What is Dual Frequency GPS in iOS 16 & How It Works Explained

What is Dual Frequency GPS in iOS 16

Apple has introduced dual frequency GPS bands for the first time. But what is dual frequency GPS in iOS 16? Let me tell you how these GPS frequency bands will help your devices. The dual frequency bands have been added to iPhone 14 Pro lineup along with the Apple Watch Ultra.

The latest iOS 16 update has fixed some major bugs in iPhone 14 Pro lineup. The new update has resolved the iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking. But even if the bugs are fixed in your iPhone 14 Pro, repairing it isn’t that simple. From what we know, iPhone 14 Pro repair isn’t as easy as expected. Comparatively, iPhone 14 repair is easier and more accessible.

So, how will dual frequency work in iOS 16? Here is all you need to know about what is dual frequency GPS in iOS 16.

What is Dual Frequency GPS in iOS 16?

What is Dual Frequency GPS in iOS 16

Dual Frequency GPS in iOS 16 is added for more precise and accurate positioning. This will be the first time Apple uses dual frequency GPS in any device. Right now, dual frequency is added to iPhone 14 Pro lineup and Apple Watch Ultra. iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch SE do not have dual frequency GPS support.

Apple has explained these are the devices that have dual frequency GPS as these are aimed at a selected consumer base. These devices are aimed at consumers who venture out into places with less connectivity. Or where there can be a disturbance in signal reception in cities with too many skyscrapers.

Dual Frequency GPS uses a stronger and more accurate L5 frequency band. This is in addition to the L1 frequency band. Having a dual frequency band for GPS eliminates the chances of receiving reflected signals. L5 GPS frequency band will catch the signal directly. This will be essential where there is less connectivity, making it easier to locate a person or place.

How Does Dual Frequency GPS Work in iOS 16?

As of now, Apple has introduced GPS frequency bands only in Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro lineup. These products are aimed at people who go out into places with little or no connectivity. Another reason is to make controlling drones more accurate. As the Apple ecosystem is becoming more accommodating of third-party devices and apps, this will be important. We already know that you can pair your Nintendo to your iOS 16.

The Apple Watch Ultra and the iPhone Pro lineup will be mainly used by people who need really strong connectivity while traveling for these products. We do know that iPhone 14 Pro line does have satellite connectivity. Having a dual frequency GPS will be helpful in cases of emergency as well.

iPhone Pro lineup was facing issues with the GPS right after the launch. This was because of the dual frequency GPS. Let me tell you if Apple has fixed the dual-frequency GPS for iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple Fixes Dual Frequency GPS for iPhone 14 Pro in iOS 16.1 Beta 2

With the recent update for iPhone 14 Pro GPS has been fixed. This new update is rolled out on the iOS 16.1 Beta 2 for now. You can install iOS 16 beta 2 instead of downgrading to iOS 16.1. iPhone 14 Pro camera has been shaking violently when using third-party apps as well. This bug has also been fixed with the new update that was released recently.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what is dual frequency GPS in iOS 16. This will work brilliantly for high-end devices like the iPhone 14 Pro lineup and Apple Watch Ultra. With the new iOS 16, the bug of GPS for the iPhone 14 Pro has been fixed as well. We will keep coming up with all the latest updates in technology. To know more keep checking in with Path of EX!

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