What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft | How To Use Piercing Effectively

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In Minecraft, piercing is a crossbow enchantment. Since it can only be used on crossbows, it is one of the least prevalent enchantments in the game. Now let’s learn what does piercing do in Minecraft. 

Players have multiple benefits from this enchantment. Depending on the amount of enchantment, the piercing enchantment makes it possible for a crossbow to fire arrows that can penetrate through up to five enemies at once. The piercing enchantment in Minecraft has four levels, and each one increases the damage and the number of enemies it can pierce. 

Additionally, piercing prevents arrows from dissipating after passing through enemies, thereby providing the player with an endless supply of arrows light which they can pick up afterwards. Now let’s move on and learn more about what does piercing do in Minecraft.

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft?

Piercing is a crossbow enchantment that causes arrows to pierce across entities in Minecraft. You can enchant any crossbow with the Piercing enchantment employing an enchanting table, anvil, or game command. Pierced arrows can move through multiple mobs at the same time, slashing across anything at all from flesh to shield. The piercing enchantment has four levels in total, with each level letting players start firing arrows through one more opponent as the enchantment’s level rises.

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft | How To Use Piercing Effectively

Players can shoot five opponents at a time and gain back the arrow if they can locate where it ended up landing. The Piercing enchantment impacts all types of arrows, so choose your favourite and go crazy. Arrows which end up in anything else will not be reclaimable, so keep a slow decline in mind for arrow restoration. Also, this same Piercing enchantment will not affect Firework Rockets launched out of a Crossbow.

NOTE: You can apply various enchantments to a Crossbow, but you cannot merge them. The Piercing enchantment and the Multishot enchantment are completely at odds.

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Platforms That Support Piercing In Minecraft

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft | How To Use Piercing Effectively

Piercing is one of the most amazing crossbow enchantments and can be used at many places while playing. So scroll down and check out which version of Minecraft supports piercing and enjoy using it while playing.

The Piercing enchantment is accessible in the following Minecraft versions:

Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes-1.14
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes1.10.0
Xbox 360No
Xbox OneYes1.10.0
Wii UNo
Nintendo SwitchYes1.10.0
Windows 10 EditionYes1.10.0
Education EditionYes1.12.0

Kudos, you have now learned everything there is to know about the Piercing enchantment in Minecraft. Now let’s move on and learn about the different uses of piercing enchantment in Minecraft.

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What Are The Uses Of Piercing Enchantment In Minecraft?

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft | How To Use Piercing Effectively

One of the best crossbow enchantments is piercing in Minecraft. It deals a tonne of damage and gives the gamer a huge tactical advantage. But what is the penetrating enchantment good for? The top 5 uses for the piercing crossbow enchantment in Minecraft are listed below.

  • Fighting with the hordes of mobs in the game.
  • Piercing can be used in the pillager’s battle.
  • Piercing enchantment is also used in the two bird, one arrow Minecraft achievement.
  • You can use Piercing enchantment in Minecraft while saving arrows
  • Piercing in Minecraft enchants the arrows that can travel through shields and hence can be used in the fight against other Minecraft players.

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Wrapping Up

This was everything about what does piercing do in Minecraft. Pricing in Minecraft is an excellent enchantment since this crossbow’s loading time is approximately 1.25 seconds, after which you can use it to pierce so many mobs. So you got to know the prices of all the different versions of Minecraft; now start buying and enjoy this enchantment while gaming with your pals. Tell us which version of Minecraft you’re using in the comments section below. Check out Path of EX to learn more about gaming platforms.

Happy Gaming!


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