What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

If you have forgotten your passcode or wrongly attempted it many times, you must be getting a Security Lockout warning. This issue is faced by many, and new iPhone users might be afraid of the situation. To get out of it, let’s understand what does Security Lockout mean on iPhone.

Be it any device, it is a human tendency to forget passcodes. Users make various attempts to enter the correct passcodes. However, with iPhone, things are different. iPhones ensure that there is no security breach. The device does not know who is entering the password; it only ensures the correct password.

So, for your safety, if various attempts are made, the iPhone gets locked, and the user has to bypass numerous security challenges to unlock the phone. However, you must know what security lockout mean on iPhone.

What Does Security Lockout Mean on iPhone?

What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

Security Lockout on iPhone or iPhone unavailable means that the user has made multiple attempts and entered a wrong passcode. Since the user has entered the wrong passcode, the device will be locked.

When wrong password attempts are made, Apple believes that the passcode has been wrongly typed by someone other than its owner. Hence, the iPhone gets locked.

What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

Remember if the passcode has been wrongly entered for the 5th time, the iPhone will display “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 1 minute“.

If wrong passcode attempts are made on iOS versions 15.2 or above, and you experience a security lockout, it means unlimited attempts have been made, and the only solution is to reset the iPhone to factory settings.

Fortunately, in iOS 15.2, a new Security Lockout feature is launched. This feature allows the user to unlock the phone without using a computer.

How to Fix the Security Lockout Issue?

The steps mentioned below will work for you; provided you remember the Apple password. Also ensure that it will work for iOS 15.2 or later iPhone versions.

1. At the bottom of the locked screen, touch on Erase.

2. Tap twice to confirm your action.

3. The device will prompt. Intimate you to enter Apple ID password.

4. Now, tap Erase iPhone to delete content permanently.

What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

5. Do not worry, once deleted, content can be restored with various backup methods like iCloud or iTunes.

Can The Security Lockout Situation be Prevented?

1. Although the latest iOS versions have made it easy to fix things on the iPhone rather than surpassing the long procedures of opening the computer and then unlocking and recovering the content, it is far better to prevent such situations.

2. It is suggested to keep easy yet unique passcodes, especially if you have multiple devices and their associated passcodes.

3. You can also write the passcode and save it in a secure place, provided you remember that safe place at the time you forget your iPhone passcode.

What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

4. Choose other alternatives like Face ID also as a passcode to prevent landing into trouble.

5. Ensure that the iPhone stays with you, rather than lying here or there. Besides technical security, it is suggested to keep your gadgets or devices in a safe place, away from pets and kids.

What Does Security Lockout Mean on iPhone- Here’s How to Solve it!

iPhone Security Lockout? 4 Ways to Unlock It! (If Forgot Passcode)

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what does security lockout mean on iPhone? As simple as that, repeated passcode entry attempts have failed, and the iPhone is locked now.

With the older versions, the only options were to fix the issue with workarounds or alternatives like Find my Phone, or the Siri Bug, if you want to open without using a computer.

Fortunately, with the new Security Lockout feature introduced in the iOS 15.2 and above versions, there is no need for a computer. You only need to back up the content at regular intervals and remember your Apple ID and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Security Lockout mean on iPhone?

It means the phone has been locked due to wrong passcode attempts.

Can the Security Lockout issue be fixed without computer?

Yes, with the new Security Lockout feature, the locked iPhone can be opened.

On which iOS is this feature available?

Security lockout feature is available on iOS 15.2 and above versions.

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