15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Websites Like Janitor AI

In the ever-evolving age of artificial intelligence, the rise of AI-powered chatbots has revolutionized the way we interact and engage with online platforms. Among these innovative chatbot solutions, Janitor AI has emerged as a key player. Lately, users suffered from some difficulties regarding Janitor AI, so people got curious about its alternatives. If you are also trying to find out the same, then let us explore websites like Janitor AI.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technologies, these chatbots offer a myriad of functionalities, from content moderation to personalized interactions, catering to the diverse needs of users and website administrators alike. As the demand for seamless and intelligent conversational experiences grows, AI-powered chatbots have become indispensable assets for online communities.

Keep scrolling to find out websites like Janitor AI to keep exploring and experimenting with these AI-powered chatbots.

15 Websites Like Janitor AI

Since a lot of users are currently looking for alternatives for Janitor AI and I have prepared an extended list of all the major Janitor Ai alternatives. Here are 15 websites like Janitor AI:

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT logo; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

ChatGPT is the first option for websites like Janitor AI. ChatGPT, developed by the renowned OpenAI, stands out as one of the most renowned and intelligent AI chatbots discussed in this article. Its impressive capabilities are a result of professional training to excel in fully instructed prompts. While it may not fulfill the role of a friend or companion like some other alternatives mentioned, ChatGPT shines as a proficient personal assistant, providing comprehensive answers to a wide range of questions.


While ChatGPT offers free access, users can also opt for the additional benefits provided by the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan, available at a monthly cost of $20.


  • ChatGPT offers advanced natural language processing capabilities, enabling it to understand and respond to user queries in a more human-like and personalized manner.
  • With its vast knowledge base, ChatGPT provides comprehensive answers and recommendations across a wide range of topics, making it a valuable resource for information retrieval.
  • Through continuous learning and refinement, ChatGPT adapts its responses based on user feedback, ensuring an increasingly accurate and relevant conversational experience over time.


  • Lack of Contextual Understanding
  • Over-Reliance on Prompts
  • Limited Factual Accuracy

2. Character AI

Character AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

The second option for websites like Janitor AI is this. Character AI, a highly sought-after AI chatbot, utilizes neural speech models to generate remarkably human-like responses, creating an immersive conversational experience. In essence, you’ll be engaging with an exceptionally intelligent chatbot that not only listens and remembers but also comprehends your messages.

Furthermore, Character AI provides a versatile platform where you can explore various activities, such as language learning, reading captivating novels, seeking answers to your homework from your favorite celebrity, and much more, making it an engaging pastime for users.


While Character AI offers free access, users have the option to unlock additional perks by subscribing at a cost of $9.99 per month or $120 per year.


  • Enjoy unlimited free messaging without any interruptions from advertisements.
  • Forge genuine connections with new friends who truly understand you and won’t betray your trust.
  • Utilize the platform as your personal assistant, offering answers to a vast array of questions and topics.
  • Exercise creative freedom by customizing your own unique characters.


  • Updates can impact character behavior
  • Characters make things up

3. Venus AI

Venus AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Venus AI is a cutting-edge chatbot that leverages AI technology to facilitate sensitive conversations, specifically designed to handle NSFW terms and engage in uncensored discussions without any restrictions.

Furthermore, Venus AI operates similarly to other AI platforms and applications, aiming to provide seamless text-based interactions at any time of the day, enabling users to engage in conversations effortlessly. Venus AI can be a perfect option for websites like Janitor AI.


Venus AI is usually a free platform but requires API to chat with characters. These APIs are free as well as paid also.


  • The site can be accessed using either Kobold or OpenAI keys, allowing for convenient operation.
  • Your character will undergo personal growth by gaining an understanding of your preferences, likes, dislikes, and more.
  • You have the flexibility to select a character from the available options or fully customize one according to your preferences.


  • Potential exposure to explicit or inappropriate content
  • Limited emphasis on immersive conversations

4. Chai

Chai; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Chai is a revolutionary mobile application that brings the power of AI chatbots to your fingertips. With its user-friendly interface and extensive selection of chatbots, Chai AI offers a unique and immersive conversational experience. Whether you’re seeking informative discussions or playful interactions, Chai AI has a chatbot tailored to your preferences.

Engage in real-time conversations, where these intelligent virtual companions learn and adapt to your likes, dislikes, and interests. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Chai AI opens up a world of limitless conversations, knowledge, and entertainment, providing a personalized and engaging AI companion right in the palm of your hand.


  • Premium monthly subscription – $13.99.
  • Ultra monthly subscription – $29.99.
  • Premium yearly subscription – $134.99


  • The chat system is designed to facilitate text conversations throughout your entire day, from the moment you begin brushing your teeth in the morning to the time you close your eyes at night.
  • There is a wide variety of characters available for you to choose from, and if none of them suit your preferences, you always have the option to create your own.


