What Does ”Actively Recruiting” Mean on LinkedIn & Why Is It Important?

What Does ''Actively Recruiting'' Mean on LinkedIn & Why Is It Important?

The LinkedIn app is the biggest platform that helps in growing your professional network. While surfing on LinkedIn, have you ever seen a green circle around the profile picture of some people saying ‘actively recruiting’? If you have no clue about what it means, then don’t worry! I have brought up this blog on what does ”Actively Recruiting” mean on LinkedIn. 

There are many features that allow you to get in touch with recruiters and get jobs. Features like LinkedIn InMails and LinkedIn open networker can easily help you in seeing saved jobs and increase your chances of getting recruited. If you are a LinkedIn recruiter, then “Actively Recruiting” on LinkedIn is for you.

In this blog, I have mentioned all the important details and information regarding what does ”Actively Recruiting” mean on LinkedIn.

What Does ”Actively Recruiting” Mean on LinkedIn?

What Does ''Actively Recruiting'' Mean on LinkedIn & Why Is It Important?

”Actively recruiting” on LinkedIn means that the company or the person is looking for new candidates. It consists of a green little tag on the profile picture of the LinkedIn page. In simple words, it means that the person or organization is currently recruiting and accepting applications for a job. 

On the other hand, the opposite of “Actively Recruiting” is “Passively Recruiting.” “Passively Recruiting” means LinkedIn profiles and companies are open to accepting applications but are not necessarily hiring. 

How to Get ”Actively Recruiting” Tag on LinkedIn? 

In order to get the ”Actively Recruiting” tag on LinkedIn, you need to follow the steps given below for both the devices, mobile and desktops:

1. Open your LinkedIn and navigate to your profile page. 

2. As the profile page will open, tap on your profile picture at the top of the screen. 

3. Then, tap on the option of Add Frames.

4. Select the frame saying Hiring or Actively recruiting. 

And that’s all. This is how you can get the “Actively Recruiting” tag on LinkedIn. 

NOTE: This frame earlier used to be “Actively Recruiting,” but recently, in some countries, it is appearing as “Hiring.” It is the same thing. 

Benefits of ”Actively Recruiting” on LinkedIn

“Actively Recruiting” Mean on LinkedIn

There are several benefits to applying the tag of “Actively Recruiting” to your LinkedIn profile that you should definitely know. Here are some of them mentioned below:

  • Similar LinkedIn Profile Suggestion: The “Actively Recruiting” tag suggests LinkedIn profiles that relate to and are similar to your category.
  • Finding Right People Without Much Time: “Actively Recruiting” tag allows you to find the right people without wandering around much.
  • LinkedIn Recruiters to Hire Candidates at Scale: “Actively Recruiting” LinkedIn tag helps you to get in touch with candidates on a mass scale. This opens a great choice for hiring people.  

Wrapping Up 

In this blog, I have mentioned all the important details and information about What Does ”Actively Recruiting” Mean on LinkedIn. I hope this information will serve you well and in your best interest. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to comment below in the comment section. We will reach out to you soon. To read more about such informative and interesting blogs, keep visiting our website, Path of EX. Have a great day ahead! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it good if a recruiter reaches out to you on LinkedIn?

Having a recruiter reach out is a good sign. It means your credentials are enticing enough to get you noticed. Gecko Hospitality wants to get you noticed by top employers. Talk with us today and start a relationship that could yield a better career for your future.

2. What do recruiters check on LinkedIn?

The primary thing recruiters check is your skills and experience. Recruiters want to know that you’re qualified for the job, will be good at it, and will get results. They’ll look at your LinkedIn profile to see what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve used the skills and experience you’ve gained.

3. Is actively recruiting on LinkedIn accurate?

Though the “actively recruiting” LinkedIn tag can help, it’s not exactly reliable since you have to wait for the algorithm to flag your job posting with it. Alternatively, you can take action into your own hands and reach out to candidates yourself.

4. What percentage of employers use LinkedIn for recruiting?

It’s no surprise to find out that 77% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. With more than 58 million companies listed on the site and 52 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn every week.

5. What percentage of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates?

87% of recruiters find LinkedIn the most effective platform for vetting job candidates. More than 65 million decision-makers are on LinkedIn. 

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