What Does Select Mean on Tinder: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

What Does Select Mean on Tinder

Have you ever encountered unfamiliar social media features on Tinder, leaving you scratching your head and wondering what does Select mean on Tinder? You are not alone! Let us solve this mystery together!

From Golden Hearts to the rare Golden Diamond Icons, these terms can feel like a foreign language, especially if you are new to the app. But worry not, fellow explorer! It is totally normal to find these features a tad confusing.

Whether you are curious about the exclusive “Select” membership or want to understand how Tinder Select works, I am here to help! So, get ready to learn what does Select mean on Tinder and how to join it.

What Does Select Mean on Tinder?

What Does Select Mean on Tinder

Tinder Select (stylized as SELECT) is a premium membership unlocking exclusive features and access to the app’s “most sought-after profiles”. The Tinder SELECT subscription is priced at $499 per month. This exclusive membership is available by invitation only, and you can apply for it once your account successfully passes the Tinder 5-Point Select Screen.

Here is what you get with Tinder SELECT:

  • Initiate chats with up to 2 people per week, without even matching.
  • Remain visible and clear among the profiles you have liked in the “Likes You” grid even if they do not have premium subscriptions. Your profile will also stay at the forefront of their Likes You grid for 7 days.
  • Show off your membership with a unique SELECT badge (optional).
  • See and be seen by highly desirable profiles for potentially better connections.
  • Limited membership ensures exclusivity.
  • Be the first to try new features.
  • Hide ads, see your sent likes, and stack with regular subscriptions for more benefits.

That covers the explanation of what does Select mean on Tinder. Now, let us explore the joining process and understand its eligibility criteria.

What Are The Requirements of Tinder SELECT?

What Does Select Mean on Tinder

Now that you know what does SELECT mean on Tinder, let us see how to unlock it. To apply for the Tinder SELECT plan, your profile needs to meet Tinder’s “5-Point Select Screen” standards:

  • 5 Interests: Showcase at least 5 hobbies and passions.
  • 4 Pictures: Capture your personality and essence visually. Upload at least 4 images to your Tinder profile.
  • Bio (15+ characters): Ensure that your Tinder bio is a minimum of 15 letters long.
  • Relationship Goal: Specify what you seek (e.g., casual dating, serious relationship).
  • Photo Verified: Confirm your identity for added trust.

If your profile is not quite there yet, you can still apply for Tinder SELECT and update it during the process.

How to Join Select on Tinder?

What Does Select Mean on Tinder

To become a part of Tinder SELECT, you need to apply for it on the SELECT page after meeting the requirements. Here is a guide on how to join Tinder SELECT:

Step 01: Apply for the Membership

Visit Tinder SELECT on your phone’s or computer’s web browser and submit your application.

Step 02: Profile Review and Approval

Tinder reviews your profile for quality and engagement. If approved, you will receive an in-app message and email with an unlock code.

Step 03: Activate SELECT

To finalize the process, follow these steps on the Tinder app:

  • Launch the Tinder app.
  • Click on the profile icon and navigate to Settings.
  • Scroll down to find SELECT and choose Enter unlock code.
  • Input the unlock code provided to you by Tinder through email.
  • Proceed by tapping Continue.
  • Follow the instructions to finalize your payment and activate your Tinder SELECT membership.

Kindly remember that SELECT membership is limited and not available to all users. You can stack SELECT with other Tinder subscriptions for even more features.

Wrapping Up

Alright, that is everything you need to know about what does Select mean on Tinder in 2024! Hopefully, this article helped you decide if it is the right VIP pass for your dating adventures. It is a premium feature with a price tag of $499, that comes with a specific set of requirements for eligibility.

Looking for more Tinder intel? Stay tuned to Path of EX for regular articles and tips! Our team of love gurus is always here to help you navigate the wild world of online dating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does Select Mean on Tinder?

Tinder Select is basically a VIP membership that unlocks exclusive features like skipping the line to potential matches and messaging them before they swipe right. Think of it as a fast lane to the hottest profiles on Tinder!

2. How Much Does Tinder Select Cost?

Usually, it is $499 monthly. However, the cost varies depending on location. Tinder Select has a pretty hefty price tag compared to other Tinder subscriptions. Be prepared to shell out some serious dough for this exclusive access.

3. Is Tinder SELECT Worth It?

That depends! If you are super serious about finding your perfect match and willing to pay for an edge, it might be worth a shot. But if you are on a budget or just starting out, the regular Tinder experience might be enough.

4. How Do I Apply for Tinder Select?

You can apply through the Tinder website or app, but there is a catch: your profile needs to meet certain standards (good pics, bio, etc.), and not everyone gets accepted.

5. What Are the Tinder Select Requirements?

Think of it like applying for a fancy club: they want to see a well-rounded profile with diverse photos (at least 4 of them), a decent bio (minimum 15 characters long), 5 interests/hobbies, and a clear relationship goal.

6. Can I Still Use Tinder if I Do not Get Select?

Absolutely! Tinder Select is just an optional upgrade, not a replacement for the regular app. You can still swipe, match, and chat with people the usual way.

7. Does Tinder Select Guarantee Matches?

Nope, even VIPs do not get magic love potions! Tinder Select increases your visibility and gives you some cool features, but the rest is up to your charm and personality.

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