What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s Degree In Commerce?

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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If you have just completed your bachelor of commerce degree then it is normal to feel a bit confused about what to do next, especially because of the tuition fees and hard work that you have put in to earn the degree.

This guide is tailor-made to help you learn about the wide array of career paths that you can land right after graduating with a become qualification and navigate any queries that may pop up during the career search.

Obtain work experience at the bank

The financial sector’s biggest employers are always on the hunt to become graduates be it straight from the campus all from Investment banking, seasoned reading, commercial banking, equity research, and retail banking firms, or working as an intern.

Acquire an early-stage career at an accounting firm

Only becoming a degree from Canada is a great pleasure to increase your opportunity at working with large public accounting organizations where you can on more skills, expand your knowledge and obtain excellent work experience in the transaction advisory, valuations, and due diligence divisions.

Take up work at a corporation

As a recent bachelor of commerce graduate you may choose to operate in companies like Facebook, Amazon, Tesla is Google to fix start your corporate career but in the financial planning and analysis, investor relations, treasury management, and corporate development departments that comes along with a good work-life balance.

Gain expertise in financial modeling and valuation

Another option for you is to consider studying for the FMVA and learning about its practical applications right after your graduation so that you can choose career paths that come along with resignations including research, financial planning, and analysis, or investment banking analyst.

But you MBA as your higher education

Earning a master of business administration can help you set your candidature apart from the competition, helping you land jobs that are lucrative both in terms of reputation and quality of remuneration.

Earn an online certification and financial modeling

As the world is seeing a massive shift from traditional education to dynamic learning solutions and online education, considering an online financial modeling certification from London can help you become eligible to apply for elite jobs that required financial modeling skills in private equity, corporate development, and investment banking sector.

Get an accounting qualification

If you aspire to work for public accounting firms, then you must aim towards becoming a member of the audit group by demonstrating the gold standard accounting knowledge that you have acquired during your commerce undergrad.

The above-mentioned points may help you develop some ideas about what path you can choose after completing your B. Com. Degree and the range of professional certification programs that you can apply on our website to acquire more education and training to land the dream designation.

Apply to the undergraduate commerce program that we have to offer you and utilize all the professional resources that can help you establish yourself as an industry expert.


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