What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram? Here is the Real Answer

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

No, the Flag icon is not meant to be a tool for reporting (flagging) as one may think. You may find that out online when you search “What does the flag mean on Instagram?” This cute and small Instagram icon has an entirely distinct meaning and purpose. We will explore the Instagram flag, its meaning, and its purpose in this article.

Instagram is one of the prominent social media platforms popular among influencers, viewers, celebrities, artists, and businesses. It has one of the largest user bases across the continents. With over 2 billion active monthly users, Instagram has not lost the momentum of its growth since its launch in October 2016. It comes with new features and delivers all possible tools that one may look for.

Previously, there was the star icon on the Instagram DM heads, which was later replaced by the Flag icon. The icon is not available for regular users, though. If you want to have it and know about it, here you go. I have compiled a brief but fitting guide on what does the Flag mean on Instagram just for you.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram?

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

Though social media platforms and the online world takes the flag as a symbol for reporting inappropriate content or messages, it has an opposite meaning on Instagram. If you have a business or an artist account on Instagram, you will see this icon on the top of the Messages section of the Instagram app — aka Instagram Direct. Have you ever seen it?

This icon is not available on the Personal Account mode of the Instagram app. And this flag is entirely invisible on the Instagram Web. So, who does have access to this flag icon on Instagram?

Who Can View Instagram Flag Icon?

Instagram is open to all reaches. It has two types of accounts. One is a personal account, and the other is a professional one. Personal accounts are maintained and used by people who follow their friends, favorite influencers, celebrities, content creators, and businesses. The personal account has only one type. You can switch a personal account to Public (visible to all) or Private (visible to the people who follow you).

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

On the other hand, professional accounts are divided into two categories further. The first category is for the influencers, the content creators, and the artists, and the second category is for businesses. These two categories have multiple subcategories. People and businesses who have created their accounts under these two categories can see the flag icon on their chats in the Instagram app.

If you want to view the flag icon on your Instagram account, you can switch your personal account to a professional one. However, if you have a personal account that is set to private, it will not be private anymore. Your posts, following, and followers lists will be visible to everyone using Instagram. You can switch back from a professional to a private account whenever you wish.

How to Use the Instagram Flag icon?

You can use the flag icon on the chats you want to filter to a particular section and want to read them again on your business account of Instagram. There are two methods of using it:

The first method is quite simple, hold on to a chat and hit the flag on the popup window, which appears from the bottom.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

The second method is also easy. When you are on a chat, you will see a flag icon in the top right corner between the camera and ⓘ icons. So if you want to flag this chat tab on the flag icon. When the hollow flag turns filled, it means you have flagged it — and you know it does not mean reporting.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

How to View Flagged Messages on the Instagram App?

There are two ways to view the Flagged messages on Instagram. When you are on Instagram Direct — the Instagram private messaging page — you’ll see a small orange triangular shape on the top right corner of each chat that you have flagged.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

Another option to view all flagged chats lets you see them on a different page.

Step 1: Hit the Filter option next to the search bar on the top of the Instagram Direct page.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

Step 2: A pop-up window will emerge from the bottom; click on the last option Flagged.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

Here you can view all flagged messages of the accounts that have been active in the last 30 days.

What is the Benefit of Flagged Messages on the Instagram App?

If you want to read a conversation later, Instagram provides this option that keeps an unavoidable chat saved to a dedicated page- Flagged. It works like the Save option works on YouTube, the Bookmark option on Mastodon, or the Save icon on Instagram or Facebook posts.

This option is only available for professional and business accounts as their Instagram Direct is usually flooded with messages. This tool works as a savior for them to keep important conversations aside for at least a period of 30 days.

How to Undo the Instagram Flag on a Conversation?

When you are done with the conversation, you can move it back to the regular Instagram Direct, unfiltered section. To do this, there are also two easy methods.

Method 1: Go to the flagged chat you want to unflag and move back to the unfiltered section of Instagram Direct. Hold on to it for a while until you see a pop-up window emerging from the bottom of your smartphone display. Tab on the Unflag option. Done! Now you will see there will be no orange triangle icon on the top of that particular chat.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

Method 2: Open the chat that you have flagged. On the top right corner next to the camera icon tab on the filled flag icon. Once the icon turns hollow, that means you have unflagged the message.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

That is all about what does the Flag mean on Instagram. Now let’s see if you can use this tool for posts and keep them saved for later.

How to Flag a Post or a Reel on Instagram?

You can also flag a post or your reel on Instagram, but that has a different icon and name. To do so, go to the post that you want to flag — called Save. Now tap the bookmark icon at the bottom right corner of the post. That is it.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

To save a reel, hit the three vertical dots icon in the bottom right corner of the reel. Now on the pop-up banner, click on the Save label with a bookmark icon on the top of it to save — flag — the reel.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

How to View Flagged Posts or Reels on Instagram?

The term is “Saved,” but it actually works alike The Flagged Messages on business accounts on Instagram. To view saved posts and reels on Instagram follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap the hamburger menu from the top right corner of your profile page.

Step 3: Tap on the Saved icon option from the pop-up menu that has appeared on the bottom of your smartphone screen.

Step 4: Open the All Posts folder to view the post and reels that you have saved.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

What is the Difference Between a Flag Icon and a Bookmark Icon on Instagram?

A flag icon is only available to accounts that are either the artist accounts or the business accounts, both of which are categories of professional Instagram accounts. The flag icon is available only for Instagram Direct on the app version. It is neither available on the web nor personal Instagram accounts.

What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram

The bookmark icon, on the other hand, is available to both professional and personal Instagram accounts. It is also available on both the Instagram app and the Instagram web.

However, both of them are used as saving later tools. The Flag icon saves conversations for business accounts on the Instagram app, and the Save icon bookmarks posts and reels meant to be viewed later.

Wrapping up

Now you know what does the flag mean on Instagram. It’s a tool to save conversations on business accounts. And it’s not a reporting tool. To report a conversation or post, you need to go to that particular conversation or the post and tap on the appropriate options to report them.

That’s all about what does the flag mean on Instagram. I hope this article has helped you out and it was easy at the same time. For more Instagram-related updates and how-tos, keep surfing and visiting Path of EX regularly.

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