What Does Multishot Do in Minecraft | How To Collect & Use?

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Wondering how to deal with the Multishot enchantment in Minecraft? You are in the right spot! Multishot is said to be the crossbow enchantment in Minecraft that benefits players by using fewer arrows and dealing more damage to enemies. In this article, I have discussed everything about what does multishot do in Minecraft. 

Multishot is one of the most widely used enchantments among players that utilize crossbows in the game of Minecraft. For every arrow in a player’s inventory, the multishot enchantment fires out three more in total. It is a handy enchantment that needs a lot of levels at the enchantment table. 

Many gamers make the best use of their resources to achieve the best crossbow in gameplay. They need to be better-versed in the multishot enchantment and require in-depth explanations of this enchantment. That’s where this article on what does Multishot do in Minecraft comes in handy. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft?

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Multishot is a famous enchantment in Minecraft that is majorly used by crossbows in gaming. Here is everything Multishot does in Minecraft –

  • It shoots three arrows for the price of one arrow. 
  • It possesses one level throughout. 
  • The player will accidentally fire three arrows at once every time they aim to fire one with the crossbow. 
  • The two outer arrows are 10 degrees to the left and right of the center arrow, which is lined up with the player’s point of reference.
  • It was first applied when crossbows were introduced to the game, along with other changes to Minecraft.

How To Use Multishot Enchantment In Minecraft?

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Among multiple enchantments in Minecraft, Multishot is the most popular one on our table. Now that you know what does Multishot do in Minecraft let’s see how to use it. 

You can use Multishot enchantment in Minecraft through the enchanting table and an Anvil. Each process has been discussed below in minute detail. Head On!

1. Multishot Enchantment Using An Enchanting Table

Enchantment is the best thing Multishot does in Minecraft. As this is an uncommon enchantment you won’t be able to obtain, doing this simply will need a lot of work. Below given are the steps to use Multishot using an enchanting table.

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Steps to use Multishot using an enchanting table –

  • Get an Enchanting Table: Press E to instantly get the enchanted table in Java’s creative mode. You can also use /give Linuxhint minecraft:enchanting_table command to get it.
  • “Linuxhint” is a username you must select appropriately for your use. You can also construct an enchanting table from scratch using a book, diamond, and obsidian blocks. 
  • Get a Crossbow.
  • Have the necessary quantity of Lapis Lazuli.

The multishot only has one level, unlike most enchantment books, which have numerous levels.

2. Multishot Enchantment Using An Anvil

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

To use Multishot enchantment through an Anvil, you will need a few items. Below given are the ingredients and steps to use Multishot using an Anvil.

Steps to use Multishot using an Anvil –

  1. Get a Multishot enchantment book. 
  2. Put it inside the anvil with the crossbow. 

Below given are the ways to collect the Multishot Enchantment Book.

How To Collect Multishot Enchantment Book?

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

To see what Multishot can do in Minecraft, it’s important to obtain the Multishot enchantment book. There are a few ways to collect the enchantment book. Here are they –

1. Trading with the Librarian

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

This enchantment book might be acquired via trading with a librarian. To do it, follow the below-given steps.

Steps to Trade with the Librarian –

  1. Firstly, Find any neighboring villages.
  2. Then, find any idle villagers
  3. Position a lectern nearby so that he can be assigned the role of a librarian. 
  4. Keep trading until you find this book by clicking on it.

2. Buried Treasure or Chest Loot

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft
  • In the game Minecraft, you can locate various chests in several locations, including a wooded mansion, shipwrecks, and buried valuables. 
  • Therefore, the likelihood that you will discover this multishot enchantment book by opening similar chests is also present. 
  • In addition, you can also find this enchantment book via fishing, but the chances of doing so are relatively little (about 0.8%). 
  • Using luck with the sea enchantment will also give you an advantage. 

Points To Remember About Multishot In Minecraft

When facing numerous players, foes, or mobs at once, Multishot is a very helpful enchantment. This is so that multishot can shoot multiple arrows simultaneously. 

What Does Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Now that you know what Multishot can do in Minecraft, here are some points to remember about Multishot –

  • The fact that players cannot hit the same mob twice in a row is a significant drawback of this enchantment. This means that if a single mob was struck by all three of the multishot arrows, it would sustain one arrow’s worth of damage. 
  • By doing this, multishot is effectively defeated. 
  • Additionally, this implies that multishot is an extremely specialized enchantment that is only useful in Minecraft battles against numerous foes.
  • Even though the player can shoot with a multishot crossbow for the price of one arrow, the crossbow’s durability is reduced by three points each time the player uses it. 
  • This means that if the player wants to keep the crossbow for a long period, they must have some level of unbreaking on it. 
  • Multishot enchanted crossbows, like conventional crossbows, can fire three fireworks rockets for the price of one. In Minecraft, this can lead to a tonne of colorful fun.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about what does Multishot do in Minecraft. After following these instructions, I guess you will be able to use the Multishot in Minecraft very easily. Also, many articles are available on Path of EX about Minecraft gaming. You can check them out one by one. And stay tuned to Path of EX for more such updates! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Put Multishot On A Bow?

Multishot is an enchantment added by CoFH Core. It can be applied to any Bow up to level IV. Firing with a Bow enchanted with Multishot will shoot multiple Arrows at once, with one additional arrow per level.

2. What Does Multishot 3 Do In Minecraft?

The Multishot enchantment allows a player to shoot 3 arrows at a time, but only 1 arrow will be used from the inventory (the cost is only 1 arrow and not 3 arrows with this enchantment). You can add the Multishot enchantment to any crossbow using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command.

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