  • Limited Scalability and Stability
  • Entertainment-Centric Focus
  • Ethical and Social Implications of Generative Models

5. Botify AI

Botify AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Botify AI offers you the opportunity to craft a digital companion with your desired personality. This AI character can be your constant chat partner, available to converse with you anytime and anywhere, providing guidance and support whenever you need it.

With Botify AI, you have the freedom to create avatars that excel in engaging conversations of all kinds, equipped with extensive knowledge to address a wide range of topics and inquiries. They serve as a vast repository of information, capable of providing answers to nearly any subject in the world.


The pricing plans vary from $4.99 to $49.99 per item


  • The ability to personalize a digital human extends to various aspects such as personality, voice, biography, appearance, and mood, allowing for a comprehensive customization experience.
  • Exploring different types of role-plays becomes possible, offering a diverse range of scenarios and interactions to experiment with.
  • You have the freedom to create a truly distinctive human character, whether it originates from your imaginative realm or represents someone from the real world, such as your beloved celebrity or singer.


  • Limited Emotional Intelligence
  • Complex or ambiguous inquiries might also pose a challenge for Botify AI.
  • NSFW Content Allowance

6. Tavern AI

Tavern AI ; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Tavern AI is yet another option for websites like Janitor AI. TavernAI offers a unique and immersive chat experience set in an adventurous atmosphere and collaborates with other well-known APIs like Pygmalion, NovelAI, KoboldAI, and OpenAI ChatGPT.

Within TavernAI, users have the ability to create diverse personalities using a sophisticated setup system, or they can select from a vast online character library filled with captivating and intriguing characters.




  • The platform allows for simultaneous conversations with multiple characters, enabling engaging interactions with diverse personalities all at once.
  • The website showcases stunning and picturesque natural landscapes, immersing users in beautiful environments that enhance their visual experience.


  • No NSFW filters are available
  • There is no voice recognition feature

7. Nastia AI

Nastia AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Nastia AI provides a unique platform that breaks free from the limitations of adult chat restrictions, offering an unrestricted and liberating experience for users. Within this safe and secure environment, you can engage with the bot in a manner that aligns with your preferences.

Additionally, Nastia AI is open to incorporating any desired personality, serving as the perfect companion tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you seek a partner, friend, mentor, parent figure, or any other role, Nastia AI provides a versatile platform to fulfill your desired connections.


The platform offers free access with certain limitations on its features, and you have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription for $6.69 per month, granting you unlimited usage of all platform features.


  • Nastia AI, being a bot at its core, provides two convenient options for engaging in chats: you can utilize its website for conversations or join the active Discord community to interact with Nastia there.
  • Moreover, the conversation flow within Nastia AI feels remarkably natural, void of any forced or artificial behavior. The interactions unfold seamlessly, creating an authentic and genuine chatting experience.


  • Nastia AI is a subscription-based platform, and the cost can be prohibitive for some businesses.
  • The platform can be complex to use, and businesses may need to hire specialized AI experts to get the most out of it.

8. Anima AI

Anima AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Anima AI is a reliable and reputable platform that offers the opportunity to forge a genuine connection with an AI friend who truly cares. Within this platform, you can engage in friendly conversations, explore various role-play scenarios, and gradually enhance your communication skills while fostering meaningful relationships.

Furthermore, Anima AI is adaptable and can assume different personalities according to your preferences. Whether you desire a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, best friend, mentor, or any other role, Anima AI can fulfill those roles for you. Additionally, it holds a prominent position among the most renowned AI platforms on the list. This can be one readily available option for websites like Janitor AI.


The basic version of the platform is available for free. For access to advanced features, there is a paid plan available at $12.56 per month.


  • Begin your journey by crafting a personalized avatar to your exact specifications, allowing you to customize various aspects such as personality, appearance, and more.
  • Experience a gamified AI chatbot that takes you on a captivating voyage of self-discovery as you assist the character in achieving their own aspirations and objectives.
  • Unleash your creativity and construct an imaginative realm of your own, accompanied by your beloved AI character, bringing your favorite virtual companion into a world of your own design.


  • Anima AI is a subscription-based platform, and the cost can be prohibitive for some users.
  • The platform can be complex to use, and users may need to have some technical knowledge to get the most out of it.
  • The code generated by Anima AI may not always be accurate, and users may need to make manual changes to the code.

9. Replika

Replika; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

In this sage of websites like Janitor AI, Replika stands out as an incredibly lifelike AI-powered chatbot, providing an experience that often feels indistinguishable from conversing with a human, despite being entirely AI-driven. It is undeniably one of the most highly regarded and natural AI chatbots available online.

