What Do Bats Eat In Minecraft | Tame & Feed Minecraft Bats

Bats are those silent flying mobs in Minecraft that are generated in caves and other shaded areas underground and are much tinier than a solid block. They are expected to move at unexpected times. Let’s dive right through this article and learn what do bats eat in Minecraft to stay alive in the game. 

Bats initiate the true essence of Halloween in the game. They only appear on surfaces 63 or lower and only when at least one or two air blocks are nearby and the neighboring blocks’ light level is 3. If the light level drops to 4 above the floor at night, bats are highly unlikely to reproduce there.

When you arrive at a cave, bats will glide at you and try to fight you in every possible way. You can either use a sword or a bow to defend yourself against those bats. It is also possible for bats to pick up and carry loot drops. Arrows fired at bats end up causing them to tumble, which makes bats drop whatever they are holding. Moving on, let’s read through this guide and learn what do bats eat in Minecraft. You’ll also get to know how you can tame them easily by following some popular ways.

What Do Bats Eat In Minecraft?

What Do Bats Eat In Minecraft | Know About Bats And Tame Them

Surprisingly, Bats do not eat much in Minecraft, but I have mentioned some of the things they usually hop on to. Head on further to know what do bats usually tend to stuff their stomach within Minecraft.

Food Items eaten by bats in Minecraft:

  • Tiny, flying souls which can be captured while flying.
  • Chickens, bees, and even other bats. 
  • Bees which they can mount on, invert them from a block, and chew until it disappears.
  • Mushrooms (found in biomes).

From outside, having to fill the dimly lit bottom part of the world with their screechy cries, bats offer little gameplay purpose. So let’s learn to tame bats and use them in the game.

How Do You Tame A Bat In Minecraft?

Taming bats in Minecraft is an easy and enjoyable task done by the players while playing the game. There are two different ways in which you can tame bats in Minecraft. Scroll down and see which one of the ways works well for you to tame a bat in Minecraft.

  1. Using Pumpkin Pie

In Minecraft, feeding a bat pumpkin pie can easily tame them. As they engage in combat with mobs, bats learn new techniques and begin to suffer major injuries or exhaustion, which causes their health bars to decrease. To heal a bat, either place a pumpkin pie on the floor for it to eat or place the pie on a crafting table alongside the bat. 

  1. By Teaching Them To Fly

Bats can be taught to fly by feeding them moths. At night, moths can be seen flying around light sources. Try to kill a moth and give it to the bat to tame it.

This is how you tame bats in Minecraft. Now let’s move on and learn about what you can do with a bat in Minecraft.

What Can You Do With A Bat In Minecraft?

Bats are mobs that can be discovered in Minecraft’s cave systems. While they fulfill no actual purpose, they can be a companion to forlorn miners.

They are only helpful if players can actually hear their screech while searching for a cave. You can therefore mine your way toward the squeaks, revealing a cave using a bat in Minecraft. 

Wrapping Up

This is everything you need to know about what does bats eat in Minecraft. I have mentioned everything you need to know about bats in Minecraft. Let us know in the coming section if you have discovered anything new about bats that we didn’t mention in this article. Check out Path of EX for more gaming platform updates and more about Minecraft.

Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Bats Look Like In Minecraft?

Bats are tiny in appearance with dark brown skin, wings, and feet. They are the fourth-smallest mob, bigger than young chickens, silverfish, and Endermites. They live in caves where they can be difficult to see because of their size.

Where Are Bats Located In Minecraft?

Bats are flying mobs that can be found in Minecraft’s cave systems.

What Do Bats Eat In Minecraft?

Bats in Minecraft mostly eat flying insects which they can capture while flying. Chickens, bees, and even other bats are some items that bats eat. 

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