What GRE Score is Good For Admission

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Suvarcha Pawar
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If you are someone who has completed the under graduation degree and dreams about going to a graduate school with a high reputation in academics and otherwise, you might need to assess your higher level skills to prove your knowledge. 

There are various examinations for that and one amongst those is the Graduate Record Examination or GRE. It is basically one of the largest assessment programmes for admission to graduate courses worldwide. The higher you score, the more chances you have to nail the top notch colleges in the world.

GRE or the Graduation Record Examination is an examination which is being continued since 1936 by Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Educational Testing Service (ETS) is the sole agency who owns and administers this examination. 

What is the focus of GRE? 

Graduate Record Examination or GRE is taken to assess the higher level skills which are acquired by the students throughout their learning journey, especially their ability to think critically and analyse the things with a rational mind.

 It mainly focuses to enhance the thinking capacities of the students as the syllabus set for the same is truly based on a student’s analytical skills.  

What are the various aspects examined under GRE?

As mentioned earlier, GRE is all about testing your higher level skills. The three main aspects assessed by the GRE exam are:- 

  1. Quantitative Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Analytical Writing

Each area is designed to study the skills exhibited by the students. 

What is the cut-off score for GRE?

While appearing in a GRE exam, your aim should be set so high that there should be nothing less than scoring full marks in your mind. 

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The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning section comprises of 340 marks, each being of 170 marks. The Analytical section accommodates 6 marks in total. You need to score minimum of 260 marks, but that that won’t necessarily fetch you the college of your dreams.

 You really need to work hard if you wish to get through the top notch colleges of the world.  The more you score, the more number of colleges open their doors for you. It is all about scoring the highest score possible.

Age limit for GRE

Luckily, this exam provides you flexibility and feasibility to some extent as there is no age limit prescribed to it. All you need is to have completed your under graduate programme.

What's a good GRE score
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How many times can you appear in GRE?

Graduation Record Examination gives you five chances a year to improve your score each time you sit for it, which means you can give your GRE exam five times in a year.

 You can appear for GRE exam in your own preferred centre and date. All you need is to make an appointment with the nearest centre and request them about your preferred slot. You should also keep this in mind that you can only take the GRE once every 21 days, not exceeding the limit prescribed per year.

How long does it take to get GRE scores?

Soon after you complete your examination, you will be provided with the tentative or say unofficial scores for verbal and quantitative reasoning.

 The scores would be displayed instantly after completing the exam on your computer screen. This assesses your position quickly as the final results may or may not vary from the tentative result.

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 Even if it varies, it would vary with mild disparities. This is an efficient way of evaluation as it tells you beforehand if you are sinking or sailing.

 You can always work hard and try to achieve the best possible scores you can with each passing exam and submit your highest final score to the colleges you have applied.

However, your official scores take maximum of 15 days to come after you take GRE. Your official score would include the total number of marks you have attained in each section. This also means that the score for analytical reasoning would be known to you for the first time.

 You will also be provided with the percentile you scored for each score on your score report, which will eventually make it easier for you to compare yourself with the fellow students taking this exam and work hard if needed.

How to crack GRE?

Cracking GRE in order to get prestigious colleges of the world is not as simple as you might think. As the competition is arising each year, so are the expectations of the top colleges. Every institution tends to take students who are not just good academically but are also prepared for all walks of life. You need to set your standards high, aiming at getting the full scores.

Only then it would be possible for you to crack the college of your choice. GRE is all about smart studying, working on your problem areas which might need your special attention. Like any other examination, hard work and dedication is the key here. You need to devote all your time and attention to this exam as this is an investment you might not regret for, once you start yielding the fruits of your hard work.

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