What Causes an Instagram Shadowban? 9 Reasons Behind Shadowban

What causes an Instagram Shadowban? 9 Causes for Shadowban

Everyone uses social media marketing strategies to promote their accounts. It helps them to engage more audiences and reach many people. There are many social media platforms to adversities and promote content. Instagram is a popular option to promote and advertise to various audiences. There are guidelines and rules according to Instagram that you have to follow while sharing content. Failing to do so, then the platform shadowbans your account. So, do you know what causes an Instagram shadowban?

Instagram does not officially announce the Instagram shadowban, but it is real, and people have faced the same earlier. The restriction of the content and visibility on the platform is real and can be the central nightmare for any user. It may lead to a loss of followers and low engagement. So, refer to the article mentioned below, as it would help you to understand how you can get yourself out of this nightmare.

What Causes an Instagram Shadowban?

There are many causes of Instagram shadowban. It can affect the rate of engagement and the number of followers on your account. So, below we will discuss the various causes of Instagram Shadowban and their fixes. Here you would also find the common issues causing the Instagram Shadowban.

1. Reuse the Hashtag list

Hashtags help to enhance the content and also help to increase the reach of the post. When you create a post, you have to look for the right and suitable hashtags to help it reach out to many people. It can get time-consuming; some even take up the used hashtags earlier. It helps to save a lot of time and energy. Reusing hashtags are essential for people who post similar content daily.

You may know Instagram does not entertain the use of repetitive hashtags or content on its platform. So when you reuse content or hashtags on your account, it would lead to the shadowban of your account. Instagram, check how many times you have used the same list of hashtags in your account. These are the causes of Instagram shadowban.

2. Use of banned hashtags

There are numerous hashtags on Instagram which are banned on the platform. When you use content against the Instagram community guidelines, the hashtag gets banned from the platform. Instagram removes the hashtags from the search results to restrict the number of audiences finding them. Instagram also restricts the content that features these particular keywords as well.

3. Repeating comments

Commenting on a post and replying to the same helps engage the audience better. Sometimes the responses turn into threads turning the followers into leads.

When you see numerous comments or questions, you may choose one of them and copy and paste those for similar questions. Such an activity would lead to a similar response thread on Instagram, which may shadowban your Instagram account. According to the guidelines of Instagram, repetitive comments are strictly prohibited.

4. Reposting Content

Sometimes you may feel like sharing content from the accounts of your favorite influencers. Many users also do the same as they reshare user-generated content to increase their audience. According to Instagram, you must get permission from other influencers before reposting their content. And as of April 2022, Instagram has made a rule that only original content would be encouraged, and copied content would not be encouraged any further.

5. Publishing Inappropriate Content

Instagram has comprehensive guidelines which prohibit certain types of content on the platform. It is always beneficial to research and checks the content you wish to post before publishing your article.

When Instagram finds out that your post is inappropriate, they will take measures to restrict the reach of the audience to your profile through this post. The platform uses Remove, Inform and Reduce strategy to limit the content distribution of that particular post.

6. Neglecting Tag Branded Content

What causes an Instagram Shadowban? 9 Causes for Shadowban

With time there has been a significant evolution of Instagram’s sponsored content policy. Earlier you could add a sponsored hashtag to the post. You have to be transparent and use the branded tools of Instagram to receive compensation for the post.

When you neglect the tools, your content may face deprioritization on the platform through the flag or report of your posts. Deprioritization of the post or content affects and limits the distribution of your profile on the platform.

7. Purchasing likes and followers

You know how difficult it takes to attract an audience to your Instagram account. I know it is fantastic to get hold of appropriate ways to generate organic traffic and followers to increase the growth of your account. The process may be tedious and even tempt you to use non-standard ways to increase the audience and followers and engage more people.

According to Instagram, paying for more followers and likes is considered a great mistake and prohibits such practices. Instagram restricts or limits the content reach during any varying number of likes, followers, and engagements. These restrictions prevent the followers from getting content or posts.

8. Using third-party applications

Apps are essential for Instagram or any other social media activities. Due to technology, you can get hold of numerous apps which help ease the workflow. Instagram even provides guidelines for choosing appropriate applications. Any inappropriate application may be the causes of Instagram shadowban of your account. The inappropriate apps majorly follow and unfollow different accounts or perform bot-like activities.

9. Having Bot-Like activities

Instagram account owners use bots for accounts for numerous technological advancements. According to the guidelines laid down by Instagram, the use of bots is strictly prohibited.

If the platform suspects bot-like activities on any account, they restrict the posts’ content and reach. Bot-like activities include performing numerous actions on your account. It restricts the visibility and reaches of your content and post, respectively. Instagram prevents any form of activity on your account for hours or days.

What Causes an Instagram Shadowban?

How To Fix Instagram Shadowban | The Truth

Wrapping Up

Now I hope you have an idea about the causes of Instagram shadowban. We have curated the article to provide the necessary information regarding what causes an Instagram shadowban. Hence, if you wish to get more information regarding Instagram shadowban, refer to a similar article from our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram shadowban?

Instagram shadowban is a new initiative of Instagram, where any user violating the rules and regulations on Instagram gets their profile locked or banned.

What causes an Instagram shadowban?

Instagram shadowban can be the reason for several reasons like purchasing likes and followers, using third-party applications, and publishing inappropriate content.

Can I fix Instagram Shadowban on your account?

Yes, you can fix Instagram shadowban on your account by following a few simple guidelines laid down by Instagram.

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