What Does CFL Mean on Instagram in 2022? Different Meanings of CFL

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Among infinite slang and acronyms used on the internet, today I found to about CFL. Bring a religious social media user, I usually know about all widely used slang but this particular one I knew nothing about. So, I worked my way to what does CFL mean on Instagram.

Instagram never fails to amaze me. Be it its users or its new features, there is always something going on with the platform. Yesterday, I fell upon some of the most viewed reels on Instagram, and boy, they took my breath away.

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If you can’t wait to know what does CFL mean on Instagram and on the internet, then behold. I have discussed everything about this particular acronym below.

What Does CFL Mean on Instagram in 2022?

What Does CFL Mean on Instagram in 2022?

CFL means Close Friends List on Instagram, especially on Instagram stories. Remember how you see that green icon on some of the stories, yep, that one. If you see that star icon that means someone has added you to their “Closed Friends List” aka CFL. But is that it?

How is it possible for an acronym to have only one meaning? Internet is never leaving anything without confusion. So if you think the above meaning of CFL doesn’t fit the context of your conversation, then it might have a different meaning there.

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What are Other Meanings of CFL on Instagram?

What Does CFL Mean on Instagram in 2022?

As I just told you, the internet never leaves anything out of confusion. So, if you were talking to your crush and they mentioned CFL on Instagram that definitely can’t mean Closed Friends List. So what does CFL mean on Instagram and what are its other meanings? Let’s find out!

Below are all the meanings of CFL on Instagram-

  • College Football Line (sports betting)
  • Can’t Find Love
  • Christ for Life
  • Captain/Colonel for Life (military slang, used for people who are more likely to be promoted)

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How to Use CFL on Instagram and Other Apps?

What Does CFL Mean on Instagram in 2022?

Here are multiple ways you can use CFL on Instagram and on other apps in a conversation-

  • If by CFL you mean Close Friends List, then you can use CFL in a conversation as, “Yeah, bro I haven’t added him in my CFL.
  • If by CFL you mean College Football Line, then you can use it in a conversation as, “NGL, this time my CFL was not easy to bet.
  • If by CFL you mean Can’t Find Love, then you can say, “Nahh, I CFL, not at least in this lifetime.”

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Wrapping Up

So, CFL means Closed Friends List on Instagram. However, CFL also means College Football Line, Can’t Find Love, Christ for Life, and Captain for Life. If this article helped you then share it with your friends. I hope now you know what does CFL mean on Instagram.

If you want to know more about any other acronym or any other slang, I am just a comment away. Drop your doubts and I will be happy to answer you.


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