What Are Suggested Searches On TikTok? 10 Secrets to Find Your Niche

What Are Suggested Searches On TikTok

What is the most important aspect of gaining more visibility on TikTok? What do you think?  Well, there is something called Suggested Searches on TikTok that is a great tool for gaining more visibility on the platform. But to use suggested searches for your gain, you first need to understand how these searches work. And therefore, in today’s article, I’ll tell you what suggested searches are and how you can use them to find your niche on TikTok.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years. With over a billion active users, it has become a hub for content creators, businesses, and individuals looking to gain more visibility. But there are certain things that are very crucial for visibility on the platform, like the use of relevant hashtags, keywords, etc, so that your content can be more easily found. These small yet important steps tailor your content in a way so that it can easily reach the person interested in it. And this way, your content finds its right audience, and in return, the audience finds the content which is most relevant to them.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and learn what are suggested searches on TikTok. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

What Are Suggested Searches On TikTok?

What Are Suggested Searches On TikTok?

Suggested searches on TikTok are the keywords that appear below the search bar when you search for a particular topic. For example, if you search for “decor,” TikTok will display a list of suggested searches such as “decor ideas,”  “wedding decoration,”  “party decoration,” or accounts with the word decor in their usernames.

These suggested searches are based on the platform’s algorithm, which analyzes user behavior and preferences to recommend content that is relevant to them. Therefore if you usually interact with decor ideas results based on the keyword “decor,” you will get to see more decor-related videos on the platform. 

So you see, there are certain keywords, depending on which platform shows you the suggested result. And this makes it so important for any creator to use these keywords in their bio and username so that their profile shows up whenever a user searches for a keyword that is directly related to their profile and the content that they post.

How to Use Suggested Searches on TikTok?

How to Use Suggested Searches on TikTok?

If you want that your profile, as well as content, show up in the suggested searches on TikTok, you need to be clear about certain things that will optimize your content. This is to make sure that your content can make its way to the suggested searches section of others whenever someone searches for a related keyword of your niche. And below, I have mentioned a few things that you should consider while posting your content.

1. Research Your Niche

The first step toward using the suggested searches for your use is to be aware of your Niche. You should know about your Niche and related keywords. So the first thing you need to do is research and look for the most popular keywords and phrases that are popular within your niche. Once you know about them, do add them to your profile bio and use them in your content as well.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags

The next thing is to use relevant hashtags; again, there are certain keywords that you should use as hashtags to make it easy for others to find content that is related to their interests.

3. Use Popular Music

Another thing that you can do to increase the reach of your content and make it appear in suggested searches is to add popular music to your videos. As you all know, TikTok is a music-driven platform, so using popular music can increase the visibility of your content. And when someone searches for a particular song, there is a high chance that your content will show up there in the results.

4. Be Consistent

How to Use Suggested Searches on TikTok?

Apart from these keywords and hashtags that you should use in order to appear in the search results, being consistent when it comes to posting stuff on TikTok is something you should never underestimate. Because someone who is not posting content actively stands less chance of showing up in the suggested searches.

While being consistent is of the utmost importance, one should not forget that every social media platform prefers a time for posting. This is the time when your reach can be at its peak. You can check the best time to post on TikTok here.

5. Collaborate With Other Creators

Another tactic for increasing your presence on the platform is to collaborate with others. If you collaborate with someone who has a well-established presence on TikTok, this increases your chances of getting more followers, and your content’s visibility will also be increased. 

6. Use Trending Topics

If you want to become popular on TikTok, one thing which is important is to follow the trends. When you follow trending topics, your video gets more views and more visibility. So be aware of what is trending nowadays, and without wasting any time, try to cover the trend.

7. Be Unique

Collaborating and following a trend is no doubt essential for establishing a presence, but what makes you survive in the content creation world is the uniqueness of your content. Your uniqueness is something that makes you stand out from the crowd and is your real power.

8. Engage With Your Audience

How to Use Suggested Searches on TikTok?

To have a community and not just followers should be the goal if you want to be there for the long run. And from this time to time, engagement with your audience is really important as this is something that helps you to build the community and form that bond.

9. Follow Trends

To make sure your audience is entertained, following the latest trends is the least that you can do for them. Trends are entertaining, funny, and something that everyone enjoys watching; therefore, keep following the latest trends to maintain that fresh and youthful vibe on your page.

10. Be Authentic

And last but not least, be authentic. Because if you keep following what others are doing, you will never be able to establish your presence on the platform. So be authentic, be who you are, and most importantly, showcase who you are. 

Can You Turn Off Suggested Searches on TikTok?

No, you cannot turn off suggested searches on TikTok, as there is no such feature that allows you to turn it off. Instead of turning them off, you can remove those suggested searches that you didn’t find appropriate.

How to Remove Suggested Searches on TikTok?

How to Remove Suggested Searches on TikTok?

As made clear above, you cannot turn off Suggested searches on TikTok but can remove suggestions on TikTok. To remove Suggested Searches, all you need to do is to tap on the cross (X) icon in the top right corner of each suggested search. 

You can also choose to clear your search history, and for this, you need to follow the steps stated below:

1. Open the TikTok app.

2. Head to the Discover section.

3. Tap on the search bar once.

4. A list of your suggested searches will be available.

5. Tap on the clear history or clear all button to remove the suggested searches.

And with this, you are done! This is how you can remove your suggested searches on TikTok.

How to Change Suggested Searches on TikTok?

Suggested searches are based on your activity on the platform. It largely depends upon the type of accounts you are interacting with, the posts you like, and the kind of videos you are watching. It is also based on your mutual friend’s interests. In short, suggested searches depend upon your recent activity.

Therefore to change the results of the suggested searches on TikTok, you need to change your activity. Posts you like, account you are interacting with, etc., etc.

How to Report Suggested Searches on TikTok?

How to Report Suggested Searches on TikTok?

If you find any suggested search offensive or not appropriate, you can choose to report it. And to report any suggested searches on TikTok, you need to follow the steps stated below:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app.

Step 2: Head to the Discover section from the bottom of your feed.

Step 3: Go to the search bar and type any keyword.

Step 4: From the results that appeared, long tap on the suggested search you want to report.

Step 5: Out of the two options, tap on Report.

And with this, you are done. This is how you can report Suggested Searches on TikTok.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope you now know what are suggested searches on TikTok. These suggested searches are the result of TikTok’s algorithm, which shows you results based on your activity and content and the accounts you interact with. And these searches are a great way to introduce your content to a larger audience by optimizing your content using certain keywords and phrases related to your niche. So next time, before uploading your content, make it a point to do a bit of research on your niche. 

So, guys, that is it for today. Take Care! And yeah, for any further queries related to TikTok and its features, you can comment in the comments section below. Also, keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such updates related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find suggested searches on TikTok?

To find the suggested searches, head to Discover tap> tap on the search bar> tap on any keyword eg. “Food” > you will find a list of suggested searches below the search bar.

2. Can I use multiple suggested searches in one video?

Of course, you can use multiple suggested searches, provided they are relevant to your content. Otherwise, there is no point in using multiple suggested searches.

3. Will using suggested searches guarantee more views?

Suggested searches are the keywords related to a particular niche. So if you use suggested searches, your content is optimized in a way to get more views.

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