Weather Now: Dry, Milder Start to the Week

Weather Now:  Dry, Milder Start to the Week

We had a pretty quiet last couple of days, and we’re going to keep the fairly quiet weather for the beginning of the week.

Temperatures will drop into the 20s, then rise a bit toward dawn.

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Clouds will be thickening as we go through the night as a southerly wind develops and brings in some low clouds. Monday will start out with more clouds than sunshine, but we should be dry despite a combination of low and mid-level clouds in place.

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A cold front passes through the region mid to late afternoon. Showers to our west will likely dry up by the time they get into Southern New England. Expect mainly cloudy skies during the afternoon with milder temperatures!

Highs Monday will be up around 50! The average high for the time of year is 39, so this will be a bonus day.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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