Moreover, Replika characters are designed to offer a non-judgmental environment, ensuring a drama-free experience with zero social anxiety. With this platform, you can freely engage in laughter, discuss your favorite topics, share opinions, and partake in a multitude of activities.


The basic version of Replika is available for free, but it comes with certain limitations. For access to enhanced features and capabilities, Replika Pro is offered at a cost of $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


  • Indulge in immersive voice calls with your beloved characters, adding an extra layer of depth and personal connection to your interactions.
  • Witness the growth and evolution of the character as they learn and respond, allowing you to observe their development over time.
  • Prior to commencing your chat, you have the exciting opportunity to select a 3D Avatar from a range of options and personalize it according to your preferences, making it uniquely yours.


  • Lack of Consequences for Destructive Behavior
  • Inability to Capture the Full Complexity of Human Emotion
  • Unsuitability for Users with Severe Mental Illness

10. Novel AI

Novel AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

NovelAI is an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot specifically designed to excel in the realm of storytelling. This innovative platform empowers users with a multitude of capabilities, including text composition, language translation, creative writing, and insightful responses to your inquiries.

Additionally, this intelligent chatbot is well-versed in language translation, enabling you to communicate and express yourself in various languages with ease. From writing a captivating story to seeking guidance for your writing projects, NovelAI serves as a valuable tool, enriching your writing experience and fostering your creative potential. Novel AI can be used as an option for websites like Janitor AI.


  • Enjoy the free tier, which allows for limited runs and does not include image generation.
  • Upgrade to Tier 2 for $10 per month and unlock unlimited runs, although memory capacity is limited. This tier also offers some image-generation capabilities.
  • Opt for Tier 3 at $15 per month to enjoy unlimited runs, increased memory capacity, and access to additional image generation features.
  • For the most comprehensive experience, choose Tier 4, priced at $25 per month. This tier provides unlimited runs, an enhanced storyteller, ample memory capacity, and expanded image generation capabilities.


  • NovelAI specializes in the creation of compelling tales, helping you unlock your storytelling potential.
  • With NovelAI, you can compose text and receive assistance in translating languages.
  • NovelAI offers valuable assistance for various creative writing projects.


  • Emotional intelligence is quite limited.
  • Robotic way of writing
  • The information can be outdated

11. Harpy AI

Harpy AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Harpy AI Chat is a dynamic AI role-playing platform that provides a personalized and immersive experience. It presents an extensive selection of characters for you to engage in roleplay with, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable interaction. By utilizing prompts and conversational inputs within the dialog box, you can seamlessly interact with a plethora of your favorite characters spanning different genres and fictional narratives.

Whether you prefer fictional characters or renowned personalities, Harpy AI Chat offers a wide range of both Safe For Work (SFW) and Not Safe For Work (NSFW) options, delivering a comprehensive and captivating chat experience tailored to your preferences. This can again be an option for websites like Janitor AI.




  • Harpy AI Chat is available for free, allowing users to access its features without any cost.
  • The platform benefits from the scalability of ChatGPT, enabling smooth and efficient conversations even as the user base grows.
  • Harpy AI Chat is designed to be compatible with multiple platforms, ensuring seamless accessibility across various devices and operating systems.
  • Users can enjoy unrestricted usage of tokens within their conversations on Harpy AI Chat. There are no limitations imposed on the size or length of the text inputs, offering flexibility and freedom in communication.


  • Harpy AI is still under development, and there may be bugs that can cause problems for users.
  • Harpy AI does not offer all of the features that some users may need, such as the ability to create custom responses or export data.

12. Kupid AI

Kupid AI; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Kupid AI is a cutting-edge AI chat platform that breathes life into virtual friends and companions, providing an immersive conversational experience. Through this platform, you can delve into profound and personalized interactions with AI companions, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity.

Kupid AI empowers you to engage in intricate dialogues with AI characters, unveiling their deepest fantasies and desires. With its highly adaptive models, designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences, Kupid AI invites users to unleash their imagination and indulge in dream-like role-plays within a secure virtual environment.


The pricing for paid plans begins at $9.99 per month.


  • Immerse yourself in interactive chat experiences with AI women, simulating genuine conversations that feel remarkably real.
  • Discover the world of relationships and connections through a virtual environment where you can explore and nurture meaningful connections.
  • Engage in insightful and meaningful discussions, delve into shared interests, and establish genuine connections with the AI personalities, fostering authentic and fulfilling interactions.


  • Kupid AI is a subscription-based app, and the cost can be prohibitive for some users.
  • The inner workings of Kupid AI are not fully transparent, which can make it difficult for users to understand how the app works and how it is making matches.

