What Are Top Picks On Tinder? Understand The Best Tinder Feature Here!

What Are Top Picks On Tinder? Understand The Best Tinder Feature Here!

Simply downloading the Tinder app and making an account on the platform doesn’t guarantee a flourishing dating life. Before you even begin swiping left and right, you need to understand the app better, including what are Top Picks on Tinder. I’ll be honest with you. If you want to have an exciting and thrilling social life, you should know about the top picks on Tinder.

But don’t worry if you don’t. I got you. In this article, I will tell you what are top picks on Tinder so that you can be the social butterfly you’ve always wanted to be. By the time we reach the bottom of this post, you will be familiar with this feature of Tinder.

Find Out What Are Top Picks On Tinder Here!

What Are Top Picks On Tinder? Understand The Best Tinder Feature Here!

Just like other premium features on Tinder, the “Top Picks” feature is there to make your dating life easier. The app’s feature ensures that you find your perfect match sooner. 

To reduce your swiping time, the Top Picks feature shows you a list of profiles that, according to Tinder’s algorithm, are highly likely to be your potential match. And, if you swipe right on a profile found in the Top Picks section, the chances of the two of you being a match are way higher than otherwise. 

This feature sounds perfect. But before you set out to try it for yourself, you should understand what are Top Picks on Tinder in more detail. So, keep scrolling. This super-amazing feature is discussed in greater detail below! 

What Does Top Picks Mean On Tinder? 

What Are Top Picks On Tinder? Understand The Best Tinder Feature Here!

As you just saw, Top Picks is one of the most valuable features of Tinder. It is a list of potential matches that Tinder curates for you. The list is small and highly personalized. 

The potential matches that Tinder shows in the Top Picks are selected based on several factors, including your likes, interests, and Tinder’s algorithm. So, if you are to swipe right on a profile present in your Top Picks, you are highly likely to match with them. 

However, an important thing to know here is that you can only use the Top Picks feature if you use Tinder Gold or Platinum. The feature isn’t available to users who have signed up for the free version. 

How Are Tinder Top Picks Chosen?

Now that you know what are Top Picks on Tinder, you might be curious to know how they are chosen. Well, just like any other social media/dating platform, Tinder keeps the working of its algorithm tightly under wraps. So, it cannot be known how Tinder decides who would be a worthy, potential match for you.  

However, over the years, many speculations have given us an idea about how Tinder might be choosing people to put in your Top Picks. 

The people present in your Top Picks are chosen based on what you put in your profile. This means that if you enter something like “foodie” or “traveler,” Tinder will consider someone with similar interests as a potential match for you and, therefore, include them in the list. 

Apart from this, the people you see in your Top Picks are also based on your swiping habits. Tinder takes note of your swiping behavior i.e., it sees what kind of profiles you’re swiping left and right on. The people you’re more likely to swipe right on will be shown in your Top Picks. 

Do Top Picks on Tinder Know They Are Top Picks?

By now, you’ve understood what are Top Picks on Tinder and how they are chosen. But, have you paused to consider if people present in your Top Picks know that the two of you are potential partners?

Well, unfortunately, they don’t. If Tinder is putting someone in your Top Picks, it will not let them know. Furthermore, Tinder may or may not also put you on their Top Picks in return. 

So, if you want to know whether you’re someone’s Top Picks, then there’s no way to determine that. But, if you’re getting more Super Likes than usual, it can be considered a sign that you’re in people’s Top Picks. 

Wrapping Up

Okay then, guys! We’ve reached the bottom of this article. And so, I hope you all now know what are top picks on Tinder! In this post, we explored one of the best features of Tinder. So, before you begin swiping on this social media/dating platform the next time, I recommend you check your Top Picks first! 

On that note, if there’s any other Tinder feature you need my help understanding better, please feel free to mention it in the comments! The topic you mention will be covered in the upcoming articles!  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Top Picks on Tinder?

Top Picks is a premium feature of Tinder. It is basically a list of potential matches that Tinder curates for you. 

2. How do you know if you are a popular user on Tinder?

Tinder doesn’t let people know if they are popular users of the platform or whether they are common. So, there’s no way you can find out the same. 

3. How does Tinder choose who to show you?

Tinder chooses who to show you based on your interests, swiping behavior, and algorithm. 

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