What Does KAW Mean on TikTok 2022 | The Newest Slang Will Blow Your Mind

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At this point where everyone is always abuzz with the newest slang from TikTok, it isn’t a surprise that KAW has got everyone talking. Multiple users have been using this slang across TikTok. Many people have their version of what does KAW mean. While some have found this word to be offensive. Yikes! Not the kind of attention anyone would want, right?

As the video-sharing platform keeps getting bigger and bigger so does its slang. So, the words we haven’t heard are also getting more confusing. Some words are simply abbreviations coined by Gen Z, to level up the game of millennials. While some of the abbreviations end up creating more controversy than it was intended to. The latest of this discussion is KAW. So, what does KAW mean on TikTok? Scroll down to find out!

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What Does KAW Mean?

The term KAW is being used for opposing previously popular slang. KAW means Kill All Women. 

As it is with most of the slang on TikTok, it is difficult to find the user who popularized this slang. But from what websters can vouch for, the abbreviation is in response to KAM meaning kill all men. This was first coined by Youtube creator Jenny McDermott. 

The Youtuber had coined the term to talk about secular humanism in a twisted way. She stated that since women give birth to more men, they need to take care of them, or soon the men will take care of them. Hence, the term KAM (Kill all Men).

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Another Definition That TikTok Users Have For KAW

What does KAW mean

There is another definition that TikTok users and the people on the web use KAW for. These other meanings though are surprisingly funny and not at all offensive. 

Some TikTokers have explained what does KAW mean on TikTok. According to them KAW is used to refer to a particular doll whose distinctive features are having long sleeves and ‘X’ as the shape of their eyes.

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Wrapping up 

Here’s my final take after going through numerous accounts that have used the word KAW. It is fair to say that both are true. But it will ultimately be brought down to the context in which the slang is being used. 

While some are using it to promote hate against the opposite gender, others are using it for entertainment. We are all aware of how social media sites are breeding grounds for spreading hate. We will have to wait and see what TikTok does to stop the spread of this hate propaganda. 

Did you know what the slang meant and how it was formed? Do you think TikTok should moderate its content severely?

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We will keep you updated on the newest slang as soon as we see it trending in the #’ s. 

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