What are Instagram Notes | The Vanishing Feature of The App

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We can see that social media apps are introducing new and upgraded features to their platform. We can also notice the apps are fun to use and enjoy. After Snapchat, Twitter now is Instagram where you would find the latest feature. It is known as Instagram Notes. This feature is the newest addition which is available to some users now.

Instagram is testing the new feature among some of its users. Here the user can share a quick note with some people they want to and then take the conversation forward with them. The users are finding the feature quite helpful and amazing.

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Know more about the feature Instagram notes in detail below. We have curated all the known details about the app and the utility of the feature as well.

What are Instagram Notes?

What are Instagram Notes | The Vanishing Feature of The App

Instagram Notes is a new feature introduced by Instagram. A marketer named Ahmed Ghanem first spotted the noticed this feature on Instagram. This new feature works like a disappearing message where the messages vanish after 24 hours.

The notes appear in the app’s direct messaging section as a separate row above the messages. The notes which are shared also contain a “+” button. The message is visible only to the users who have access to the messages. They check and make the necessary changes required.

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Trial Version of The Feature

What are Instagram Notes | The Vanishing Feature of The App

The note has a limitation of 60 characters only. And they even do not send notifications to the users who have access. Users can reply to the shared notes as a message. The idea of having notes is new on Instagram but comes in handy in urgent situations.

The feature is just a test by Instagram and hence it is available to limited users. So we do not know when the final version of the feature will be available for all.

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Wrapping Up

Instagram Notes is the latest addition. It is just on a trial basis and is not available for all its users. We hope when the features would become a success the Instagram support team would launch the final version. It may also upgrade the feature and relaunch it. So, we can only wait and watch. For more similar updates on your favorite social media platforms, subscribe to our website now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Instagram Notes?

These are new features added to the Instagram app to share notes among selected users.

Is the feature on trial?

Yes, the feature is on trial by Instagram and for limited users.

How long are the Instagram Notes available?

The notes which are shared are available for 24 hours only.


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