What Are CD Keys: Are They Legit, When & How to Use Them?

what is a CD key

CD keys might sound like an old concept, but they’re still used to verify purchases today. But if you’re just hearing of CD keys & have no idea what they are or if they’re even legit, I’ve got you covered. Find out if you can get banned for using CD keys.

When it comes to gaming, who can refuse a discount where possible? And I’m sure you’ve heard from a friend or two that you can get games at up to 80% off with CD keys. But is this deal too good to be true?

Let’s take a look at what CD keys are, how they work, whether you need one, and if they’re legit. Also, find out if you can get banned for using a CD key bought from CD Key websites online.

What is a CD Key?

A CD key is a unique alphanumeric code that you get when you purchase a game’s physical CD or in your email when you buy the game online. The CD key verifies that you’ve purchased the game and actives it so you can start playing.

You can get CD keys from Steam or from other CD key websites like G2A.

Do You Need a CD Key?

In most cases, you need a CD key to access a game and prove that you actually own the copy of the game you have (so that it’s not pirated.) So, if you bought a CD, you can’t just pass it on to a friend because they would need another unique CD key to play the game.

Are CD Keys Legit or Fake | Can You Get Banned for Using CDKeys

Are CD keys legit or fake?

Although you originally got a CD Key when you purchased a CD copy of a game CD, you can nowadays purchase CD keys for games online from sites like CDKeys.com. You can even get free CD keys for Mortal Kombat 1 and Free Diablo 2 CD Keys.

But are these CD Key websites legit? Are CD keys legit or fake? Let’s find out.

Are CD keys Legit or Fake?

Although they do work in most cases, the legality of CD keys purchased online is still a gray area. Some trusted websites like CDKeys and G2A promise it’s legal; they’re not actually allowed to resell keys.

That said, as long as you’re using trusted sources, you probably won’t have a problem because most people rely on these keys to get games at a discount.

Will Using a CD Key Get You Banned?

It’s okay to be worried about getting banned from your game or on Steam for using a CD key you bought at a discount. Using CD keys will not get you banned as long as you’re purchasing them.

Wrapping Up

Using CD keys, you can find the deal of a lifetime, so it’s only natural to wonder if it’s even legit. But as long as you’re using a trusted and reputable source, you won’t get banned. Comment to let me know if you have any more doubts about CD keys, and I’ll answer back.

Happy Gaming!

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