What Happened To Dress To Impress in Roblox?

Dress To Impress Roblox

If you love everything Fashion, Roblox’s Dress To Impress must have been on your gaming playlist. It’s a hit amongst all the gaming enthusiasts who are fashionistas in real life. In Dress To Impress, you can show off your fashion creativity by playing around with outfits and accessories. For people who adore fashion, Roblox Dress To Impress is the perfect platform to unleash their creative side.

Of late, Players are not able to see the game in Roblox. This news has come as a disappointment for all the Dress To Impress fans, and people are curious to know what happened to their favorite Roblox game.

If you are also wondering What Happened to Dress To Impress, you might get an answer in this article. We are going to discuss the reasons behind this fashion game’s non-availability on Roblox’s platform.

Dress To Impress In Roblox: What Happened to it?

Roblox’s Dress To Impress is a delightful game for all fashion victims across the World. You can show your fun and creative side by showcasing your dressing sense in the game. Lately, this game’s absence from the Roblox platform has left many players scratching their heads.

There is a plethora of options available in the outfits and accessories section, and users can play dress up on their models using them. You get to choose your model’s hairstyle and skin tone, fabrics for her outfits, and even her nail art. Players have to participate in themed contests and walk the ramp to showcase their fashionable looks. If you perform well, you can earn stars to get promoted to the title of a “Top Model” from a “New Model”. Also, you can make new friends on this stylish journey of yours.

Lately, this game’s absence from the Roblox platform has left many players worried.

Let’s find out about the actual reason behind this.

Why Did Roblox Take Down Dress To Impress?

There is not one, but three reasons behind why Roblox decided to take down the Dress To Impress game. Let us talk briefly about all the possible reasons behind this:

  1. New Item Updates

The game is going through some much-needed updates for the Pre-Winter Update. It is the PT3 update, and it is going to rejoice the players with exciting new elements like new clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup for their models.

All the items that are going to be available after the Pre-Winter update are:

  • 2 New Skirts, one VIP and one free.
  • New VIP fur boots.
  • New Free Oversized Runners.
  • New Rich Girl bag for 149 Robux.
  • New Makeup & Fabric.
  1. VIP Features

Players will have access to some VIP features after this major update in Dress To Impress.

These VIP features in Dress to Impress will comprise of:

  • VIP Monthly Option
  • VIP & Pro Exclusive Servers
  1. Bug Fixes 

This update comes up with bug and glitch fixes, which will ensure the smooth performance of the game.

Notably, the game is in early access, and its beta version is being developed further.

Wrapping Up

Roblox Dress To Impress fans are not going to stay waiting for long as the game is set to come back soon with a new revamped interface and additional features that will add to the entertainment of all the Dress To Impress players. Stay curious about the new update and once it comes back, let us know about your experience.

Happy Gaming!

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