What Does GPT Stand for in Chat GPT & How Does GPT 3.5 Work?

What Does GPT Stand for in Chat GPT & How Does GPT 3.5 Work?

The sound of an AI covering all your assignments, writing all those detailed essays (*about anything in the world), plus answering your million bizarre questions was only a futuristic dream until ChatGPT. It actually seems unreal to say the tool has an audience of more than a million in a week and is growing exponentially. While many have become a pro at using it, some are wondering what does GPT stand for in Chat GPT.

Within a week of its launch, people were all over the AI, speculating that it might replace Google super soon. It was only a matter of days or hours when ChatGPT started showing that it is at capacity right now because of unexpected traffic. Professors at Harvard are actually worried about where it will lead the generation, and there are endless things I can say about the magical tool.

What do you think about the future of ChatGPT since it is evolving every day. We can chit-chat about it in the comment section, but first, let us know what does GPT stand for in Chat GPT.

What Does GPT Stand for in Chat GPT?

What Does GPT Stand for in Chat GPT & How Does GPT 3.5 Work?

GPT in ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. A Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transforment, aka GPT is a language model that is autoregressive and relies on deep learning to provide human-like answers to a query. A user will input a statement or a query, or a word, and the AI language model (GPT 3.5 in our case) will create a reply based on the datasets it’s been given.

This is the most simplistic explanation I can give of GPT. I hope you have a better idea of what does GPT stand for in ChatGPT.

About GPT 3.5 & ChatGPT

What Does GPT Stand for in Chat GPT & How Does GPT 3.5 Work?

Now you know what Generative Pre-Trained Transforment is, it’s time to see how GPT 3.5 is used in ChatGPT to improve its performance. ChatGPT is basically a finer version of GPT 3.5 made only for general commercial purposes and public use. There were many AI text generators in the market, but no AI had ever shown art, creativity, and imagination the way ChatGPT does.

Not only GPT 3.5 is trained to answer in a human-like manner, it is also trained to provide answers to follow-up queries, challenge incorrect statements, and reject to answer questions of any area strictly it’s been told to. If that wasn’t enough, ChatGPT or GPT 3.5 can also admit its mistakes in answering and learn from its mistakes to provide better answers in the future. (Only if humans could learn that too, nevermind).

OpenAI says that the GPT 3.5 model was trained with RLHF in quite a similar way as InstrustGPT was trained. The major difference was in the way both of these models collected their data.

Wrapping Up

I tried to answer the question ‘what does GPT stand for in Chat GPT’ briefly, and I hope you have a better understanding of the same now. Share this article with your friends to help them learn about GPT 3.5 in an easier way.

You can also check out other articles on ChatGPT; we have covered a lot of them. Comment below if you have any doubts left, I will be sure to reply to you to the best of my abilities. See ya!

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