What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? 6 Reasons & 6 Solutions

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a peculiar place and I mean it in all the good ways. Until a few months back we never knew Snapchat accounts can be locked, they have introduced the Spotlight feature and so many things are getting revealed. Among all this, there are many features in DMs that Snapchatters are still confused about. Among all of them, today we are going to answer “What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?” If you have ever seen this, then you must know all the reasons that can be behind it.  

While everything is super fun and quirky on Snapchat, understanding its anatomy can sometimes be a little challenging. Like, it’s a little confusing to know if someone has blocked you on Snapchat, which on the other apps is pretty easy to determine. Just like that, it is also confusing to understand what does pending means on Snapchat. We have done our best research to get the most correct answers for you. 

If you see pending on Snapchat and quickly conclude that they haven’t added you, then you can be wrong. Pending with a grey arrow can appear because of many reasons, and we have given all the explanations below. Let’s quickly move forward to know all the reasons what does pending mean on Snapchat and where does it appear and when does it happen. 

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat | Here are the Details

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? 6 Reasons & 6 Solutions

You might have seen the unwanted word ‘Pending’ on the profile of a person. You can also see it in the chat tab or their DM. Usually, “Pending” appears with a grey icon which raises more questions like ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat in the grey arrow?’ Why does Snapchat say pending, but we are friends?

If you have encountered the same problem, then we have given the precise answer to ‘What does pending mean on Snapchat?’ 

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Pending” means that Snapchat cannot deliver the snap or message to the person. Although, when you send the streak “Delivered” will be written on it. But there will be a grey icon below it. It only means that the person hasn’t added you to their friends list. The person is not your friend on Snapchat. 

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

This doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons behind it. We have given all the probable reasons for Pending on Snapchat below. 

Reasons Why You Have Encountered “Pending” on Snapchat

Now that you know what does pending mean on Snapchat, it’s time to look at the reasons why you have seen pending. What exactly does it mean? Why are you seeing it with your friends’ chat. Here are all the possible explanations.

1. Your Friend Request Isn’t Approved

Most of the time, Snapchatters don’t accept your friend request, and that’s the first reason why you see Pending on Snapchat. There are chances that they have missed your request or simply ignored it. Unless they accept your request, they will not be able to see any of the streaks you sent them. 

2. You Have Been Unfriended

The second reason you see Pending on Snapchat could be because they have unfriended you. You were friends with them for long, and now you see a grey arrow. This means that they have removed you from their friend list. 

If you want to know does pending means blocked on Snapchat, let me tell you there are a few reasons behind this. Since Snapchat doesn’t notify you when someone removes you from their friend list, you can only check this manually by visiting their profile on Snapchat. 

If you ever want to remove someone from your friends’ list then follow these simple steps-

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Swipe left to see the “Chat” page.
  3. Click on the Bitmoji Picture of the friend you want to unfriend. Or just simply click their profile icon in their DM.
  4. In their profile, click on the three dots appearing on the top right corner of the screen. 
What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? 6 Reasons & 6 Solutions
  1. Click on the “Remove Friend” icon. 
What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? 6 Reasons & 6 Solutions

Your friend will be removed after this and you won’t receive streaks or snaps from them.

3. You Are Blocked

You can be blocked by someone without even knowing it. Again, Snapchat doesn’t notify you when a friend blocks you. So, that’s one of the reasons that you are seeing pending on Snapchat. 

4. Your Account Is Restricted By Snapchat

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

I know the question is circulating in your mind why it shows pending on Snapchat but is still friends. Let me tell you by any chance if you have violated the Snapchat policy or harassed someone, then Snapchat will restrict you. They will not allow you to send messages or streaks freely. So, before a month or so, you’ll be seeing a lot of Pending on Snapchat. 

5. They Have Turned Their Accounts Private

Now, suppose your friend had a public account on Snapchat, and in these accounts, you don’t need to send friend requests. You can just send your streaks and they will be delivered. If the account of your friend was public and they suddenly have turned it private, then you might need to request them to share pictures with them. Until they accept your friend request, you’ll be seeing a gray pending arrow on your streaks. 

6. Snapchat Glitch

The chances are very low, but it is a possibility if we are covering all the reasons why you have encountered Pending on Snapchat. It can be a glitch or an error from the Snapchat server. They might not be able to send your snaps to them and then display a pending arrow under it. If that’s your case then wait for a while and start Snapchat again. 

How To Fix “Pending” On Snapchat?

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

Now, we will try to do everything in our hands to resolve your issue. By now, you already know what pending means on Snapchat, you know what are the reasons behind it. It’s time to resolve your issue. 

1. Check Your Network Connection

Sometimes due to network issues, the problem occurs. In that case, you can check your internet connections. If you use Wifi, then turn it off and start it again. Check your mobile network and all the similar factors. 

2. Send Streaks To Other Friends

If you want to check if the issue is with your account, then send streaks to other friends and check if the same grey Pending icon is appearing in their chats. If it is appearing then the problem is with your account. (Or maybe no one has accepted your friend request on Snapchat).

3. Connect With Your Friend On Other Apps

If it is really important, text your friend on other popular social media apps and send your pictures there. Tell them that you have sent a request on Snapchat and I am sure they will reply to you. 

4. Cancel The Request & Send It Again

Maybe they didn’t notice you earlier, or you were just missed in their many requests. If you think that’s a possibility, then you can try canceling your request by removing them as your friend and requesting them again. If the person knows you, then they will accept it and if they don’t then there aren’t many chances for you to be on their friends’ list.

5. Forget About It

If they aren’t accepting your request, you can just move on and get over with it. The person is clearly not into you. Nor do they respect your effort (of sending them requests first). So, it’s better that you cancel your request and just be with yourself.  

6. Check If The Same Is Happening To Others 

If you think there’s a chance it’s a glitch or something, you can ask your other friends on Snapchat. If they also have encountered the same problems then you aren’t ignored. It’s just Snapchat messing around with you. 

Video on What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat & How to Fix it

How to fix pending on snapchat | What does it mean ! Why is it appearing?

Wrapping Up

Now, you know pending can appear due to a Snapchat glitch or if they have blocked you. You can also try uninstalling the Snapchat app and then reinstalling it. Know that you would have to sign in your credentials for logging in again. That was everything about this article on “What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?” 

If it was informative to you then comment below your views. You can also share this article with your friends who encounter the same issue frequently. Have a Great Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does pending mean blocked on Snapchat?

When you have sent a request on Snapchat and without it being accepted you send a message, you will get a “Pending” on the app. However, when someone has blocked you then their account simply won’t be visible to you.

2. How do I know if someone unfriended me on Snapchat?

If someone unfriends you on Snapchat, you’ll see the pending message, when you text them.

3. Why does my Snapchat say pending but we’re still friends?

When Snapchat says pending and you are still friends, that means there is a network issue or a glitch in the Snapchat app. Try uninstalling and then re-installing the application. Make sure you have your login credentials before uninstalling.

4. What does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Pending on Snapchat means that the person hasn’t accepted your friends request, or has removed you from its friends’ list.

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