, Grimace’s Birthday Playlist includes 591 songs and lasts for over 24 hours.

Ever since, the playlist was curated on May 18th, new songs are being added to the list each day. And the most recent additions to the playlists arrived just days ago before the month of June was over.

In the below-mentioned list, I have listed some of the songs in Grimace’s playlist.

  1. The playlist begins with Marilyn Monroe‘s rendition of Happy Birthday, dedicated to President JFK.
  2. Then you will listen to Kelis’ hit track Milkshake.
  3. You can find tons of birthday classics in the playlist. The birthday songs are by Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, and 50 Cent.
  4. Party hits like Outkast’s Hey Ya, Miley Cyrus‘s Party In The USA, Pharrell’s Happy, and the Cha Cha Slide are in the playlist.
  5. The viral TikTok hits are also in the playlist, including Cupid, As It Was, Boy’s A Liar Pt 2, and Fall In Love Alone.
  6. Apart from all this, the playlist is also loaded with a healthy dose of musical hits from the likes of Frozen and Hamilton.

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What Other Spotify Playlists Has McDonald’s Made?

What is Grimace's Birthday Playlist on Spotify

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has made a dedicated playlist for its users. Earlier also, the fast food giant made several public playlists available for customers to tune into.

The most common mixes made by McDonald’s include playlists for different branches around the world. McDonald’s has a dedicated playlist for Spain’s Mix, Canada’s Mix, and Australia’s Mix.

McDonald’s playlist also includes a “Wake Up!” playlist and a “Late Night” one. The playlists give a general notion that McDonald’s is nearly open all hours. You can easily check out what McDonald’s has on offer musically by heading to Spotify and then checking their Spotify profile.

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Wrapping Up

Spotify is known for its personalization features. Making and sharing playlists on Spotify is a basic thing. And now a trend of celebrating Grimace’s (a popular McDonald’s character) 52nd birthday with a Spotify playlist has gone viral. To know, what is Grimace’s birthday playlist on Spotify, read the entire article and do share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Grimace’s Birthday Playlist on Spotify?

In order to celebrate Grimace’s 52nd Birthday, McDonald’s has introduced a birthday party playlist on Spotify and users are quite excited about the same.

2. Who is Grimace?

Grimace is a character featured in McDonald’s commercials and was introduced in 1972.

3. What is the Grimace shake flavor?

The Grimace Shake is a berry-flavored milkshake sold at McDonald’s restaurants in the United States during June 2023. It was released as part of the Grimace Birthday Meal promotion which celebrated the character Grimace’s 52nd birthday.

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