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TikTok is the most popular social media platform among this generation. New trends like Gentle Minions are all that we need to kill boredom. Since May 31, 2022, all the TikTok users are witnessing a lot of ‘Chugapetti’ comments but What is Chupagetti actually? Well, in that case, go on further to know ‘What Does Chupagetti mean on TikTok’ and Where did Chupagetti come from.

Every now and then, a new trend is created on TikTok. TikTok users look for something new and fresh every coming day. The new trend spotted recently is the endless comments of the word ‘Chupagetti’ on every video. Every ‘For You’ video on the feed has the ‘Chupagetti’ comment.

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To know exactly What does Chupagetti mean on TikTok, you must continue to read further. You will get to know Who started with this trend and how this trend is literally a vibe.

What Does Chupagetti Mean On TikTok | Chupagetti TikTok Comment

Chupagetti: What Does Chupagetti Mean on TikTok | Where Did Chupagetti Come From?

Chupagetti is referred to as a blend of two words: Chupa and Spaghetti, where Chupa is a rude word in Filipino for ‘suck’ and Getti is just a second word for ‘Spaghetti’.

One might wonder if the word Chupagetti holds something meaningful, however, it is not. It is just a random trend where people have no idea what ‘Chupagetti’ means and they are just commenting continuously just to go along with the trend.

As a result, TikTokers have flooded TikTok videos with the random comments Chupagetti creating a new viral TikTok trend.

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Where Did Chupagetti Come From?

After knowing What does Chupagetti mean on TikTok, one may wonder Who came up with this weird trend. Well, ‘Chupagetti’ just started as a random joke made by Filipino YouTuber Tyrone Tiaga in his video released in back 2021. Though he came up with the word ‘Chupaghetti’ however, the second syllable of the word was later updated to ‘Chupagetti’.

Talking about the origin of comments started with the word Chupagetti, it’s not known who began with the comments posted, but the comment posted was ‘Here’s the recipe for ✨CHUPAGETTI✨’. After the TikTok users got a hold of Chupagetti, everyone joined the line with the time.

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Chupagetti Comments Allover TikTok

The famous question of What does Chupagetti mean on TikTok is answered well. The famous variations of Chupagetti’s comments are as follows. Go on further to see how the TikTok users made the most of them:

here’s the recipe for ✨CHUPAGETTI✨

⚠️WARNING⚠️Fatherless children/social outcasts have been saying “crop” “chupagetti” “story time?” “Recipe for brownies” to communicate with each other

here’s the recipe for ✨ COBBLESTONE ✨ -Dirt -Limang Sand

Chupagetti: What Does Chupagetti Mean on TikTok | Where Did Chupagetti Come From?

One might find the Chupagetti trend silly, but just so you know, every TikTok trend is half-filled with no logic and half with no sense. Try commenting Chupagetti on the TikTok video and see how the other ones in line join you excitedly.

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Watch Chupagetti Trend On TikTok

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Chupagetti comment: What Does Chupagetti mean on TikTok and Where did Chupagetti come from. Join this fun trend on TikTok and trust me, your hands won’t stop until you force them to stop.

I hope all of your questions regarding Chupagetti: What Does Chupagetti Mean on TikTok | Where Did Chupagetti Come From? are answered well. Path of EX is open for every query. Come along if you have any!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does Chupaghetti Mean?

‘Chupaghetti’ is a portmanteau of the Filipino word “chupa” or “tsupâ” (which means “to suck”) and “spaghetti”.

2. Why Are People Commenting Recipe On TikTok?

That’s because users are spamming comment sections on videos with a brownie recipe. And the thing is, it’s not exactly clear why people are doing, just that they are.

3. Who Came Up With Chupagetti?

Filipino YouTuber Tyrone Tiaga


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