What Is a Personal Brand and How It Helps in Your Career

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Why do you need a personal brand? How does it benefit? Which, for example, will force people to go play live roulette in Canada, and not to some other place. The hallmark of a strong personal brand is when it is recommended by more than just customers.

Personal Brand 

A recognizable and discussed image in the circle of potential customers, which has two main characteristics: reach and reputation. The coverage does not have to be great – enough to be known in the professional community and among the target audience. But the reputation must be good – without this, large coverage will only be harmful.

A personal brand is built from skills, personality, style, company affiliation and communicated ideas. That is, all that with which a person-brand is associated with others. “Richard Branson”, “Steve Jobs”, “Mark Zuckerberg” immediately give rise to images and a number of associations in the head: Zuckerberg – Facebook, a young genius; Steve Jobs – Apple, black turtleneck, bad temper; Branson – Virgin, Courage, Innovation.

Why Do You Need a Personal Brand

People listen to the experts and strive to work with the best. Designs by Art. Lebedev Studio are in demand and have a high price tag, not because they are objectively the best on the market.

Personal brand:

  • Attracts the “right” customers.
  • Facilitates the search for an HR manager or recruiter. (If a person is known on the Internet, it is easy to find him by recommendations and even just on Google. A resume in this case may not be needed.)
  • Closes questions and objections from a potential client. When values, skills and personal qualities are in sight, decisions can be made right away.
  • Helps to build connections. Media personalities, specialists, agents, recruiters, advertisers are often friends with each other. A person with a strong personal brand expands professional influence and makes their life more interesting.
  • Attracts partners and investors. It is easier for a person-brand to find like-minded people who are ready to invest time and money in new projects.

How to Start Building Your Personal Brand

Set goals and clearly understand what image you want to form in others.

Ask questions:

  • What do I want to achieve with a personal brand?
  • What tasks can I solve with it?
  • What should people represent when they hear my name?
  • What associations should it evoke?
  • What issues should I be an expert in the eyes of others?

This is the foundation of the brand. Then you can start building your audience and building your reputation. The most popular ways to improve your image and increase your reach are:

  • create accounts in social networks where the target audience sits, and regularly publish something useful;
  • be active outside your account: comment on other people’s posts, participate in video broadcasts of other bloggers;
  • create a website with a portfolio and useful content;
  • write articles for trade magazines, publish guides and books;
  • order advertising from opinion leaders.

And remember that a personal brand is a business commitment, not a hobby. This is another job that requires a lot of time and often money. The new “job” will compete with the main business and leisure, dictate its own rules regarding activities, statements and even wardrobe.


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