What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone? Does It Mean Do Not Disturb?

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone? Does It Mean Do Not Disturb?

No doubt, iPhones have made our lives enriched with technology and connectivity. Our day starts with notifications, e-mails, messages, and what’s trending on social media and culminates with the same. However, sometimes, I feel to put everything on pause and unwind to rejuvenate for the coming day. Thankfully, iPhone has this moon icon. Do you know what does the Moon mean on iPhone?

Our lives are connected to gadgets; iWatch, iPhone, Android, laptop, and so on. On every OS icons have a different meaning. Like, on Windows, the Sun signifies a sunny day, clouds- a rainy day, and so on. Similarly, the moon can denote the nighttime. Likewise, on our navigation systems or GPS as well, icons have a different meaning altogether.

Coming back to the iPhones, what does the moon mean on iPhone? So, let us see, like other devices, whether the moon icon indicates the nighttime or if it has a similar meaning with a twist?

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone?

1. The Moon on iPhone is signified by a half-moon icon, a crescent. It means the iPhone user wants to use the Do Not Disturb mode.

2. If you locate the focus mode in the settings option of your iPhone, you can turn off notifications, block calls, text, etc.

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone? Does It Mean Do Not Disturb?

3. Focus Mode shall enable you to customize your settings. It means the user can choose when to receive notifications, alerts, messages, and calls; thereby enabling your contacts or other people aware that you are busy and won’t entertain calls and messages.

4. So, the half moon indicates the Focus feature on iPhone. It is a feature that silences all the notifications. This feature can be disabled as and when required by the user.

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone? Does It Mean Do Not Disturb?

5. Focus, signifying half moon is Do not Disturb in a new version.

6. So, if you see a crescent moon next to your text message, it means that the notifications for that conversation are muted. Also, this means that the user will not receive messages or alerts from the particular contact if there is a crescent moon sign in front of their name.

7. Remember that a crescent or a moon sign does not mean that you will stop getting notifications; they just won’t make any noise or distract you from your work or family time.

8. This means that you can read or see the text or iMessage from a particular contact when you have the time to access it. So, this feature is useful when you neither want to receive messages nor block contact from receiving a message.

9. So, as you now know what does the Moon mean on iPhone, you must also know that the icon has two colors; blue and grey.

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone? Does It Mean Do Not Disturb?

10. The blue icon means that your message has not been read or opened up by the other person. So, it is for the person on the other side of the conversation. The grey icon means that the iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode. It also means that you have muted the conversation from a particular contact rather than blocking it.

How to Hide Half Moon on iPhone?

So, if you have accidentally turned on the Focus feature on your iPhone, and see a moon icon, here is a way to get rid of it.

1. Go to the control center.

2. Tap on the Half Moon icon.

3. Turn off the Do Not Disturb mode.

What Does The Moon Mean on iPhone? Does It Mean Do Not Disturb?

4. This will remove the Moon sign.

Wrapping Up

So, it is clear that icons are of great help to us. They are the most efficient way to communicate. On iPhone, there are so many icons that signify one thing or the other. Similar is the case with the Moon icon. Now, as you know, what does the Moon icon on iPhone mean? You can simply turn the Do Not Disturb mode on or off as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Moon mean on iPhone?

It means that the phone is on do not disturb mode.

Is there any difference between blue moon and grey moon?

Yes, blue moon means that the message has not been read, while the grey moon means that the phone is on Do not disturb mode.

Can I get rid of the Moon icon on iPhone?

Yes, you can turn off the Do Not Disturb mode under the Feature accessibility of your iPhone.

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