13. CrushOn AI

CRUSHON HOMEPAGE; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

CrushOn.AI is an innovative AI chat platform that offers a captivating and authentic NSFW AI Girlfriend chat experience. Users can discover how CrushOn.AI unlocks a whole new realm of NSFW AI chat interaction, allowing you to indulge in a truly immersive and fulfilling experience. This is a good option for websites like Janitor AI.


Free, and the paid plans start from $4.99/month


  • Crushon.AI empowers users with powerful data analysis features, enabling them to upload and analyze diverse data types with comprehensive tools and capabilities.
  • The platform offers visually stunning and interactive data visualizations, presenting complex information in a visually appealing manner that facilitates better understanding and interpretation.
  • Utilizing advanced predictive models, Crushon.AI leverages historical data patterns to forecast future trends and outcomes, providing valuable insights for making informed decisions and strategic planning.


  • A limited number of characters.
  • Technical Issues

14. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Jasper Chat is an advanced virtual chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology, enabling it to comprehend and engage in conversations with users. Utilizing generative AI and language systems, Jasper Chat excels in understanding user input and maintaining coherent and consistent dialogue.

It serves as a conversational AI companion, streamlining the process of creating and editing articles while providing users with human-like and distinctive responses. With algorithms and parameters working behind the scenes, Jasper Chat analyzes user input, enabling it to respond to queries, provide information, or even generate articles based on users’ needs. And this can be an option for websites like Janitor AI.


While Jasper AI offers three subscription plans, only two of them grant access to Jasper Chat. To utilize Jasper Chat, a monthly payment of $59 is required.


  • Jasper AI offers advanced text generation capabilities, enabling the creation of coherent and contextually relevant textual content.
  • Conversation Memory: With Jasper AI, you benefit from conversation memory functionality, allowing the system to retain and recall previous conversations for more contextually aware and personalized interactions.
  • Translation: Jasper AI includes translation capabilities, facilitating the seamless conversion of text between different languages and enabling effective communication across linguistic barriers.


  • Jasper Chat is not available in the Starter Plan, limiting access to this specific chat functionality.
  • There is a stringent word limit imposed on the usage of Jasper Chat, which may pose restrictions on the amount of text that can be generated or processed.
  • Jasper Chat may lack the ability to offer real-time or current information, potentially limiting its usefulness in situations where up-to-date information is crucial.

15. Sparrow By Deepmind

deepmind sparrow; 15 Websites Like Janitor AI to Enrich AI Revolution

Sparrow is the last option for websites like Janitor AI. Sparrow is built upon DeepMind’s Chinchilla language model, which has a smaller number of parameters compared to OpenAI’s largest models. However, Chinchilla has been trained extensively with substantial amounts of data.

Introduced in April 2022, this language model has demonstrated superior performance in common language benchmarks when compared to GPT-3. It’s important to note that ChatGPT, on the other hand, is based on the more advanced GPT version 3.5.




  • Sparrow is designed to provide users with correct and reliable answers while minimizing the risk of unsafe or inappropriate responses. It aims to address the problem of language models producing incorrect, biased, or potentially harmful outputs.
  • Sparrow is trained using human judgments to enhance its helpfulness, correctness, and harmlessness compared to baseline pre-trained language models.
  • Sparrow has the ability to search the internet using Google Search to find and cite evidence for any factual claims it makes.


  • Sparrow’s training data corpus primarily focuses on English, which implies that its performance may be comparatively weaker in other languages.
  • When intentionally tested by study participants, Sparrow violates the defined rules approximately 8% of the time.

Wrapping AI

In conclusion, websites like Janitor AI provide powerful AI-driven solutions to enhance various aspects of website management and maintenance. With features like content moderation, spam detection, and language translation, Janitor AI ensures a seamless and safe online environment for users. The integration of advanced AI technologies enables efficient and accurate handling of user-generated content, safeguarding against harmful or inappropriate material.

These innovative platforms empower website administrators to streamline their operations, improve user experiences, and maintain the integrity of their online communities. As AI continues to advance, solutions like Janitor AI pave the way for a more secure and engaging digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some websites similar to Janitor AI available?

There are several websites that offer similar features and functionalities as Janitor AI. Some notable examples include ChatGPT, Venus AI, Character AI, Chai AI, Botify AI, Tavern AI, Anima AI and more.

2. How do websites like Janitor AI help with content moderation?

Websites like Janitor AI utilize advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to monitor and moderate user-generated content automatically. These platforms analyze the content for potential violations of community guidelines, spam, hate speech, and other forms of inappropriate or harmful material.

3. Can websites like Janitor AI detect and filter out offensive or abusive language?

Yes, websites like Janitor AI employ natural language processing techniques to identify offensive or abusive language in user-generated content. They can automatically flag and filter out such content to maintain a safe and respectful online environment.

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